Finn Balor Claims The Demon Wasn't Supposed To Be Loved

Finn Balor's signature demon persona was intended to scare fans and at one point the Irishman was advised not to go through with the idea at all.

Everybody loves Finn Balor. Right? Okay, maybe there are a few of you out there who aren't big fans of the first ever Universal Champion, but it's probably fair to say those who don't like him are in the minority. While Balor may be a lot smaller than the average WWE Superstar, he brings something to the table that most fans can't help but love and get excited for. His alter ego, The Demon.

Every now and again Balor will don his body paint and seemingly become a whole different person, or maybe entity would be a more fitting word. It makes for some of the most must-see moments in present day WWE. That wasn't the original intention of the demon persona, however. When Balor flipped the switch, painted up, and became The Demon it was supposed to strike fear into the hearts of the fans. It hasn't worked out that way though.


Balor was interviewed by Al Arabiya recently and discussed the origins of The Demon. He said that the character was designed to make fans hate him, but instead, it has had the exact opposite effect. Balor also discussed first telling his good friend and fellow WWE Superstar, Karl Anderson about the idea.Anderson categorically told him not to go through with it, and that if he did he would be "laughed out of the building."

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Balor's Demon recently made a return to WWE after being absent for a year. The last time we saw Balor's alter ego before this year's SummerSlam was at the same event last year. The Irishman's feud with Bray Wyatt managed to coax it out of him once more after it had been in hiding for twelve months. At No Mercy, however, the rematch between the two will likely not include any body paint as The Eater of Worlds has challenged Finn to face him man to man.


It's hard to imagine a world where fans hate Finn Balor as The Demon. During his time in Japan, and while wrestling in NXT, it was seen as an attraction, and one of the highlights of any show he would appear on. Balor's shoulder injury has stunted his development on the main roster a little, but if they use his alter ego sparingly and correctly we could see a painted up Finn headlining WrestleMania one day.

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