Fatal Five-Way To Decide Universal Title Contender Announced For Tonight's Raw

WWE has announced a Fatal Five-Way match for tonight's episode of Raw to determine a number one contender for the Universal Title.

Last week, WWE officially revealed that Bray Wyatt will step inside Hell In A Cell with Seth Rollins. The Fiend will get his chance to become Universal Champion. Our guess is that Wyatt actually has little-to-no interest in becoming champion. Instead, he will torment and torture Rollins inside the cell and not actually become champion.

However, two weeks before that match takes place, WWE has thrown a curveball our way. Over the weekend, it low-key announced that tonight on Raw, a Fatal Five-Way match will take place. The winner of that match will get a Universal Title shot. Not at or after HIAC, but six days before during the season premiere episode of Raw.

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The five men who will shoot their shot tonight are Ricochet, Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Robert Roode. Perhaps the most surprising thing about the selected Superstars are three of them are already title holders. Anything can happen in WWE though, and if a current titleholder wins the match, they might well lose it before they get their shot at the big one.

So what's the thinking behind this? Well, it could be a couple of things. Next week will be one of the biggest in wrestling history. AEW Dynamite begins on Wednesday, both hours of NXT will air live on USA for the first time that same night, and SmackDown makes the move to FOX on Friday. WWE might feel as if that week's Raw felt a little lackluster in comparison. Now it has a Universal Title match to flaunt, and perhaps even a title change just days before HIAC.

The other possibility is that WWE wants Wyatt to become champion at HIAC, but doesn't want him to beat Rollins. It's a common tactic in wrestling. Have the champ lose to someone else, then that new champion can lose to the person you really want the title on shortly afterward. Either way, one of the biggest weeks in wrestling history has just gotten a little bit bigger.

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