Finn Balor Criticizes WWE Booking Strategy, Says There's Really No Strategy At All

Finn Balor has blasted the way WWE handles bookings, claiming that no one even knows who's making decisions or who's actually in control.

The star is now back at NXT after spending several years on the main roster but says he was tired after being on the road almost every day of the year over the last five years.

Balor was speaking on the State of Combat podcast recently and revealed that his move back wasn't proposed or planned, he simply told his employers he needed a break and wanted to go back to being himself.

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“Anyone who knows anything about WWE realizes that nobody knows who’s in control, nobody knows who’s got the answers, nobody knows who’s making the decisions, nobody knows if you’re booked on Monday night, or if you’re booked on, now, Friday night, or if you’re booked on Wednesday night, or if you’re on the house shows, or if you’re on the overseas loop, nobody knows anything until it happens," he claimed.

"So no, there was no plan, no laid out proposal that, ‘Hey, Finn’s going to go away and in two months, he’s going to come back with a new character.’ There was nothing. It was just, ‘Dude, I need some time off, I’ve had enough, enough is enough.’ I wrestled 172 matches last year, that equates to almost 300 days on the road, and enough was enough. So I grinded my ass off for five years, and I was, I’m done, I had enough right now. I’m a human, I want to go back to being me."

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He's Bound To Return To Raw & SmackDown Every Now And Then

Balor will definitely get more time off now that he's with the black and yellow as the show is only on once a week. However, the possibility of getting in on the action during Raw and SmackDown has been heightened.

Finn isn't the first wrestler to call WWE out on its booking and he likely won't be the last. But we're hoping he'll continue to be happy in the months, or potential years, following his return.

Source:  State of Combat (h/t 411Mania)

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