10 Finishing Moves That Everyone Should Kick Out Of

10 Finishing Moves That Everyone Should Kick Out Of

Finishing moves are an exciting part of professional wrestling. For many stars, they have a finishing move that puts a person away instantly, without any chance to kick out. Some moves look devastating, such as the impressive 450-splash by the high flyers or high impact moves like the F5 by Brock Lesnar.

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However, some wrestlers use moves that put away their opponents that leave many fans scratching their heads. How can anyone take Jake "The Snake" Roberts DDT seriously when everyone does it now, and it pins no one. Despite that, when Roberts hits it, fans still cringe and fear for the other wrestler's safety. With that said, there are other finishing moves that everyone should realistically kick out of.

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10 Finishing Moves That Everyone Should Kick Out Of
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10 Finishing Moves That Everyone Should Kick Out Of

Many consider John Cena to be the best wrestler of all-time. Others find him a company man who can put on great matches but has an extremely limited move set. The second description fits better, and his finishing move could be added to that limited move set.

Cena has two finishing moves. The STF is an excellent submission finisher and is a legit finishing hold. However, the move he uses more than that is the Attitude Adjustment. This move sees Cena put a person on his shoulders and then kind of toss them to the mat. How this comes close to knocking someone out long enough to get a three count is mind-boggling.


10 Finishing Moves That Everyone Should Kick Out Of

Some guys use the powerbomb, and you seriously fear for the life of the man they are fighting. However, when it comes to the seven-foot-tall, Big Sexy Kevin Nash, his Jackknife Powerbomb has the opposite effect.

Nash will pick his opponent up for the hold and then just drop them on their back. Sure, maybe there is fear of hitting the head to the mat first, which could result in a three count. However, Nash does this move in such a lackadaisical manner that it never looks impactful. Scott Hall's Razor's Edge has more impact, and he is three inches shorter than Nash.


10 Finishing Moves That Everyone Should Kick Out Of

Hulk Hogan has said that he wishes he had never chosen to use the leg drop as a finishing move. The reason is that he dropped so many legs during the Hulkamania era and then the nWo era that he blew his back out. He will never be the same due to the damage the leg drop did to him.

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However, Hulk Hogan's leg drop is one of the least realistic finishing moves in professional wrestling history. Hogan had the same finishing move, where he would Hulk Up, bodyslam someone, and then hit a leg drop and pin them. Why his leg drop was so powerful is still a puzzle that will never be solved.


10 Finishing Moves That Everyone Should Kick Out Of

The Ultimate Warrior came up in the era of Hulk Hogan, so it is reasonable to see him using a finishing move that seems ridiculous for a man of his stature. Seriously, Warrior would just beat the hell out of his opponent, knock them loopy, slam them to the mat and then hit a running splash.

When King Kong Bundy delivered a splash, you knew his opponent would never get back up. When Warrior hit the splash on Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania, it seemed silly to think it was enough to keep Hogan down. Macho Man hitting three flying elbow drops only to see Warrior kick out and pin him with one weak splash was a joke.


10 Finishing Moves That Everyone Should Kick Out Of

To understand why Shawn Michaels's Sweet Chin Music is on this list, go back to his heel days of the '90s. Michaels, when he was with The Rockers, was a high flyer and hit flying body presses and flying elbows from the top buckle. When he became a heel, he needed something impactful and less fan-friendly.

Do you know how Shawn "strikes up the band" before he hits his Sweet Chin Music? That was because, initially, Shawn was "loading his boot" with a foreign object when he kicked it into place. He would superkick someone with a loaded boot and knock them out. Later, it was just a superkick that would knock a person out while anyone else hitting one would be a regular move, not a finishing move.


10 Finishing Moves That Everyone Should Kick Out Of

Hacksaw Jim Duggan used to be a football player. He worked early in his career with fellow former football players like Ted DiBiase and Dr. Death Steve Williams, and that was something Duggan was proud of. That is what helped lead him to set up his 3-Point Stance finishing move.

Duggan would get into the 3-Point Stance like a defensive lineman would before a football play. He would then charge across the ring and hit a shoulder tackle to his opponent and pin them, one-two-three. Why would a shoulder tackle from a short distance knock someone out for three seconds? It wasn't even a good spear.


10 Finishing Moves That Everyone Should Kick Out Of

Zack Ryder has a couple of signature moves in his match. His running knee strike in the corner is something that should have more impact than it does. The guy runs full speed across the ring and smashes a knee into someone's head. When Shinsuke Nakamura or Daniel Bryan does something similar, they pin someone with the move.

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However, on the other hand, the Rough Ryder is his finishing move and something that has a small percent of the impact of his non-finishing signature move. Basically, it is a running leg clothesline type move that he hits on a stunned opponent. It is like a weak reverse version of the Fame Asser.


10 Finishing Moves That Everyone Should Kick Out Of

The most ridiculous finishing move in wrestling history is the Cobra Strike from Santino Marella. Of course, he is a comedy wrestler, so the move should be taken as seriously as Joey Ryan's signature move. The difference is that WWE allowed Santino to pin legit superstars with the move on television.

Comedy wrestlers should have comedy gimmicks. When they have a comedy finishing move that makes no sense, it embarrasses whoever they wrestle. Santino takes out a snake sock, puts it on his hand, and then touches someone like he is Spock delivering the Vulcan nerve pinch.


10 Finishing Moves That Everyone Should Kick Out Of

The women of the new WWE evolution have some great finishing moves. Becky Lynch has her Disarmer. Charlotte has the Natural Selection and Figure 8 leglock. Bayley has the Bayley to Belly. Basically, this is a belly to belly suplex, and Bayley always gets the pin when she uses it.

The person most famous for the belly to belly is NWA legend Magnum T.A. He was 6.1 and 245 pounds. Bayley is 5-6 and 119 pounds. How she can put enough weight behind the move to pin her opponents, even smaller ones like Alexa Bliss, is so unrealistic. She should be using the flying elbow she uses in her matches as a finishing move.


10 Finishing Moves That Everyone Should Kick Out Of

If there is one move that a WWE superstar uses as a finisher that makes no sense at all, it is Naomi's Rear View. This move was made famous in the past by former World Class Championship Wrestling superstar Ice Man King Parsons. Ice Man would toss someone into the ropes and then turn and leap up and hit them with his butt.

He would then pin them. That was one of the worst finishing moves in professional wrestling history. Despite that, Naomi uses the same move. Maybe it is the stereotypical big butt, but seeing Naomi leap up and hit a woman with her butt and that be good enough for a three count is ridiculous.

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