Finish The Game: 15 Wrestlers Who Should End Triple H's Career

The Cerebral Assassin. The King of Kings. The Game. The boss’ son-in-law. That guy who used to have long hair but doesn’t anymore. Paul. These are all names attributed to one of the most famous, decorated and endearing performers in WWE history – the one and only, Triple H. Debuting for the company way back in 1995, Triple H has gone from Connecticut Blueblood to hellraiser in D-Generation X to dominant champion to elder statesmen to backstage powerhouse across his 20 year+ career and shows no signs of slowing down as his brainchild, NXT, continues to grow and his other endeavours, such as the Cruiserweight Classic and UK tournament, consistently knock it out of the park. But, whilst he’s no slouch in the ring, especially at the age of 47, Triple H is slowing down and it won’t be long before it’s time for him to hang up his sledgehammer and take a cushy desk job, hopefully putting on loads of weight in a cruel form of poetic justice. Which begs the question – who will get the honour of being the man to send Triple H packing from WWE?

He’s an old-school guy and, despite his reputation, knows the value of using himself to put a younger talent over, even if that doesn’t work (see Roman Reigns). Equally, Trips could put his career on the line against a legend, luring a former star back into the ring with the opportunity of vanquishing one of WWE’s top heels. Or he could face Henry Godwinn in a Hog Pen Match. Again. Side note; some big names like AJ Styles or John Cena won’t be on this list because, quite frankly, they’re big enough that they don’t need this honour and I don’t feel like the story is there to make it worthwhile. With that being said, get your water bottles ready folks, because we’re taking a look at 15 wrestlers who could retire Triple H.

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15 Seth Rollins

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Let’s start with the obvious, shall we?

Seth Rollins’ WWE career has been intrinsically linked to that of The Game, both in and out of kayfabe. He rose to fame as the first ever NXT Champion, a promotion Triple H helped create, made his debut on the main roster as a part of The Shield thanks to Triple H’s backing and, within storyline, was Triple H’s protégée as a member of The Authority. Someone clearly never told Triple H you’re not supposed to have a favourite child. Under Triple H’s watch, Rollins has gone onto become one of WWE’s top stars, winning Tag Team, US and WWE championships, as well as 2014’s Money In The Bank briefcase, which, of course, he cashed in at WrestleMania to walk away with the world title in its main event. Then he called Chris Jericho “sparkle crotch” and everyone cried.

Rollins’ current feud with Triple H would be a retirement angle perfect for The Game. Former student is betrayed by the teacher, student seeks revenge, gets it by retiring teacher at WrestleMania. Cool. While this probably won’t happen this year, if Rollins does continue his feud with Hunter beyond Mania 33, it’s entirely possible the two could do battle again, perhaps with both men’s careers on the line. Although, if that feud moves at the rate that this current one has, we won’t see that match until WrestleMania 48.

14 Finn Balor

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Uh oh, Seth, looks like Daddy has a new favourite.

Finn Balor was, despite what the WWE want you to believe, a mega-star outside of the company. As Prince Devitt in New Japan Pro Wrestling, he was a multi-time champion and founding member of one of the most popular stables in the world today – the Bullet Club. Not content with just being famous in Japan, Devitt made the jump to the states and joined NXT, where he would debut as Finn Balor in 2014, quickly gaining popularity there with his incredible move set and signature “Demon” body paint, and winning the NXT Championship less than a year later in, of all places, Tokyo, Japan. I don’t know if that’s genius, or a massive troll. Probably a massive troll.

Balor’s main roster career kicked off with a bang when he won the Universal Championship at SummerSlam 2016, becoming its inaugural holder. However, he injured his shoulder in the match and is still on the sidelines with that injury (as of 29/01/2017). When Balor returns however, expect him to be pushed to the moon and what better way than to cement him as a top star than to have him retire Triple H. The NXT connection is there and you could work in the idea that Triple H cheating to ensure Kevin Owens won the Universal title made a mockery of everything Balor went through to win the title in the first place, setting up a battle between honour and deception. Balor might not be as young as you think (he’s 35, which is five years older than Seth Rollins), but he is undoubtedly a man who could lead WWE into the future and having him retire one of the greatest of all time would be a sure-fire way to make sure that happens. Then again, Triple H doesn’t really like to put over painted-up people at WrestleMania, does he? Just ask Sting.

13 Kevin Owens

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Triple H really isn’t subtly with his favouritism, is he? He literally handed the Universal title to Kevin Owens on live TV. I’m just saying.

Kevin Owens, like fellow NXT bae, Seth Rollins, made his name in Ring of Honor. As Kevin Steen, he won the ROH World title and gained himself a devoted fan base within the promotion. He was also in CZW, and if you don’t know what that is, kids, I thoroughly suggest you don’t google it with your parents nearby. Steen, under the new name of “Kevin Owens” (in honour of both his son, Owen, and WWE legend, Owen Hart), debuted in NXT at TakeOver: Unstoppable, defeating CJ Parker. Later that night, he attacked Sami Zayn, who had just won the NXT Championship, setting up a feud which would go onto define NXT and the WWE careers of both men. Since then, Owens has won the NXT, intercontinental and Universal Championships and is one of the company’s top stars. Also, him and Chris Jericho are literally the best. Deal with it.

You might be thinking I’m going to suggest Owens retiring Triple H to help him turn face and while this would probably work, I don’t think Owens should ever turn face. He’s just too entertaining as a heel to see him try and be all cheesy and campy (like all WWE faces seem to be these days) would destroy the years of work he has put into making the Kevin Owens character one of the most arrogant, despicable heels in the company. I would suggest that Owens, perhaps through cockiness, challenges Trips to a match to prove himself as one of the all-time greats. Owens loses this match, but continuously attacks Triple H until The Game agrees to another match, with his career on the line. When Owens wins this match, not only would it put him over as the guy who took down Triple H, but it would also create an air of sympathy towards The Game. He’d go out on his back, but he’d do it as the popular fan favourite he deserves to be for his years of hard work. Also, Kevin Owens on the mic after beating Triple H would just be unbearable. Can you imagine the sarcasm?

12 Dolph Ziggler

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Bit of a different suggestion to the others, but hear me out.

The brand split in 2016 helped rejuvenate a few WWE careers and one of them was definitely Dolph Ziggler’s. Receiving a WWE Championship match at SummerSlam (the first PPV post-split), Ziggler would then go onto have the feud of his career with The Miz, even putting his own career against Miz’s Intercontinental Championship at No Mercy 2016. Ziggler has since turned heel and it looks like his career might be on a pretty decent path once again. Will he attain the heights of 2013 again? Who knows. But, maybe, this could be achieved with a little help from a certain King of Kings.

You see, Ziggler’s recent character stems from his track record of being close, but never actually winning the big one. Ziggler could warp this logic to imply that it was management’s fault he’s never been WWE Champion or main evented WrestleMania, which would take him straight to Triple H. Ziggler could blame Trips for all his failures, claiming he was never pushed correctly when he was in charge and now it’s too late for him on Smackdown. He could bring up the match the two had last year, where, if Dolph won, he could choose his match for WrestleMania 32. He lost, but he was still in the Intercontinental Championship ladder match, which is probably the match he would have picked anyway, but facts can be omitted for storyline purposes. Boy, ain’t that the truth? Ziggler’s beef with The Game could lead to a match;’ Ziggler could put it that, since Triple H ruined his career, he was going to end his. A Ziggler victory could make him a top heel in WWE and give him the change to finally crack the main event scene. Ziggler is a good worker, so you know the match would be good, and has the talent to tell a great story both in the ring and out. See, not so crazy after all, huh? Ye of little faith.

11 Bray Wyatt

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Because he’s got to win a big feud at some point.

Bray Wyatt began life in the WWE as Husky Harris, a member of the ill-fated Nexus stable, before returning to our screen as the hypnotic cult leader in 2013. Despite never really winning a major feud, Wyatt has been involved in plenty of high profile feuds over the years with the likes of John Cena, Chris Jericho and The Undertaker. His more recent work along with Randy Orton earned him a Smackdown Tag Team Championship reign and he seems to be on course for a match with Orton soon, which he will probably lose. Seriously. Just let him win!

Wyatt’s thing is that he wants to lead humanity away from their sins and into his arms and what better way to do this than to challenge the leader of WWE, Triple H. Wyatt could be targeted by Wyatt for leading WWE down the wrong path and set up a match where, if Wyatt wins, he will no longer have to follow The Game, who will be out of a job and a career. Wyatt could employ mind games to freak Triple H out, he could sabotage Raw matches in the lead up to WrestleMania, which would make the Wyatts a force to be reckoned with and I’d quite like to see a Wyatt Family-DX showdown. I mean, if your job was on the line, you’d call your friends to help, right? Wyatt retiring Triple H would mean the world for his character and could be the catalyst for the superstar run Bray is so clearly capable of. But, then again, this is Bray Wyatt, so don’t get your hopes up.

10 Apollo Crews

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Again, hear me out.

Apollo Crews is perhaps the most unfortunate wrestler in WWE right now. A star in NXT (he even challenged Finn Balor for the NXT Championship, once, and he came close), you wouldn’t believe that it’s been nine months since Crews debuted on the main roster. Because he has done literally nothing. Seriously. His only proper feud has been with Sheamus. Freakin’ Sheamus! An incredible talented performer who can mix power and agility like no one else on the roster, Crews has everything it takes to be a main eventer. Also, he looks like a statue. A really muscly statue. How does Vince not drool at the thought of having him at the top of his card?

Crews, like Ziggler, could also take issue with the fact that he’s not been properly pushed. You could spin this one of two ways; either Crews politely asks for a push, only to be shut down by Triple H, leading to a feud, or, more interestingly, Apollo could turn heel. He could bring up the fact that guys like Finn Balor, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins have all been given preferential treatment, whilst he, another NXT star, has been forgotten. He could attack Trips for not protecting him like his other NXT children and a match could be made between the two, with Crews going over to finally assert himself as the main event star he is destined to be. It would radically shake up the Crews character (which has been boring for some time now) and give Apollo something to brag about as this new top level heel. It would be shocking, unexpected and effective, so why not? Please, just do something with Apollo Crews. I feel sorry for him.


9 Randy Orton

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Just forget WrestleMania XXV for a second, ok?

I mentioned earlier how Seth Rollins’ career was linked to Triple H’s. Well, if you thought Seth and Trips were joined at the hip, you obviously have never heard of Randy Orton. A third-generation superstar, Randy became famous as a part of Evolution, a stable combining the future (Randy and Batista) with the past (Ric Flair) and, of course, the present (Triple H). It was with this group that Randy won his first world title, aged just 24 (the youngest in WWE history), only to lose it just a month later to, you guessed it, Triple H. Orton would feud with Trips a number of times later in his career, including facing him in matches at back to back WrestleManias in 2008 and 2009, with The Viper and The Game winning one match each. Hmm, did someone say “rubber match”? No, no one? Oh. Maybe I need to see a doctor.

Triple H is, in many ways, responsible for the rise of Orton and it would be nice to see Orton cement his legend further by the career of the man who helped make him to an end. A third meeting (second one on one) of the two at WrestleMania might seem like much, but, if the story was right, with the right emphasis placed on the important moments in their share history, and the build was good, this could be one of the great clashes talked about for years to come. Maybe Triple H begins to return to his old, burying ways and Randy steps in, because he’s seen first-hand what that can do to a career. Both careers could be put on the line at WrestleMania with Orton winning the day and sending Triple H packing. Yes, I know Randy Orton doesn’t need this and maybe it would be a waste to give him yet another accomplishment, but, sometimes, when a story is right and two competitors just fit together, you gotta run with it and leave normal logic aside. Unless that story has Roman Reigns in it, then logic is most definitely the right course of action.

8 Rusev

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Oh, Rusev, you came in on a tank. Now look at you.

Rusev’s WWE career was going really well for a bit. Debuting in the 2014 Royal Rumble and eliminating 6 men, the Bulgarian Brute more than lived up to his nickname as he then went unpinned and unsubmitted for over a year, capturing the United States Championship in the process. But wait, what’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Super Cena! Yay!! Oh, wait, no, not yay. Never yay. Yes, like the good American he is, Cena crushed the young superstar at WrestleMania 31 to capture the United States Championship and end Rusev’s undefeated run. He would then go onto to lose to Cena twice more on Pay-Per-View, before entering a stupid, stupid love angle with Lana, Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae. Then he joined the League of Nations. Jesus. That’s like when you’re building a piece of flat pack furniture, and it’s going well to begin with, then you put the wrong screw in and break a bit, then you lose the instructions, get angry and smash one of the legs in anger and the house ends up burning down. Ok, maybe I got a little carried away there, but you see what I mean.

Rusev could have been an absolutely massive star in WWE, but they really dropped the ball. However, there is still time to save him, if Triple H steps in. Rusev, tired of losing match after match, goes to Triple H to complain. Triple H laughs at him, telling him he’s not as ruthless as he used to be, which is why he keeps losing. Rusev then gets angry, which results in Triple H giving him a title match, just to prove to everyone he was right about Rusev. Rusev has the match and, through being more aggressive, looks like he’s going to win, when Triple H runs down to ringside and costs him the match; he doesn’t want to look stupid after telling Rusev he wasn’t good enough. Frustrated at his lost, Ru-Ru slowly starts to turn face, gaining the crowds sympathy in the process. Rusev could be cost a few more matches before finally snapping and setting his sights on Triple H, eventually overcoming The Game with his ruthlessness and forcing him to retire. Rusev could really use a push and storyline like this, plus a drastic change to his stagnant character, would go a long way to making that tank entrance a reality once again. I really liked the tank.

7 Cesaro

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From one foreigner stuck in the midcard to another, now.

Cesaro, like Rusev, made an impressive debut, going on an impressive run shortly after his debut and, like Rusev, winning the United States Championship, which he held for the best part of a year. He then floundered for a bit, joining The Real Americans, winning the first ever Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, but receiving little push afterwards, before finding success as a tag team wrestler, winning the WWE Tag Team Championships with both Tyson Kidd and Sheamus. Wow, have not thought about Tyson Kidd for a long time. Get well soon, TJ.

Cesaro is, quite frankly, a phenomenal wrestler. His combination of power, athleticism, technical ability, high-flying moves and his ability to create new and exciting spots every single time he stpes between the ropes make him a once in a lifetime talent. Why he hasn’t been given a bigger push, I will never know, but, like Dolph Ziggler, this could be worked into a storyline with Triple H. The Game could berate Cesaro for wanting a better opportunity, leading to The Swiss Superman making it his mission to prove himself to Triple H. When The King of Kings refuses to give Cesaro what he wants, their feud could escalate, with Cesaro eventually challenging Triple H to a match at WrestleMania, retiring him the process. Cesaro has the talent to work the main event scene, but needs some kayface credibility. Retiring such an esteemed figure could give him just that and I don’t think a single fan would complain if this match turned WrestleMania into one giant Cesaro section. Also, The King of Kings vs The King of Swing would look great on the poster.

6 Baron Corbin

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Ooh, Triple H vs Baron Corbin. The most divisive pairing of wrestlers ever?

I like Baron Corbin; I think he cuts an imposing figure, I think his move set is great and I think he plays his character of an obnoxious, aggressive brute exceptionally well. Other people may not agree with me, but this is my list, so be quiet. Corbin debuted down in NXT in 2012, but emerged as the character we know and love, well, the character I know and love, in 2014, squashing jobbers and brooding worse than a character from Twilight. He had stellar matches with the likes of Samoa Joe, Finn Balor and Apollo Crews before being called up to the main roster at WrestleMania 32, where he won the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Hey, that’s two of the three Andre The Giant Battle Royal winners of this list. No, don’t worry, Big Show isn’t next. Even I’m not that crazy.

Corbin could set his sights on Triple H with the sole intention of making a name for himself. The Corbin character has often lent itself to the self-obsessed and Corbin could decide that the best way to secure a future is to bring about Triple H’s “End of Days”. See what I did there? Perhaps after being eliminated from a Royal Rumble, he could invade Raw shows in the build up to WrestleMania, causing chaos with the hopes of drawing Hunter out. Once The Cerebral Assassin takes notice, Corbin could then attack him, setting up the match and the result that would give Corbin a massive boost and establish him as a top heel in WWE. At only 32, Corbin has plenty of good years left in him and giving this nod to him could create another monster heel within the company, which I think would be very beneficial. But, I know plenty of you out there will be upset and will likely be pulling a face very similar to Baron Corbin’s stomach at the thought of this. Sorry, I had to mention the stomach face just once. It’s hilarious.

5 Samoa Joe

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Aaaaaaaaaaand back to former NXT Champions we go!

Samoa Joe is, without a doubt, one of the best wrestlers of this generation. Whether it was in ROH or TNA or wherever else he wanted to go, Joe was an absolute beast. His insane mix of pure power, devastating submission and high-flying attacks make him a truly unique specimen in the world of pro wrestling, so it’s not too hard to see why he’s a former TNA World, Tag, Television and X-Division Champion, as well as the longest single reign of anyone with the ROH World Championship. Seriously, do not mess with this dude. Joe’s career hit new heights when he arrived in NXT in 2015. After turning heel on Finn Balor, the two had an amazing series of matches across several months that eventually led to Joe defeating Balor for the NXT title at a house show (of all places) before defending it against him in NXT’s first ever cage match at TakeOver: The End. Joe also became the first ever two-time NXT Champion when he won the title from Shinsuke Nakamura at TakeOver: Toronto, but would lost it just 14 days later, the shortest single reign in the title’s history. Swings and roundabouts, I guess.

Joe is destined for the main roster very, very soon, if he’s not already there (lists take a while to write, dammit!) and, when he gets there, he’ll be in an interesting scenario. WWE want to push him as this conquering destroyer, but they can’t mention any of his outside achievements out of their pettiness towards other American promotions. His stuff in NXT is good, yes, but, if Joe really is going to be perceived as a threat, he needs to fry some pretty big fish and, when it comes to frying, consider Triple H a blue whale. What a nod it would be for Joe to come in and take down Triple H for good. A storyline similar to that of Joe going after William Regal in NXT could be put in place, but with Trips actually getting into the ring with Joe to settle things once and for all.

Editor's note: Well, Samoa Joe did debut on the main roster. Lists take a while to edit, dammit!

4 Sami Zayn

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Sami Zayn, like about half the people on this list, is a former NXT Champion. After putting his career up against Neville’s title at TakeOver: Unstoppable, Zayn realised his dream and claimed the title, only to be attacked by Owens minutes after. If he wasn’t my favourite wrestler, I’d be so angry at him right now. Zayn was then hit by an injury, which took him out for nearly a year, but he returned to NXT in late 2015, as well as making a surprise appearance in the 2016 Royal Rumble to eliminate his greatest foe, Owens, from the match. Then things sort of went a bit pear-shaped. Zayn had some good matches with Owens (including an absolute classic at Battleground), but fell off the radar before his feud with Braun Strowman gave him the platform he needed to show off his skills. Not quite what we’d hoped for the lad, but fingers crossed this means bigger and better things are on the horizon. Please?

Zayn is a phenomenal storyteller, which makes him the ideal candidate for such a highly-charged storyline as Triple H’s retirement. Zayn has always felt like the step-child of the more recent crop of NXT Champions, never quite getting the same attention as his peers, and this could be the perfect opportunity to implement a story between him and the guy who married his mum, Triple H. Ok, the step-child analogy got away from me there, but you see what I mean. Zayn could go about proving himself to Triple H, perhaps by taking on his new protégée, Kevin Owens, before Triple H steps in to make the save. Cue a few weeks of backstage assaults and Sami Zayn jumping off stuff to attack Triple H and we could have one hell of a match with Triple H’s career up against Zayn’s. THe commentators could really hype up Sami’s underdog character in this match and the guy is so likeable that a win like this, on a stage like Mania, would result in a deafening pop and, if used correctly, momentum that could Sami all the way to the top of WWE. Go on, WWE, you know you want to. He is really good. Honest.

3 Shane McMahon

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Alright, alright, alright, settle down now. It’s time to listen, children, it’s story time.

So, when you think of wrestlers on the level of Triple H you probably don’t think of the boss’ son. Yes, Shane is probably the best non-wrestler to step between the ropes in WWE, putting his body on the line numerous times over his lengthy career, performing incredible spots and taking bumps even the most hardened of professionals would wet themselves over. Because of this, Shane is one of the most popular figures in WWE history. Just see his return to Raw last year; that crowd went mental for a reason. He’s put on great matches with the likes of Kurt Angle, Big Show and, yes, his own dad, in the past and, although the overall match was a bit rubbish, you can’t say him vs Taker at Mania 32 wasn’t the most memorable thing about the show. So, we’ve established Shane can go, but does that mean he’s right to face The Game in his final ever match? Well, when you think about it, the story is right there.

Before his comeback for Mania 33, Shane hadn’t been seen in WWE for over half a decade. Whilst the real reasons for his departure will probably never be truly known, it’s highly likely that the reason he left was because of the backstage influence of his sister, Stephanie, and her husband, The Cerebral Assassin. Steph and Trips were, supposedly, pushing Shane out of the company, ensuring the WWE falls to them when Vince eventually steps down from the top position. This real-life drama could be used to create a fantastic story in the world of WWE TV. Shane starts boasting about the success of Smackdown over Raw, leading to Triple H taking out his anger on Shane physically. This could lead to a war of words between the two, leading to a match with both men’s jobs on the line; if Triple H wins, Shane has to leave Smackdown, but, if Shane wins, Triple H is gone from Raw. If the match was no DQ, then Shane could pull off some of his amazing spots and it could hide Shane’s weaknesses whilst allowing both men to work at a pace that suits their age. Maybe throw in some run ins from various Raw and Smackdown wrestlers (maybe some Raw guys could turn on Trips for abusing them?) and Shane could pull off the unthinkable, beating The Game and sending him packing, asserting himself as the true heir to the McMahon empire, at least within storyline. Just don’t expect a similar result in real life; Stephanie’s claws are in tighter than her outfit at WrestleMania 32.

2 CM Punk

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I know, I know, this is never going to happen. But please, fantasy booking is all I have.

Before he became one of wrestling’s most annoying chants, CM Punk was a mega-star in WWE. From Straight Edged Saviour to Best in the World, Punk’s evolution was incredible to watch and his ascent to the world title picture was fascinating, mainly because it was never meant to happen. Dropping his infamous “pipebomb” promo in 2011, breaking kayfabe fourth walls and the hearts of WWE brass all in one go, Punk shot to the top of most people’s list of favourite wrestlers and WWE rewarded him with the sixth longest single WWE Championship reign of all time at 434 days from November 2011 to January 2013. Unfortunately, Punk’s storyline frustrations were actually just a mask for his real feelings of discontent and, following a series of disputes over everything from creative direction to medical treatment, Punk walked away from the WWE the night after Royal Rumble 2014 and has gone out of his way to talk smack about the company on podcasts and in interviews. So, yeah, this will probably never happen, but do I have the perfect story if it does.

Imagine that the planets align, the fates conspire and the McMahons swallow their pride and Punk does return to the WWE, he’d be a big deal, right? So, what better way to continue his momentum and his use as one of your top stars than retiring a legend like Triple H. Especially when Triple H has been a continual thorn in Punk’s side; it was Trips who cost Punk the WWE Championship following SummerSlam 2011, it was Trips who Punk railed against in his pipebomb, calling him Vince’s “doofus son-in-law” and it was Trips who was scheduled to face Punk at WrestleMania 30, before he walked out. All of this could be played into a storyline; Punk could accuse Triple H of forcing him out of the company and that his return was to force The Game to do the same. They could finally get their match at WrestleMania and Punk, hopefully with the crowd behind him, could end the career of the man who, both in front of and behind the curtain, kept him down for so long. Punk then goes onto have another amazing run in the WWE, whilst Triple H watches from behind the scenes, presumably very angry. Wow, compared to this, Shane McMahon actually looks realistic.

1 The Rock

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The third and final instalment of “ridiculous booking that will never happen” is here! And what a way to go out.

I started this list with Seth Rollins, a man who owes his career to Triple H, but, perhaps with The Kliq excluded, Triple H owes his career to Dwayne Johnson. The two were waging war whilst most of the current crop of WWE talent were still just fans of WWE; the leaders of two highly influential stables in WWE, The Nation of Domination and D-Generation X, the two were both fixtures of the Attitude Era, so it’s no surprise their paths crossed. The two feuded over the Intercontinental Championship in 1998, leading to an epic ladder match at SummerSlam that many fans still remember to this day. The two met numerous times later on down the line, including in the main event of the first ever episode of Smackdown for the WWE Championship and at Backlash 2000, where Rock beat The Game with the help of a returning “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. It’s pretty clear, then, that these two superstar’s legacies are on the same level. Unless we’re talking about their legacy in movies. The Chaperone, damn that was a trial to sit though.

As we saw from WrestleMania 31, WWE aren’t afraid to put The Rock up against Triple H in the modern era. But what about if the two went further than just a talking segment with Ronda Rousey? Imagine; Triple H continues running over the current crop of WWE talent, which prompts The Rock to return to WWE to confront his old foe. Rock reminds Triple H of how lucky he was to get the chances he got and that, by continuing his stranglehold on the main roster, he’s denying the current talent pool those same chances. Triple H could respond by reminding The Rock that he left the WWE and has no right to tell him how to run his company, to which Rocky could respond that he has the people’s backing, which makes him more qualified to run the WWE than Triple H ever could be. Incensed by this, Triple H could attack The Rock, beating him down, setting up a storyline that leads all the way to WrestleMania. Triple H could put his job on the line against something, you could argue, is even more precious; the rights to “The Rock. If Triple H wins, The Rock can no longer call himself that, he can no longer use his catchphrases or his music or his gear; he’s simply Dwayne Johnson, the actor. This match would be fuelled by both men’s passion for the business and their shared history would make for some pretty kickass video packages. And, when Triple H eats that final Rock Bottom and ends up staying down for 3, he’d be sharing the ring with a man who helped define him and, rather fittingly, put his career to bed for good. I truly believe this option could create a match for the ages and would be a fitting end to one of the greatest performers in WWE, and wrestling, history. You might have a split opinion one him, but you can’t argue the fact that wrestling would have been a very different place without Triple H and, for that, he deserves one hell of a final match.

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