• Finn Balor has blasted the way WWE handles bookings, claiming that no one even knows who's making decisions or who's actually in control. 1 / 7

  • The star is now back at NXT and says he was simply tired after being on the road almost every day of the year for five years. 2 / 7

  • “Anyone who knows anything about WWE realizes that nobody knows who’s in control, nobody knows who’s got the answers." 3 / 7

  • "Nobody knows who’s making the decisions, nobody knows if you’re booked on Monday night, or if you’re booked on, now, Friday night... 4 / 7

  • ...or if you’re booked on Wednesday night, or if you’re on the house shows, or if you’re on the overseas loop." 5 / 7

  • "There was nothing," he added. "It was just, ‘Dude, I need some time off, I’ve had enough, enough is enough'." 6 / 7

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