16Better Real Name: Paige

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Saraya-Jade Bevis might be a mouthful but even just Jade can help herself out majorly.

Real Name: Saraya Jade-Bevis

It’s amazing how much this young woman has already been through. After time in Europe with the cool name of Britana Knight, she moved to WWE and became one of the early pioneers of the Women’s Revolution. She was the first-ever NXT Women’s champion and did a

great job holding the belt. Her entry on the main roster was great, debuting by winning the Divas title and looking great leading the way for women to be taken more seriously in wrestling. Sadly, she hit rough patches of injuries, suspensions and leaving amid her infamous relationship with Alberto Del Rio. Paige made her surprise return in late 2017, leading Absolution and the promise of a new run at the top. Sadly, a neck injury ruined that and has forced her to retire from wrestling at only 25.

But WWE has given her a new push by making her the GM for SmackDown. That’s led to some good stuff but maybe a name change can help.

It’s harder to take seriously a boss named just Paige so a more authoritative name can aid her in her new role. It’s not really fair Paige had to cut her wrestling career short yet taking a new name can help her out in her new role.

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