15 Female Wrestlers That Are Banned From WWE

WWE is the largest wrestling promotion in the world. It has the most viewers, the most money, and the biggest name recognition, to the point that non-fans may even use wrestling and WWE interchangeably. As such, it’s the company that everyone in the wrestling business either wants to be a part of, or did want to be a part of at some point in their past.

Given the amount of content WWE generates and the volume of shows it runs, it’s not so surprising that many talents have been a part of the roster at some time or another, or at least under consideration. WWE has shifted paradigms multiple times, allowing stars with different skill sets and looks to thrive in different eras. Not so long ago, the company seemed to focus on home grown talents and have little interest in indie stars. Now, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and a number of others are thriving not in spite of, but because of the experience and followings they developed working smaller promotions on the way to their WWE contracts. Moreover, WWE is known to be forgiving. Vince McMahon in particular is credited with putting business first, hence his willingness to give guys like The Ultimate Warrior multiple opportunities, not necessarily out personal affection, but because McMahon understood the guy was a draw.

There are, however, those talents who cross the line while under contract, or even away from WWE and find themselves blacklisted. Whether it’s making controversial comments, appearing in adult media, or leaving the company on bad terms, these are the stars we shouldn’t expect to ever see in a WWE ring moving forward. This article takes a look at fifteen women who match that description.

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15 Gail Kim

via wrestlezone.com

Gail Kim is one of the most talented female professional wrestlers of her generation. She earned two separate runs with WWE, based not on her looks or celebrity outside of the company, but rather on her pure skill as an in ring performer. Kim left her first run with the company disgruntled, and speaking openly about WWE marginalizing her and female talent at large. It was a surprise, then, when she showed up a second time. She made it clear in the aftermath that she’d come back strictly for the big payday.

Kim clearly isn’t a fan of WWE, and she’s the kind of vocal critic whom WWE simply doesn’t need to mend fences with. For all of her talent, she’s less historically important to WWE than a half dozen other post-Attitude Era female stars. Moreover, in an era when talented in ring practitioners are the rule, not the exception, on the female roster, she’s lost what little made her special to WWE in the first place.

14 Emma

via si.com

Emma’s journey through WWE was nothing if not uneven. She was a top hand in NXT who, alongside Paige, ushered in the Women’s Revolution of the company taking its female roster seriously as more than just eye candy. Her first run on the main roster was largely a flop as she played a comedic sidekick to Santino. She totally reinvented herself in NXT, though, as a heel, only to come back to main roster and largely stall out again, including an aborted attempted at totally rebooting her persona as Emmalina.

Though WWE gave her occasional opportunities, she was largely overshadowed and used as cannon fodder for talents management was more invested in. Rumors swirled that her attitude and her use of social media were holding her back. Just as it looked like she might be getting some momentum in a mini program with Asuka, WWE dropped her altogether.

The specifics still aren’t known of exactly how WWE perceives her, but based on her trajectory in the company and abrupt release, it seems clear WWE doesn’t want anything to do with her now.

13 Sexy Star

via mandatory.com

For a time, Sexy Star was in the upper echelon of female performers to have never worked for WWE. In particular, she’d thrived with Lucha Underground, including being crowned as the promotion’s first female world champion. Star may have been on WWE’s radar—particularly as the company expanded its women’s ranks-but that time has passed.

At AAA’s TripleMania event in Mexico last year, Star was responsible for breaking Rosemary’s arm using a shoot armbar. One of the central tenets for professional wrestlers is to protect one another’s bodies. Wrestling involves intense physicality and it’s imperative for professionals to look out for one another when they’re trusting each other with their safety, and even their lives. Star’s unprofessional, unsafe behaviors not only led to backlash against her at the event and the circles she regularly wrestles in, but also more mainstream stars. Cody Rhodes indicated on Twitter that Star wouldn’t be welcome in one of his locker rooms, and Chris Jericho openly slammed her on his podcast. Rest assured, WWE won’t have anything to do with her at this point.

12 Eva Marie

via thesun.co.uk

Eva Marie was a star who rolled up into WWE at precisely the wrong time. She was exactly the kind of pretty faced performer who would have gotten a push for purely superficial reasons years earlier, only to not fit in at all amidst the Women’s Revolution, and rise of legitimately great in ring workers. She had a tumultuous WWE tenure in which she went through suspensions and injuries, and, to be fair, did show some progress as a performer. Still, she wound up leaving the company before ever having a sustained run on the main roster.

Eva Marie has gone on to explain in interviews that she wants to be like The Rock and cross over from wrestling success to mainstream acclaim in Hollywood. The general consensus is that she has delusions of grandeur about her own abilities, accomplishments, and potential. The experiment of her WWE run was mostly a failure, and there’s little reason for the company ever give her another shot.

11 Christy Hemme

via chron.com

Christy Hemme was the winner of WWE’s Diva Search competition and went on to reasonable success as an on air personality and wrestler. She reached her peak in 2005, chosen to pose for Playboy in WWE’s then-annual feature, and wrestle a one on one match with Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 21.

Hemme would get dropped by WWE abruptly—demoted to the developmental system before she cut altogether. The move didn’t seem to make much sense, as Hemme had shown reasonable progress as a performer (particularly for the era), and was fairly popular with the company’s audience. Rumors came out that she’d been caught in an affair with Triple H, and thus banished by the McMahon family. Those allegations have never been substantiated, but Hemme has cryptically commented that she was released because she stuck to her principles. Whatever the exact cause, Hemme wasn’t cut by accident, and it seems clear WWE isn’t bringing her back.

10 AJ Lee

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AJ Lee beat the odds to go from undersized, starry eyed wrestling hopeful who earned her spot in WWE’s developmental system, made it to the main roster, and cultivated a Hall of Fame worthy legacy in just a few year’s span. Her resume included the (at the time) longest Divas Championship reign of all time, to WrestleMania wins, and getting featured prominently as Raw GM and player in storylines involving no lesser stars than John Cena and Daniel Bryan.

Lee’s final year with WWE was largely marred by her personal life conflicting with the company’s agenda. Lee was involved in a real life romance with her eventual husband CM Punk. Punk had made himself one of management’s greatest enemies by walking out as soon as he was contractually able, rejecting a WrestleMania match with Triple H, and later telling all in a controversial podcast interview with Colt Cabana. Lee would ultimately choose not to re-sign with WWE. Given her ongoing connection to Punk, there’s little real chance WWE will do business with her again.

9 Ashley Massaro

via bestsportstar.blogspot.com

Ashley Massaro won a WWE Diva Search and went on to be a featured performer for the company. While she never developed into much of an in ring performer, she nonetheless played a key background role in a variety of top women’s angles, and even got her own moment in the sun with a championship program opposite Melina going into WrestleMania 23, not to mention the then-annual Playboy treatment.

Since leaving WWE, Massaro has opened up about her grievances against the company. Most notably, Massaro claimed that she was the victim of a sexual assault during a WWE tour of Kuwait, for which she was instructed to stay quiet. Additionally, she joined a class action suit against WWE, accusing the company of not being forthcoming about the risks of head injuries. Massaro’s claims against WWE are ugly and potentially damaging enough that there’s minimal chance of WWE ever wanting to mend fences with her.

8 Kharma

via wwe.com

WWE brought in Kharma for an unconventional storyline. In an era when the company focused on hiring models and then training them on the fundamentals of wrestling, Kharma was an experienced, skilled professional, not to mention that she looked like a more traditional monster heel than someone who’d be featured as a pinup. She proceeded to mow through the women’s roster, destroying everyone in her path without ever wrestling a match, while she particularly stalked Kelly Kelly.

The Kharma storyline went off the rails when Kia Stevens got pregnant in real life. WWE ostensibly canceled all of its plans, though the company allegedly intended for her to return to a prominent spot a year later. Kharma wasn’t ready to return on WWE’s timeline, and the two sides reportedly agreed to go their separate ways after she made a one off Royal Rumble appearance.

After having a whole division plotted around her and falling off course, it would be hard for WWE to put its faith in Kharma again. Moreover. With a better established women’s roster of legitimate wrestlers, including a star like Nia Jax on the main roster to fill more or less the same niche spot, there’s little chance of WWE working with Kharma again.

7 Vickie Guerrero

via wrestlingadvisor.com

Rumor has it that when Eddie Guerrero passed, WWE offered his widow Vickie a job for life. WWE may have had some buyer’s remorse as she didn’t have much to offer in the early going. Against the odds, she grew into her wrestling role to become a rock solid heel authority figure and manager over the years to follow.

Vince McMahon was purportedly never fully sold on Guerrero, though, which may account for her mostly staying on SmackDown rather than getting featured on the more watched, more heavily scrutinized Raw. Vickie ultimately decided to walk from the company, with intentions of going back to school and starting a new career. Now that WWE has done its due diligence in offering her a job for as long as she wanted it, and now that she decided to walk away from the company, it’s unlikely WWE would bring her back for more than a one shot deal moving forward.

6 Sunny

via pwmania.com

Sunny was an exceptionally popular manager for WWE, whom the company has even credited in various documentaries for being the first “Diva.” Indeed, she was ahead of her time when it came to playing the sex symbol in wrestling, and using her good looks and charisma to draw attention to not only herself but the guys she accompanied to the ring. WWE even went so far as to honor her with a Hall of Fame induction.

So why wouldn’t WWE want to work with her now? The trouble with Sunny is that she has a hard time keeping out of trouble, whether its participating in adult media or making headlines for her substance abuse—past or present. WWE is now firmly entrenched as a family friendly form of entertainment. As important as Sunny once was to the promotion, don’t expect to ever see her featured on WWE television again.

5 Aloisia

via diva-dirt.com

Aloisia was slated to be a major attraction for the third season of NXT. At that point, the show aired on the USA Network before NXT became a breakout developmental brand, and was rather a novelty faux-reality series in which rookies competed for a WWE contract. Aloisia stood out from the rest of the all female cast on account of her height, billed as the tallest Diva WWE had ever had.

Aloisia disappeared from the show before the first episode aired, replaced by eventual season three winner Kaitlyn. Word was that she got cut because of having appeared in adult media that made WWE uncomfortable, and for not having been as forthcoming as the company would have wanted for her to be. While her size will mean she can always be a draw in wrestling, WWE, which has become even more entrenched in the realm of family entertainment, won’t take another chance on her.

4 Jazz

via bodybuilding.com

Jazz tends to be overlooked nowadays, but in the immediate aftermath of the Attitude Era, she was a top level female star who memorably mixed it up with better celebrated talents of the day like Trish Stratus, Lita, and Victoria. After her most memorable run from 2002 to 2004, she had a second stint from 2006 to 2007 during which time she made TV less frequently and accomplished little of consequence.

Jazz has, since her time with WWE, been involved in a class action lawsuit against the company, related to the promotion not being forthcoming with talents about the risks associated with head injuries. At this point, she’s past her prime without a ton of name recognition; add in her choice to help sue the company, and there’s little reason for WWE to affiliate itself with her.

3 Missy Hyatt

via youtube.com

Missy Hyatt had an extremely brief tenure with WWE in the 1980s as the host of the Missy’s Manor talk show segment. The segments didn’t go over well and never actually made it to television, before Hyatt and Vince McMahon reportedly agreed to go their separate ways. Hyatt would resume her role as a popular manager for other promotions and, in particular, one of the business’s first true sex symbols.

Hyatt never accomplished much of anything with WWE. Add on that she’d participate in some sketchy borderline, or outright adult endeavors after she left the limelight, and that she’s now well past her prime as a sex symbol, and WWE doesn’t have any motivation to welcome her back into the fold, not even for a HOF induction.

2 Melina

via wwe.com

Despite being a memorable performer for WWE across a period of years, who achieved reasonable popularity and development as a performer, Melina could be difficult to work with. Rumors abound about her being hot headed and a bit of a diva backstage. Not least among these rumors was intense heat with her contemporary, Mickie James.

For the talents Melina had—particularly her trademark flexibility—she brings little to the table that WWE’s current crop of female stars can’t, and the current stars don’t carry with them nearly as much baggage. It’s not completely out of the question that WWE might welcome her back for a guest spot, or maybe even a Hall of Fame induction someday, but the company hasn’t demonstrated any reason to think they’d ever bring her back full time.

1 Zahra Schreiber

via wrestlingnews.com

While Zahra Schreiber enjoyed some success in WWE’s developmental system, there’s no question that she became more famous for her exploits off screen than she ever did for her work in the ring. Schreiber exploded into national infamy with a leaked photo scandal. First Seth Rollins’s Twitter account posted a nude picture of her, revealing the affair the two were having. From there, Rollins’s fiancée posted a nude picture of him in retaliation. It was a public relations nightmare for family friendly WWE, particularly because their system was set up to auto-share Rollins’s posts and feed them directly to WWE’s main website.

The incident got Schreiber into some hot water, though, to be fair, she hadn’t really done anything wrong in her own right. Her next social media related problem came up when photos of her online surfaced, posing with swastikas. While Schreiber has claimed an attempt to reclaim the symbol’s meaning of empowerment, and claimed no prejudices, the images were troubling enough for WWE to cut ties. After all of these messy tidbits, combined with the fact that she has since split from top star Rollins, WWE won’t be welcoming her back into the fold.

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