Fantasy Booker: Rebooking This Past Year's WrestleMania 32

Welcome to our fantasy booking of WrestleMania 32. The rules for these themed articles are quite simple, as the talent you pick must be the same as the ones that were on the card. So, you can make omissions and leave wrestlers on the sidelines, but you cannot add Superstars that were injured or out of the company at the time that the event took place. Also keep in mind, shows like WrestleMania run four hours, so a need for various matches and segments must be included. Everything else is entirely up to you!

We begin the show as the real one did, with the national anthem, a montage, and some fireworks! Our show starts off rather differently, however, as the face that runs the place, John Cena, kicks off the festivities. In this show, he won’t be used with The Rock nor will Dwayne be torching his name or burying the Wyatt’s, but we'll have a little more on that later. Cena welcomes the crowd and hypes up the possibility of a New Era emerging in the main event, which we will also discuss later in the article. Cena then tells the crowd that despite the outcome of the final match, the new era will kick off WrestleMania with a major NXT involvement!

Sit back relax and enjoy the rest of the show! Let us know what you think and what decisions you would make as the booker of the show.

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15 Scrap The Andre The Giant Battle Royal

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Before the show starts. we are making it clear there will be no Andre The Giant Battle Royal. For whatever reason, the WWE feels the need to shove this matchup down our throats every year. The goal of the match is simple, as the company wants everyone in the locker room to experience the beauty of WrestleMania. Though, this should not be the case. Performing at Mania should be something prestigious and not everyone should be allowed to perform on that night. WrestleMania is all about the best of the best and this notion seems to be lost with such a matchup.

Surely, the WWE won’t take this type of booking out, as they tend to use it as a kind of OMG segment with various legends and athletes involved, like Shaq this year. Looking at the big picture, in an ideal world this match would not be there. I doubt anyone will be saying that Baron Corbin’s career was launched following a nine minute battle royal win which was the shortest bout on the card (excluding The Rock’s match). In this WrestleMania, this match won’t make the card and here is what will replace it starting off the show.

14 NXT Battle Royal: Winner Gets A Contract

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John Cena made the announcement and it is now time to kick off the show with this match. We are going to have a battle royal with actual meaning, as the winner of this contest will earn themselves a contract and a ticket straight to the main roster. This situation is a win/win in all aspects, as the WWE loves to debut new stars following Mania, so why not start them off with a big push and victory on the biggest stage. After all, NXT deserves the spotlight for how tremendous it has been.

In terms of booking this match, the field would be much thinner, making the outcome that much more dramatic and prestigious for those involved. We’d limit the match to six participants. Ultimately, Apollo Crews would rein victorious, as he debuted the next night regardless. As opposed to showing up for no particular reason, the victory would not only show he was deserving, but it would give him an instant push as a legit contender on the main roster, which is not what went down following his call up initially.

13 League Of Nations Fatal Four Way Match

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Shortly after Survivor Series, this stable formed to defend Sheamus and his WWE Championship. Once The Celtic Warrior lost the title, the idea should have been scrapped, though for whatever reason the company would keep them together and give the team a meaningless win over New Day at WrestleMania, which did nothing for them or the Tag Team Champions.

In this re-booking, we are going all the way back to January and starting some serious tension in the group. This would give the members something new to chew on and expose them for their singles ability and not as faction members.

The story would be unique because it would involve four heels who all have tremendous skill. And the match would give Barrett an opportunity he deserves to compete and not watch on the sidelines as a cheerleader. The men would put on a terrific display which would see Rusev come out victorious. Following the match, the four would grab the microphone and tell the crowd how they just stole the show, which leads to our next segment.

12 Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Stone Cold & The Rock Cameo

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This segment needed to stay, but with a twist, WrestleMania has made it a priority over the past couple of years to give long time fans a nostalgic feeling of sorts. It went down the year before with the nWo and DX and again this year with Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin showing up to a thunderous ovation. Hearing that glass shatter still gives us chills to this day. What we'd do is have these three men come out to face The League of Nations after their match, as they gloat about how they had the best match of the night.

Another change we would make is adding a wrestler to the mix, as it's rather awkward to see three iconic faces battle against four men, so an extra guy is needed and there is none better than The Rock. The ovation would be electrifying to say the least and it would also eliminate that meaningless and laughable appearance the Rock had later in the show. He lit his name on fire and buried The Wyatt Family, but in this re-book, that segment never happened.

11 8-Man Tag Match: The Wyatt Family With Mystery Partner Vs Ryder, Ziggler, Ryback & Stardust

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You probably just realized that a couple of wrestlers in this match are from the IC ladder match. In this re-book, that match has been scrapped, but we'll have a little more on that later.

Every WrestleMania needs a six or eight man tag match, as it helps to showcase multiple performers while adding depth to a program filled with one on one feuds. To give this match further meaning, we decided to give it a twist by adding a mystery partner with The Wyatt’s.

Instead of having him win a meaningless Battle Royal, the heel from NXT, Baron Corbin, would make his debut with the team. In dominant fashion, The Wyatt’s would be victorious with Corbin getting the pin on Ziggler, which would set up their feud following WrestleMania. As opposed to making The Wyatt’s constantly look like pushovers, this re-book has them coming out on top and with purpose.

10 TLC: The New Day Vs The Dudley Boyz Vs The Usos

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A PPV that is so rich in history needs a Tag Team Championship match and how the WWE did not book one is beyond us. The company dropped the ball big time, as not only did their champions lose a meaningless match, but two other great teams were relegated to the pre-show. In this re-book they become prominent players and potential show stealers.

Bringing back The Dudley’s was great as it helped add a veteran presence to the division, but thanks to terrible booking the team became pushovers rather quickly. In this re-book, The Dudley’s are put in the spotlight and The Usos are there to add some serious depth to the encounter with their high flying ability.

Seeing as how New Day is still dominating the tag team scene, booking this match and making them win would solidify their greatness, similar to Edge & Christian. The match would be great for everyone involved and it would end up being a potential show stealer.

9 Chris Jericho Vs AJ Styles

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Re-booking a PPV event is all about perfectly placing together each puzzle piece and this match is the only bout on the card which was perfect in every aspect, making it the only match that stays the same.

Everything about this encounter was built brilliantly, as finally the company devoted some time to a long term storyline, which is something the WWE has not followed through with over the last couple of years. This lost art was a major reason why they decided to book a brand split, as it will give storylines more time to develop.

This one in particular was exactly that, as the heat between the two began at the Royal Rumble Match in AJ’s debut and came to a close with a monumental WrestleMania encounter, which in the eyes of many stole the show. We’d keep the match structure exactly the same, though the finish would be different because of future storylines that would take place. The next entry will explain the re-booked finish further, which sees AJ come out on top.

8 The Club Debuts & Helps AJ

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We are not waiting for a post WrestleMania show, as we're having The Club debut in front of a packed crowd of 100,000, aiding Styles in the victory. This finish would help speed up the involvement of The Club on WWE television, as the company did an awful job of booking the duo. It took way too long and before you knew it, AJ and his partners were split and on different brands.

Going back in time, this would help turn AJ heel sooner while making his work with The Club that much more impactful, while giving them more of an involvement that they sustained.

The next night on Raw would see AJ still win the match to become the number one contender, though his heel status would further emerge with help from his Club mates.

7 United States Championship Match: Kalisto Vs Sin Cara

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There are two reasons we booked this match. One, a title match should always be booked on the main card. Mania is all about showcasing the very best and Kalisto, who was the US Champion, falls under that umbrella. Second, we will give a good old Crusierweight feud a chance to shine, knowing what’s on the horizon with a massive tournament booked for the future. Cruiserweights provided some of the most iconic feuds back in WCW. Who can forgot those epic encounters between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio?

This re-book tells a similar tale with Sin Cara turning on Kalisto. The US Title would add to the prestige of a brilliantly booked feud which gives both wrestlers meaning while taking a look at their range and depth as serious players involved in a dramatic feud. The match would be a potential show stealer and would perfectly pave the way for a new Cruiserweight Division. This is one of our favorite re-booked matches on the card.

6 Paige Vs Sasha Banks (No Disqualification)

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With a huge women’s movement taking place, we have decided to book two women’s matches on the main show. As opposed to rushing Sasha into a title match, we are taking our time with her and putting Banks against the veteran Paige, in yet another potential show stealer.

The build up would be terrific, a classic tale of the bitter and angry veteran trying to take the spotlight away from the young breakout star. For the sake of it, we go one step further by adding a No DQ stipulation to the encounter, which would add to the already brilliant build up.

The outcome would see Sasha escape with a victory via the Bank Statement, Paige would also come out of the match looking heroic by not tapping out and simply passing out. We’d continue this feud with another rematch at the following PPV with Paige getting her revenge and Sasha later winning the third and final encounter in a steal cage main event on Raw.

5 First Ever Women’s Championship Match: Charlotte Vs Becky Lynch

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Instead of rushing three out of the four horsewomen into a championship match, we instead turn to a classic one on one bout, featuring the favorite against the underdog, a classic booking for a heel against face matchup.

To make Becky Lynch that much more special, she needs to endure some hard fought loses on big stages and we see no greater opportunity than this one. She heads into the match full of momentum and with the crowd on her side, though, the outcome would still see Charlotte emerge victorious and become the first ever Women’s Champion. The outcome seems rather fitting and it would also save the mouth-watering Triple Threat Match for a later date or future WrestleMania. In this re-book, we are taking our time and thinking about the future when booking the women on the show. The slow route seems like the best way to leave great future stories wide open.

4 Intercontinental Championship: Kevin Owens Vs Sami Zayn

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In this re-book, we made it a priority to make the IC Championship prestigious once again. Although many fans won’t like the fact that we took out a six way ladder match, our focus instead shifted on building a tremendous feud between two future players in the game. That is exactly what the Intercontinental Championship personified when it was at its very best. Who can forgot those memorable encounters between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon or Triple H and The Rock? These stories not only paved the way for brilliant careers, but also helped to make the championship relevant.

In the modern day, we see no better option than having these two men engage in a tremendous one on one battle. No chairs, no tables and no ladders, just fists.

The match would end up stealing the entire show while Sami Zayn would pick up the heroic victory. He’d give the title meaning again while Owens would move up the card, to take on some major roster players.

3 The Undertaker Vs Dean Ambrose (Hell In A Cell)

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For the final three bouts, we swap opponents, starting with this match featuring The Deadman and Dean Ambrose. In terms of the initial bookings, the company made an absolute mess of the matches. Lesnar and Ambrose provided a terrible build up which finished with a match that did nothing for either man. Looking at how strongly Dean is being pushed today, he would have benefited much more from a loss against Taker in a Cell than against Lesnar in a No Holds Barred Match that barely featured any type of weaponry.

In the weeks building up to the contest, fans would get a feeling that Ambrose could pull off the win. The match would tell a similar story to some of the Foley and Taker matches from back in the day, however with a PG rating. The lunatic loses the match after he invites Taker on top of the cell and, like Shawn Michaels, Ambrose dangles before failing through the commentary booth. Taker brings him in the ring, hits a tombstone and picks up a victory with both men coming out of the match looking great.

2 WWE Championship: Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesnar

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We hate the fact that a championship match is not the main event, but under these circumstances, it is acceptable and we'll explain why in the final entry.

We start this re-book by going back to the Rumble. The awful idea of Roman defending the title in the rumble match is scrapped and Lesnar instead prevails, earning a shot at the champion in the process.

In terms of booking a finish, it’s almost impossible. But, since this is not the main event, we have the flexibility to book a unique finish. Roman can’t look weak for a second year in a row, while Brock is unstoppable. The match is similar to the first, to the point, with a run and gun type of format. Our finish sees Randy Orton make his return, by coming out from under the ring and hitting an RKO onto Lesnar. The match ends in a DQ, with the crowd feeling happy to see Orton, so they don’t care about the finish as much. There were rumors that Orton was fit for WrestleMania, so we decided to include him here.

Lesnar being gone for so long actually now makes sense and the WWE decides to book the SummerSlam match the very next night.

1 Mainevent: Shane McMahon Vs Triple H

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WE can hear the sighs already from fans that don’t want to see Triple H's name in the main event, especially if the company actually wanted to make a big deal out of starting a new era. However, they’d have this match of that magnitude as the main event of the evening by billing it as a once in a lifetime kind of match.

The match would play to both wresters strengths by being a no DQ bout with blood being acceptable for the main event. A popular finish would see Daniel Bryan aid Shane for the victory and help to bring in a new era alongside Shane-O-Mac.

Although we love this finish, we end the match instead with a classic WM ending, which sees the underdog babyface come out with a heroic and clean victory with Shane landing the biggest Elbow Drop of his life. Once the ref hits the mat for the three, the confetti comes down and Shane O is serenaded by those in the locker room, Cole ends the show by telling the fans that a new era has finally arrived.


End Show.

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