Finn Balor Gets Advice From The Rock On Twitter

Finn Balor and his fans may feel like he isn't currently being booked right by WWE, but there is a pretty big name watching over him from afar.

There's something of an ongoing joke, with an underlying truth, going on in WWE right now. That joke/truth has come off of the back of a rumor about what Vince McMahon thinks about Finn Balor. Apparently, the WWE chairman doesn't believe that his first ever Universal Champion is over with the fans. How he can have that opinion based on the reaction he gets every Monday is baffling.

The apparent comments by McMahon have taken off in such a way because Balor has shone a spotlight on them. The Irishman has been posting various things on social media questioning his supposed not being over with the fans. There is even a t-shirt on WWE Shop poking fun at the fact with the letters "o v e" and "r" in forever being highlighted on the back of a Balor shirt.

Balor need not worry though as it seems he has a larger than life fan within the business. Late last week, the former NXT Champion tweeted that he had suffered more than 20 static electric shocks in the space of one day, adding that he didn't know how the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, The Rock, manages. Rock actually replied to Balor, ending his tweet with "Keep kickin’ ass & stayin’ focused. You’re doing great."


It's always pretty refreshing to see that Superstars such as The Rock still keep in touch with the product, even if he isn't necessarily religiously watching Raw and SmackDown Live every week. It's also good to know that while Vince McMahon may not recognize how special Balor is if someone like Rock does then that can go a long way. Rocky will likely be back in WWE sometime between now and WrestleMania 34 and if he is such a big fan of Balor, he may very well request to be in a segment with him.


Finn Balor may have been a little lost on the roster as of late, but judging by what happened last week on Raw we may be able to see a turn in his fortunes. Balor teamed up with old friends Gallows and Anderson to defeat Elias and The Miztourage. This week on Raw we will likely find out whether that was a one-off or the beginning of a longer angle.

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