Fattitude Era: 15 WWE Stars Who Totally Let Themselves Go After Wrestling

The Attitude Era is the greatest period in the history of the WWE. The company shifted to a more adult-oriented product and it paid dividends as the WWE was able to purchase their biggest rival in WCW during the Attitude Era. The period was anchored by Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock along with other great stars such as The Undertaker, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Kane, Mick Foley, and more.

Stables such as D-Generation X, The Corporation, The Corporate Ministry, and The Nation of Domination were born while young stars like Edge, Christian, Matt and Jeff Hardy used their experience from the Attitude Era to be successful in the next period, the Ruthless Aggression Era. Even the women used it to showcase their skills with Trish Stratus, Lita, and Molly Holly starting the first ever Women’s Revolution. But the most influential character born in the Attitude Era was Mr. McMahon, the fictionalized heel persona of WWE chairman Vince McMahon.

However, this post is not about the Attitude Era but the Fattitude Era. What is the Fattitude Era? Well, it is a period in a former WWE superstar’s life wherein he or she has let himself or herself go. During their WWE careers, these stars were in the best shape of their lives as they needed to work out to maintain the physique the fans and the top WWE brass wanted. But after years of taking bumps for our entertainment, they decided they had enough and started eating whatever they want. So, here are the 15 WWE stars who let themselves go.

15 Gangrel

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Gangrel is one of the most iconic WWE superstars of the Attitude Era. He was part of The Brood and they had one of the greatest entrances in WWE history. He was not very successful in the WWE but his gimmick was enough for fans to remember him. Gangrel is not known for his physique but his weight issues kept him from getting re-signed by the WWE full time.

After his release from the WWE in 2001, Gangrel worked in the independent circuit before making his return in 2004. Noticeably bigger, he had a tag team match with Viscera against The Undertaker but he was not offered a new deal. Gangrel was set to be part of a vampire stable in ECW along with Kevin Thorn and Ariel in 2007 but he did not want to shed some weight.

14 Taz

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Best known for his career with ECW in the 1990s, Taz or Tazz in the WWE was two-time ECW champion and three-time WWE hardcore champion. He transitioned into commentating in 2001 and he worked as a colour commentator alongside Michael Cole until 2009 when he was released from his contract. He then started working for TNA Wrestling for six years.

A stocky wrestler, Taz was not the prototypical WWE superstar and he lacked the size to be successful in Vince McMahon’s company. Despite that, he had a fairly good career as a commentator and he used as a platform to launch his own radio show called The Taz Show on CBS Sports. As you can see in the photo above, Taz became more out of shape than ever.

13 Raven

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One of the best speakers in wrestling history, Raven is a two-time ECW champion, one-time WCW United States champion, one-time TNA world champion, and a 27-time WWE hardcore champion. He is still active in the wrestling industry and he has made appearances for several independent promotions such as Resistance Pro Wrestling, Juggalo Championship Wrestling, and CWA Pro Wrestling.

At the age of 53 years old, Raven has increased his weight and he has been out of shape since his second run with TNA Wrestling. It is hard for wrestlers to maintain their weight once they do not have the desire to stay in shape in anymore. Going to the gym is a very tough task and it is certainly hard for Raven at the present time.

12 The Sandman

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James Fullington is more famous for his wrestling name The Sandman. The hard drinking hardcore legend is a record five-time ECW champion while also having stints with WCW, TNA Wrestling, and the WWE. He never duplicated his success in ECW with other promotions but he was still very popular with the fans.

As a semi-retired wrestler, The Sandman has let himself go and he has visibly gained weight. He was around 240 pounds during his career and he might have increased it to 260 to 270 pounds a few years ago. Not the most insane transformation, but he has recently put more effort into his physique. He has been making appearances for Tommy Dreamer’s House of Hardcore since last year.

11 Honky Tonk Man

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The longest reigning Intercontinental champion in WWE history, the Honky Tonk Man was not an Adonis during his early run but he was also not overweight. The cousin of Jerry “The King” Lawler held the Intercontinental championship for 64 weeks before losing it to the Ultimate Warrior in just 31 seconds. He spent the majority of his career with the WWE but he also spent time with WCW.

And at the age of 64 years old, Honky Tonk Man is still active in the independent circuit and one of his most recent appearances was in Impact Pro Wrestling in New Zealand. Age has certainly caught up to the Honky Tonk Man and he has considerably gained weight. He can still wrestle but he might be better off staying at home.

10 Scott Hall

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You might know him as The Bad Guy or Razor Ramon but he is Scott Hall. The 59-year-old legend is one of the most iconic WWE superstars of all time. He was huge as Razor in the WWE before becoming an even bigger star with WCW as part of the New World Order with Kevin Nash and Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Hall had a great body during his early career until his last run in the WWE before finally succumbing to his demons.

Hall gained weight as he struggled with alcohol and substance abuse since his departure from the WWE in 2002. After more than two decades of troubles, Hall finally got sober with the help of Diamond Dallas Page and his DDP Yoga. DDP was able to help Scott become sober and the yoga was able to shed some pounds off of him. Hall is currently signed to WWE Legends contract.

9 Tommy Dreamer

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Speaking of Tommy Dreamer, the ECW original has been on the same path as Raven and The Sandman. But unlike The Sandman, Dreamer is continuing to gain weight and he has been very vocal about it on social media. He and other wrestling legends have been posting pictures of him just eating unhealthy food, and it’s a life he really likes.

His weight gain has also been mentioned in Edge and Christian’s show on the WWE Network. Dreamer is still wrestling up to this day, in his House of Hardcore, despite the increased in his weight. He was able to shed some pounds during his brief WWE return in 2016 but he is back to his old ways. Dreamer is a two-time ECW champion and a 14-time WWE hardcore champion.

8 Sean Waltman

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Currently signed with the WWE as part of the Legends program, Sean Waltman is not known for being a heavyweight. The former 1-2-3 Kid is a two-time WCW cruiserweight champion and a two-time WWE light heavyweight champion. Despite his size, he has battled big men such as Razor Ramon, Kane, and The Big Show. He has maintained his weight around 200 pounds but he has let himself go since 2012.

In the photo above, Waltman’s gut is bulging out and he certainly forgot to work out his abs. There’s nothing wrong with gaining weight because a veteran like Waltman needs to enjoy his life after a long career. The 45-year-old wrestler also had his problems with substance abuse, which might have contributed to his weight gain.

7 Mick Foley

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The greatest hardcore wrestler ever, Mick Foley made a career out of taking insane bumps for our entertainment. Foley has been tossed off a 15-foot cage to the floor many times and his head has been crushed more than anyone can count. The three-time WWE champion has not had a great body since his college days and he ballooned to more than 300 pounds in 2015.

Foley’s weight gain was visible during his sporadic appearances with the WWE since 2013 but a conversation with Vince McMahon changed it all. With the help of Diamond Dallas Page and his DDP Yoga, Foley was able to drop 100 pounds in a year and it was great to see him in great shape for his age as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw from 2016 to 2017.

6 Ahmed Johnson

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A former Intercontinental champion, Ahmed Johnson had the look of a future WWE champion. He was ripped but he lacked the promo skills to get himself over the crowd. Johnson also had a beef with several members of the WWE roster back then and it did not help his standing in the company. He was released by the WWE in 1998 before working with WCW from 1999 to 2000. He also worked in the independent circuit until his retirement.

Johnson had one of the greatest physiques in wrestling history but he has let himself go ever since retiring from wrestling in 2003. The 54-year-old former football player was recently photographed with a fan and he was very out of shape. Even though he could have been much more successful, Johnson earned a criminology degree after retiring.

5 Ted DiBiase

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One of the greatest WWE superstars to have never won a world title, Ted DiBiase had a successful career in the ring. DiBiase was a two-time Million Dollar champion, a three-time WWE tag team champion, and the 1988 King of the Ring winner. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2010 along with other legends such as Antonio Inoki, Stu Hart, Wendi Richter, and Gorgeous George.

As a wrestler, DiBiase had a good physique, size and the look of a future WWE champion. It never happened but he still had one of the greatest careers in wrestling history. He retired from the industry in 2004 and he now works as a Christian minister, which does not require him to stay in shape.

4 Howard Finkel

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Technically, Howard Finkel is not a WWE Superstar but he is a WWE star. Finkel has been one of the longest-tenured employees of the WWE, being with the company since 1977. He made his debut as a ring announcer with then WWWF under Vince McMahon Sr. Finkel was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009 and he still works for the company at the age of 67 years old.

Finkel was recently part of the WWE Network original series Legend’s House along with other WWE legends such as Pat Patterson, Jim Duggan, Jimmy Hart, Gene Okerlund and the late Roddy Pipper. In the show, it was evident that Finkel had let himself go as he gained a ton of weight, especially in the gut area.

3 Michael “P.S.” Hayes

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During his career as part of the Fabulous Freebirds with Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts, Michael Hayes became a wrestling legend. The Freebirds won countless tag team titles in many territories in the 1980s and their gimmick led to the birth of the “Freebird Rule” wherein any two of the three members of a stable or group can defend the tag team titles on any given night.

But let’s get back to the topic at hand. Hayes used to be one of the prototypical wrestlers in terms of looks and physique, but time has caught up to him. The 58-year-old legend has been out of shape for a long time but he still has his long locks.

2 Chris Harris

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As one half of America’s Most Wanted with James Storm, Chris Harris had a successful run in TNA Wrestling from 2002 to 2008. Harris and Storm won the tag team championships six times, and he eventually got hired by the WWE. Under a new name, Harris wrestled as Braden Walker but it only last several months as he was released a few months later.

The reason why he got released that fast was his physique. Harris was clearly overweight and it was so severe that the WWE decided to part ways with him. The 43-year-old was not the same after his very uneventful run with the WWE. He returned to TNA Wrestling in 2011 but he was more out of shape than ever before.

1 Sunny

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Possibly one of the most attractive women in wrestling history, Sunny was the original diva and he was one of the most popular women on the internet back in 1996. Almost every wrestling fan back then had a crush on her but the same cannot be said at the present time. Sunny has let herself go as she continued to battle some of her demons.

Sunny has had a lot of legal issues since 2012 and she was in WWE-sponsored rehab last year. The once most beautiful woman in the WWE had gained weight and her demons made her look older than her real-age of 44 years old. She also starred in the film Sunny Side Up: In Through The Backdoor. Since this she seems a little better but has obviously made some bad decisions.

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