Hell In A Cell: 5 Reasons Why The Fiend Should Win (& 5 Why Seth Rollins Should Retain)

WWE has built up a major main event match for this year's Hell in a Cell PPV as Seth Rollins is set to defend the Universal Championship against Bray Wyatt's Fiend character, with the two men locked inside the steel structure.

For the first time in a while, WWE has created a match that genuinely feels like it belongs inside Hell in a Cell, with The Fiend being an incredibly scary character that has destroyed everyone in its path to this point.

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With Rollins backed into a corner, scared, and alone, there is a huge question mark over if he can retain here, and within this list, we will rank five reasons why The Fiend should become champion, and five why Rollins should retain.

10 The Fiend: Keep Him Scary

So far, the way WWE has handled The Fiend has been incredible. From the promos to the creepy appearances and his in-ring entrance, everything has been a smashing success and that is why there is so much hype surrounding him.

Right now, The Fiend still has a scary edge to him as fans are actually fearing him, with the WWE Superstars themselves doing an excellent job in the ring of selling just how scary his presence is.

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However, if WWE has Seth Rollins beat him in what is only his second ever match, then that magic goes away and he just becomes normal. Obviously, at some stage, he needs to lose, but this is far too soon.

9 Seth Rollins: Keep The Draft Simple

WWE recently announced that the draft is making a return next week and that Raw and SmackDown will once again have separate and distinct brands, which is something that everyone has been crying out for.

However, there is a complication as Hell in a Cell is only happening the week after, which means any fresh storylines that are being worked on could come to a very abrupt end if people are moved.

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Keeping the main champions the same could be the best way to protect the titles and make sure the champions are considered to be top stars in the draft, with Wyatt being able to move on quickly to something new on another brand potentially.

8 The Fiend: More Creative Options

WWE has seemingly struggled to create interesting and engaging storylines for Seth Rollins since he became Universal Champion, with the Beastslayer becoming a little stale compared to how he was prior to WrestleMania 35.

However, when it comes to The Fiend and Bray Wyatt, the creative options really are endless right now, with the character having that magic ability similar to The Undertaker or Kane, WWE can really take this anywhere they want.

With Wyatt having a split personality situation going on, WWE could really play off that and have some fantastic stories to kickstart arguably the biggest few months in wrestling since the Attitude Era.

7 Seth Rollins: A Weak Title Run... Again

Within this year alone, WWE has twice heated Seth Rollins up as a conquering babyface who has been forced to slay the Beast, Brock Lesnar, in order to become the Universal Champion, making him the hottest star on Raw.

However, once Lesnar has gone away, unfortunately, both times Seth Rollins has started to feel a little stale, with his title reigns becoming a little boring and weak, with his first being wasted on Baron Corbin, and his second being mixed with the tag team run with Braun Strowman.

Should Rollins drop the title yet again, then it really would make two poor runs in a row, which isn't a great look for him wanting to become a champion again in the future, and a longer program with The Fiend could be very interesting.

6 The Fiend: He Suits Hell In A Cell

Hell in a Cell has always been nicknamed the 'Devil's Playground,' and the stipulation has often been associated with Kane and The Undertaker, who have been part of some legendary moments with the structure.

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The structure is designed for monsters such as The Fiend to have a frenzy and pick the bones of weaker opponents, which is why he should be walking away with a comfortable win and the Universal Championship as a prize.

WWE has the chance to do some really fun and creative things inside the cell with The Fiend, and if they are able to pull it off, then it could be a really iconic match.

5 Seth Rollins: It Could Save Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman has been heavily linked with Seth Rollins' most recent Universal Championship reign, from being his tag team partner to his opponent, the Monster Amongst Men has played a key role in Rollins' run this time.

When the two men faced off at Clash Of Champion, Seth was able to defeat Braun, with Strowman yet again struggling to win the big one, making him look incredibly weak, which was made worse when he was taken out by The Fiend.

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WWE could easily keep him looking strong by having Strowman get involved in the Hell in a Cell match, helping his former partner and setting up a future triple threat.

4 The Fiend: Nobody Is More Popular

While this might be unexpected for WWE management, the fact is that right now there isn't anybody on the roster who is moreover with a crowd than The Fiend, with every appearance getting unbelievable reactions.

His surprise appearance at Clash Of Champions provided one of the best pops of the year in WWE and given that he has tons of merchandise options, WWE will be hoping to capitalize on that at Hell in a Cell.

If WWE wants to have the fans onside as they begin to compete against AEW, then having The Fiend as champion is the way to do it, as any other result may see fans start to turn on Seth Rollins.

3 Seth Rollins: Too Soon For Wyatt

There is no doubt that The Fiend is the most popular character in WWE right now, with every appearance he makes being considered a major deal amongst fans, but in the same token, many were surprised to see him get a title shot this quick.

The Fiend has only actually had one wrestling match, which took place back at SummerSlam where he defeated Finn Balor, who hasn't been seen in WWE since that point.

While it's great that WWE is pushing The Fiend as he is clearly popular, you can't help but feel there were legs to make people wait for this moment at a bigger show.

2 The Fiend: Don't Make The Same Mistake

Bray Wyatt has always been an interesting WWE Superstar and has been someone that fans have loved watching. His promos would sell people on any feud and make Wyatt seem like the best talent in the world.

However, when it came to getting into the ring, he has never delivered on the big occasions, losing all his major matches throughout his career, including his major WrestleMania moment when he dropped the WWE Championship against Randy Orton.

WWE has done such a good job at investing time into The Fiend and Wyatt and making him seem like a top threat once again, that dropping the ball now and having him lose would take fans out of it.

1 Seth Rollins: In Ring Quality

The World Champions are supposed to be the very best wrestlers on the planet, hence, they are the champion of the world, and therefore in-ring quality really should play a big part in who holds the title.

While WWE tends to consider other things such as merchandise sales and promo abilities, the wrestling is always a core trait and while Wyatt is a solid wrestler, Seth Rollins is one of the best in the entire world.

Having Seth as champion would guarantee world-class matches every time he competes on a PPV, which is what main events should be all about in the first place.

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