15 Female Wrestlers Who Would Dump Their Real Life Partner For Their Onscreen Lover

One of the things that makes wrestling so entertaining is the storylines. Each week, viewers tune in to their favourite wrestling programs to see the progression of these stories play out. Romance between a female and a male superstar is one of the biggest storylines viewers see onscreen. Throughout the years, there’s been plenty of couples paired onscreen together.

Of course, there’s Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who are wrestling’s top real life couples. We’ve also had Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth along with Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella. But there’s also been many couples who were together onscreen, but not in real life. A few examples include: AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan as well as Summer Rae and Rusev.

While these couples weren’t together in real life, that didn’t stop fans from putting them together. Many fans probably wondered what would happen if the woman would eventually date her onscreen partner in real life. The likelihood of it happening is far-fetched, although there’s been some instances of a wrestler dumping their real life partner for their onscreen one. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are a prime example of a fictitious couple becoming a reality.

There have been plenty of onscreen wrestling couples in recent years, and  as fans watch them every week on television, they can’t help but wonder what it would be like if they were a real life couple. So let’s take a look at some female wrestlers, who would dump their real life partner for their onscreen lover.

15 Bayley

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Bayley is considered the sweetheart of the WWE. Her real life good girl personality was an inspiration for her wrestling character. There’s never been a negative report on Bayley. Just like her friend Sasha Banks, Bayley has never been involved in a love storyline. However, she is one of the participants in the Mixed Match Challenge, where she’s paired with Elias.

Bayley and Elias have become a hit with fans due to their backstage interactions. Everyone has noted how the two have remarkable chemistry as Bayley tried to learn to play the guitar and as a standoffish Elias warmed up to his partner. But fans hope for a Bayley and Elias romance shouldn’t hold their breath. Bayley has been in a longterm relationship with wrestler Aaron Solow for years. Yet, that’s not going to stop Bayley and Elias fans from shipping their new favourite couple.

14 Carmella

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Recently, Carmella confirmed that she and longtime boyfriend/wrestler Big Cass ended their relationship. Not only did her real life relationship end, but so did her onscreen one as well. For the past year, Carmella became a big star on Smackdown due to her pairing with James Ellsworth. The two became a popular couple with their comedic actions. Everyone loved watching Carmella boss Ellsworth around and him acting like a love sick puppy. However, like all good things, their onscreen relationship came to an end and afterwards Ellsworth was released.

But as fans soon learned Ellsworth and Carmella were just as close in real life as they were onscreen. Ellsworth revealed in interviews that Carmella pitched the idea for them to work together. She also called to comfort Ellsworth when she learned about his release. Hearing these stories about Carmella and Ellsworth’s friendship makes fans miss them together onscreen.

13 Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks is one of WWE’s top female superstars and has never been involved in a romance angle. But she has partnered for a few male wrestlers in a mixed tag match. The first time she tagged with The Big Dog Roman Reigns. Now, she’s teaming with Finn Balor in the Mixed Match Challenge. The pair went on to defeat Natalya and Shinsuke Nakamura to advance in the tournament.

Sasha and Finn’s partnership already has fangirls shipping them as a couple. Yet, any chance of a real life romance is dashed due to Sasha being married former wrestler and costume designer Mikaze, who travels with her on the road. Although, Sasha’s a married woman, Finn is a good looking guy with his dazzling eyes and sculpted physique, who sets the fangirl’s hearts on fire.

12 Lana

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Ravishing beauty Lana is happily married to Rusev. They’re one of WWE’s cutest couples and fans have gotten a glimpse of them outside the ring thanks to Total Divas. Their romance was even featured on a big storyline on WWE television.

Lana was serving as Rusev’s valet, yet got tired of his brutish behavior and decided to leave him. She would then go on to become involved in a romance storyline with Dolph Ziggler. Just as the storyline was heating up, it was cut short by Lana and Rusev’s real life engagement. Lana his happily married to Rusev now, although you have to admit she and Dolph did make a good onscreen couple. Plus, with Dolph's good looks and physique, no woman can resist The Show Off.

11 Alicia Fox

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In real life, Alicia Fox has been unlucky in love. She was in a long-term relationship with Wade Barrett before they split after three years. On Total Divas, she opened up about how hard it is for her to find a boyfriend. During one episode, she thought she found the perfect guy only to find out he lied about how old he was.

While Alicia’s real love life may be a mess, the same can’t be said for her onscreen romances. Recently, Alicia was featured in Cruiserweight division storyline, which saw her as Cedric Alexander’s main squeeze. She would later leave him for Noam Dar. Yet, like many onscreen wrestling couples, WWE broke up Alicia and Noam. It was a shame to see the love triangle on 205 Live end because Alicia had great chemistry with both Cedric and Noam, and it was obvious the trio loved working together.

10 Summer Rae

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Blonde beauty Summer Rae was recently released from WWE. During her time with the company, she never wrestled much, but she did serve as a valet for many stars. First, she served as a valet for Fandago. Then she was involved in the love quadrangle with Rusev, Lana, and Dolph Ziggler. Yet, the end of that storyline killed Summer’s momentum. Next, she would be paired with Tyler Breeze, sadly their partnership would also be short-lived.

Not too long afterwards, Summer Rae suffered an injury and would eventually lead to her release. Since her departure from the company, Summer Rae has began to establish a modeling career. While her professional life is taking off, Summer Rae’s personal life is all quiet on the homefront. Given her onscreen chemistry with all her onscreen suitors, Summer could easily have become one of their real life girlfriends.

9 Velvet Sky

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Velvet Sky is one of the top knockouts in the TNA women’s division. The Knockout’s Champion has been featured in big storylines throughout her tenure at the company. In 2013, Velvet and her real life boyfriend Chris Sabin were involved in romance storyline for TNA. Velvet became his manager and often helped him cheat to retain his championship.

Yet, their onscreen relationship would soon come to an end, just like their real life relationship. Months after their split, Velvet Sky began dating former TNA/WWE wrestler Bubba Ray Dudley. Sky and Dudley’s romance was odd to fans because the two didn’t seem compatible. Despite a ten-year age difference and an opposites attract nature, the couple have show their madly in love. Although, we can’t help but wonder, if Sky would ever reunite with Chris Sabin if given the opportunity.

8 Emma

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Poor Emma’s love life has been filled with one heartache after another. First, her relationship with NXT star Mac Miles ended. Then she appeared to find happiness with Zack Ryder, but they broke up after over a year together.

While Emma’s personal life was a mess, she did find some romance onscreen when she was paired with Santino Marella. The pairing of Santino and Emma received mixed reactions from the crowd. Many felt that a wrestler of Emma’s caliber shouldn’t be stuck in a comedic routine with Santino. Despite the criticism, Emma and Santino made the most out of their romance storyline. Yet, just as the romance part of their story began to heat up, Santino’s retirement put an end to the pairing. Even though the pairing wasn’t well received by fans, Emma and Santino did make a cute couple onscreen.

7 AJ Lee

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AJ Lee’s popularity began to rise when she was featured in romance storylines with main event stars such as Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, and John Cena. She would later go on to marry onscreen lover CM Punk in real life, much to the delight of all her fans.

AJ and Punk are a compatible couple, who share a love of comic books, video games, and wrestling. Yet, they almost never became a real life couple. In an excerpt from AJ’s book, she revealed that during her time in WWE, one of the top wrestlers constantly flirted with her. She never mentioned the wrestler’s name, but did reveal that he had a girlfriend who also worked in the company. This revelation had many believing that Cena was the wrestler, who pursued AJ. It also had fans wondering what it would've been like if the two had become a real life couple.

6 Kaitlyn

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Season three NXT winner and former Divas champion Kaitlyn may not have been the best wrestler, but her athletic build along with her looks got plenty of intention. In fact, that was the main focus one of her early storylines. Kaitlyn began receiving gifts from a secret admirer, who turned out to be Big E. Yet, their romance was short-lived when it was revealed to be a joke orchestrated by AJ Lee.

A few months after the storyline ended, Kaitlyn left WWE to marry her boyfriend, bodybuilder PJ Braun. Sadly, their marriage didn’t last long. The two would divorce in February 2017 after less than three years together. With Kaitlyn newly single, she’ll have plenty of suitors lining up for her. One may include her best friend/former onscreen lover Big E.

5 Kelly Kelly

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Former model turned wrestler Kelly Kelly was the envy of every man when she was on WWE television. Since she was one of the most popular Divas at the time, every guy onscreen wanted her. She worked briefly as one of The Miz’s valets, then began a short-lived relationship with Mike Knox. The she briefly had a flirtiest relationship with CM Punk.

Although, the onscreen interactions with Punk never bloomed into a romance storyline, it didn’t stop fans from shipping the two together. In real life, Kelly Kelly dated a string of wrestlers, one of which was rumored to be CM Punk. Yet, those rumors haven’t been confirmed or denied. Eventually, Kelly would go on to marry Sheldon Souray, while Punk settled down with AJ Lee. Still that hasn’t stopped fans from remembering Kelly and Punk’s adorable onscreen relationship.

4 Layla

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During her WWE career, Layla was briefly involved in a few love storylines. The first was Jamie Noble trying to woo the British beauty only to be dumped for William Regal, whom she would go on to manage for a short period of time. Then during her last year on WWE television, Layla served as valet for Fandango and fought Summer Rae over the affection of the handsome dancer.

Since retiring from wrestling, the former Divas champion has settled into married life with her husband, former WWE star Ricky Ortiz. Layla and Ricky began dating in 2014, around the same time her storyline with Fandango was heating up. Ricky won Layla’s heart in real life, although working so close with a handsome wrestler like Fandango, no lady could resist his good looks and dance moves.

3 Jojo

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In 2017, Jojo made headlines when it was revealed she was having an affair with Bray Wyatt. The two seemed like an odd couple, yet they’re still growing strong. While Jojo is a ring announcer and not a wrestler, she’s still a WWE personality.

She became known to fans when she debuted on the reality show Total Divas. The cameras followed Jojo as she trained to be a wrestler. They also captured her romance with WWE star Justin Gabriel. The romance came as a shock to Jojo’s co-workers because Justin was thirteen years older than her. Their relationship would be short-lived as Justin soon broke up with Jojo, leaving her heartbroken. There’s been some speculation on whether Jojo and Justin’s relationship was real or staged for the show. But most fans would agree that Justin is the better looking one out of Jojo’s boyfriends.

2 Laurel Van Ness

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Chelsea Green aka Laurel Van Ness first became known to wrestling fans on WWE television. She made a few cameo appearances on RAW and competed on the sixth season of Tough Enough. But when WWE passed on signing her, she joined Impact Wrestling, where she became a breakout star.

Her biggest storyline came when she was involved in an onscreen relationship with Braxton Sutter. The two were set to wed on television, but their union came to an end when Sutter dumped her for Allie. After their break up, Laurel would go on to have a crazy gimmick, where she’d walk around in her wedding dress. While the onscreen relationship with Sutter didn’t last, in real life she’s dating WWE star Zack Ryder. With her tenure at TNA over, we’re wondering if WWE will sign her and recreate the Braxton storyline with Zack.

1 Zelina Vega

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Independent wrestler Thea Trinidad has hit the big time by landing a dream job at WWE. In the summer of 2017, she made her debut in NXT, now going under the ring name Zelina Vega. Zelina has become a top fixture in NXT storylines as she serves as valet for NXT champion Andrade “Cien” Almas.

Zelina and Andrade have become one of WWE’s newest onscreen wrestling couples. Their onscreen chemistry is amazing and leads many to believe that they could be an actual couple. Zelina was in a real life relationship with former WWE wrestler Austin Aries, but reports suggest that the two split up following Austin’s departure from the company. There are even rumors saying that she and Andrade are now a real life couple.

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