8 Female Wrestlers We'd Want To Marry And 7 We'd Only Want For A Fling

WWE’s female wrestlers are, collectively, more talented than they were a decade ago with the rise of the Women’s Revolution. While the talent level has changed, their attractiveness certainly hasn’t changed. The female wrestlers in WWE are still very attractive, and are considered to be highly desirable by much of the WWE Universe.

Because of their attractiveness, many fantasize about getting with a particular female wrestler. Maybe they just have a fling, or maybe things get serious and end up getting married. All of us, male or female, have celeb crushes so these dreams aren’t uncommon. Assuming we were lucky enough to capture the attention of the WWE women’s roster (and not be desperate enough to get a girl), where would we draw the line between just having a fling and choosing to get married?

Physical attractiveness is an important consideration, because wouldn’t you want to be with someone you find attractive? Thinking less superficially for a moment, there has been talk about some of the wrestlers being jerks in real life. Would you want to spend the rest of your life with someone who has a reputation for being a jerk and rude to fans, and even other wrestlers? What about someone who has a reputation for being unfaithful?

Let’s now take a look at eight female wrestlers we would absolutely want to marry, and another seven who we would only want for a shorter-term fling.


15 Marry: Alexa Bliss

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Current Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss portrays a manipulative heel on WWE programming, but that is far from the type of person she is in real life. From what we know about Bliss’ life outside WWE, and from what she has shown us on Total Divas this season, Bliss seems like a genuine, down-to-earth type of woman. On top of being very attractive, Bliss has a very bubbly and charismatic personality which makes her all the more endearing to us.

Moreover, Alexa Bliss is someone who doesn’t allow the negativity and backstage gossip to get to her and affect her ability to do her job. She seems very easy to get along with. All of these characteristics make Alexa Bliss someone who we would want to marry.


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Charlotte Flair is easily one of the most accomplished and most decorated female wrestlers in WWE, despite only having been on the main roster for a few years. She seems to be widely respected by her peers and receives a strong reaction from the WWE audiences as both a heel and as a face. There is little doubt she is a top performer for WWE’s women’s division, and will be for years to come. Her personal life seems to be a different issue altogether. Though only 31 years old, Charlotte has already been married and divorced twice. She was also believed to have had a secret relationship (fling) with Alberto Del Rio, before he ditched her for Paige.

Whether or not her track record with relationships is a coincidence, the fact remains that she does not seem to be able to settle down with one man for a prolonged period of time. Perhaps that shouldn’t be too surprising when her father is The Nature Boy.


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Trish Stratus is far removed from her days as an active wrestler, and seldom appears on WWE programming. However, she is an iconic wrestler who helped pave the way for future women’s wrestlers and is a deserving WWE Hall of Famer. Stratus has kept busy since her wrestling career ended, opening up a yoga studio and being a fitness instructor. At 41 years of age, Stratus is still incredibly attractive but has been with her now-husband, Ron Fisico since high school. Stratus and Fisico are the rare high school sweethearts to actually work out. They got married in 2006 and have two children together. Stratus sounds like she would make the perfect wife and she also seems to be enjoying motherhood, as her entire Instagram feed is basically a shrine to her two kids.


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While we would love to marry Trish Stratus, the same cannot be said for her close friend, Lita. It has been several years since Lita last wrestled in WWE, but one of her most prominent storylines did not reflect well on Lita. Wrestling fans have probably heard the story a million times before so much so that it doesn’t bear repeating. Long story short, Lita cheated on Matt Hardy with his best friend at the time, Edge, (who was also married), and that real-life drama was turned into a storyline. Lita deserves a ton of credit for her in-ring accomplishments and is a legend in the industry – that can never be taken away. We’re just not sure if she would be the best choice for a wife.


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You know Bayley is someone who should be married when the WWE universe often sings “Hey Bayley, I wanna know if you’ll be my girl” during her matches. Clearly, the WWE Universe is serenading Bayley with that tune for a reason. Unfortunately for many of us wishing Bayley could be our girl, she is off the market. Bayley is engaged to independent wrestler Aaron Solow, who is obviously a very lucky man. Even though Bayley does not ooze sexuality and lacks that overt sex appeal that many of her female wrestling peers have, Bayley is still a highly desirable woman. She is someone we would want to marry because she is positive role model and seems to be happy with her personal life and doesn’t feel the need to flirt with the male wrestlers on the roster.


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Choosing whether to marry or only have a fling with Sasha Banks was a tough choice. We’d probably have to err on the side of not having a long-term relationship with Banks based on some questionable interactions with fans. Unlike her current persona as a babyface on WWE programming, Banks comes across as rude in real life. On multiple occasions, there have been reports of Banks rudely refusing to take pictures with fans even if they were asking politely. Most notably, a man posted a photo of himself and Banks on social media, where he thanked her for taking the photo with him. Although she seemed to have willingly taken the photo, she called the man “a creep”. That behavior is a bit out of line and causes Banks to come across negatively.


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Carmella may play the “Princess of Staten Island” on WWE television, but that is far from the person she in real life (she isn’t even from Staten Island). The former cheerleader and current Women’s Money In The Bank briefcase holder seems to a fun person to be around and very high energy. Carmella has once said that, similar to her on-screen character, she is confident and stands up for herself and those around her. I don’t know about you, but Carmella seems like someone who would make for an amazing wife! It seems as though Carmella is newly single after a rumoured breakup with long-time boyfriend Big Cass. The two have deleted pictures of each other on Instagram and have unfollowed each other on Twitter. If Carmella is single, it likely won't be for long!


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Okay, I know the title of the article specifies “female wrestlers” and calling Lana a wrestler is a bit of a stretch here. In our defense, Lana has wrestled a few matches in 2017 (although they were hard to watch). While there is no disputing that Lana is one of the more attractive women’s wrestlers in WWE right now, Lana is also one of the bigger jerks. Lana has developed a bad reputation amongst fans on social media, as well as with other wrestlers. She often referred to fans as “pathetic villagers” online, and has even insulted female fans’ appearances. Paige, Sasha Banks, and Summer Rae are also some of the known wrestlers who have had rivalries with Lana. I don’t know if getting heavily involved with someone who seems to have many rivalries and feuds is such a good idea.


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Natalya is one of the longest tenured female wrestlers in WWE right now. Beyond her obvious wrestling pedigree, this tells us Natalya is a very loyal person. Even though she has been overlooked by WWE numerous times, she has remained loyal to the WWE. It’s the same situation in her personal life, as Natalya has always remained loyal to Tyson Kidd – even when the couple went through challenging times. Now as the main breadwinner, Natalya has been on the road without Kidd by her side for a few years now after his career-ending injuries. She has remained loyal to him and, a few years back, even admitted Kidd was the only man she has ever been in a serious relationship with. That says a lot about the type of woman Natalya is, and why she would make the perfect wife.


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This is another particularly hard one because Maryse is absolutely attractive. The Miz and Maryse seem to be the perfect couple and seem to be quite happy together. While we are happy for them, we would have to pass on marrying Maryse. She come across as being very high maintenance on Total Divas, and tries to push her beliefs onto others. In one episode, Maryse tried to persuade The Miz into giving up meat altogether since she abstains from eating meat. We would have to imagine that would be a no-go for many of us, since nobody should be pushing their beliefs onto others – even if you are married to them. But hey, if you're willing to go vegetarian, that would earn you some brownie points with Maryse!


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Brie Bella may not be an active wrestler anymore, but she is still connected to the wrestling world through her marriage to Daniel Bryan and through Total Divas. While a lot is often made about how attractive her twin sister Nikki Bella is, we must point out that Brie is just as attractive. Total Divas shows Brie as being very down-to-earth and more interested in living a laid-back lifestyle – the opposite of Nikki. It also takes a strong person to stand by and fully support her partner, as Brie did when Daniel Bryan when he went through severe bouts of depression after his wrestling career ended in 2015. In addition, there is no doubt that Brie is a wonderful mother to her and Bryan’s daughter, Birdie. What more could you ask for?


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Mickie James is one of the older women on this list, but she absolutely needs to be included here. In her second stint with WWE, James has proven she is still a talented wrestler and hasn’t dropped off in the looks department either! John Cena, who has a history of sleeping around, was obviously smitten with her in the mid-2000s when they allegedly had a brief fling. The problem is that Mickie James cheated on Kenny Dykstra, who is obviously not at the same level Cena was and still is. Her infidelity perhaps does not cast James in the best light. That doesn’t seem to bother Magnus too much, as they have been married since 2015. We’d have to pass on getting married to Mickie James, maybe reluctantly, for those reasons.


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I know, I know. Nikki Bella comes across as materialistic and is pretty much the opposite of everything Brie, who we previously said we’d marry. Who’s to say we can’t dream of wanting to marry either of the Bella twins? Nikki would make a wonderful partner as well. As seen in her relationship with John Cena, Nikki proved adaptable and willing to stick through the tough times, such as when Cena upset her when he said he didn’t want to get married again. At many WWE events, Nikki Bella comes across as very kind-hearted and good with children – making all the more likeable and attractive. It’s a shame Nikki will unlikely become a mother because of Cena’s refusal to have children, because she comes across as an amazing aunt to Birdie Joe. John Cena made the right decision in asking Nikki to marry him, though!


Little flashback photo shoot from a few years. Yikes.

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Paige is an extremely talented wrestler, but her personal life always seems to be getting in the way. While some of her controversies may not have been her fault (ie. the hacking scandal), her relationship history and pattern of reckless behaviour does not make Paige come across as someone we’d want to settle down with. One only has to look to her relationship with Alberto Del Rio to see what we mean. Their relationship was seemingly rocky at the best of times, as they were often fighting and treated each other poorly. While Paige might be someone who would be fun to go out with, she does not seem like the type who would make for a good wife to settle down with. Maybe she will change as she gets older and matures a little bit (she is only 25 after all)!


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AJ Lee retired from WWE a few years ago, but she is still very much remembered by most of the WWE Universe. She accomplished a great deal in the few years she was with WWE, not to mention being incredibly attractive. She is more of a tomboy, especially compared to many of the other wrestlers. Lee is someone most guys would enjoy being with. She seems more interested in comic books and hockey, rather than fashion for instance. Interests and hobbies aside, AJ Lee just seems so much more down to earth, genuine, and likable. When it comes down to it, isn’t that what you would want in a partner? Unfortunately for us, CM Punk agreed that AJ Lee was someone worthy of marrying, so she is off the market.

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