5 Dream Feuds For Finn Balor In NXT (& 5 He Has Left Behind On Raw & SmackDown)

WWE pulled out a major surprise during NXT's debut two-hour live show on the USA Network by bringing back former Universal and Intercontinental Champion, Finn Balor to the black and yellow brand.

Balor, who has been missing since SummerSlam, made a surprise appearance to confront NXT Champion, Adam Cole, letting the world know that he was back full-time in NXT for the foreseeable future.

The decision to bring Balor back to NXT was a major surprise and nobody expected to see it, and while it means he will be missing out on several major main roster feuds, there are now some huge dream matches Balor can have that fans never expected.

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With that in mind, within this article, we will take a look at five dream feuds that are waiting for the former NXT Champion back at Full Sail, as well as five that he has left on Raw and SmackDown.

10 NXT: Adam Cole

Starting with the most obvious feud that is waiting for Finn Balor back in NXT is the one that he seemingly started with his return, against the Undisputed Era leader and current NXT Champion, Adam Cole.

Cole facing Balor is a dream match for many wrestling fans with two of the best wrestlers of this generation locking up in front of a crazy Takeover crowd sounding like a match made in heaven.

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With Balor's history as NXT Champion, the two men could easily put on a superb storyline for the championship as Balor attempts to prove himself in the new era of NXT, an era that belongs to Adam Cole.

9 Main Roster: The Undertaker

We are kicking this list off with a huge name that may never have happened even if Finn Balor had stuck around on Raw or SmackDown, but a feud that fans have wanted to see for quite some time.

The Undertaker taking on The Demon Finn Balor is something many members of the WWE Universe felt was WrestleMania worthy at one point, perhaps just for the spectacle of the entrances alone.

However, when it comes to the Phenom, there is no doubt working with younger talent is the way forward for him, so a storyline with someone as talented as Balor could have produced one more great match from him.

8 NXT: Johnny Gargano

While the idea of two massively popular babyfaces such as Johnny Gargano and Finn Balor squaring off might not have much long-term storyline potential, this is simply a match that WWE must make happen.

Arguably the two biggest flagship carriers for NXT, both Balor and Gargano have worked as the faces of the brand for substantial amounts of time and feuding over who is tue true 'Mr. NXT' could be a great spectacle for the fans.

Not every feud has to be over a title, and this is a great example of one that doesn't need anything on the line, but two men who are incredibly talented putting on a great wrestling match.

7 Main Roster: Andrade

Finn Balor and Andrade just missed each other in terms of their NXT careers, and they haven't had the chance to engage in a main feud on the main roster which is a massive shame considering how talented both men are.

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Andrade and Balor really could have benefited from having a storyline on the main roster where they allowed their wrestling to do the talking, with Zelina Vega being able to carry things through for them both.

While there is still plenty of time left in both men's careers, it would have been great to see them lock up while they were at their peaks of popularity, and hopefully not when it is too late.

6 NXT: Tommaso Ciampa

Both Finn Balor and Tommaso Ciampa did the same thing upon their returns to NXT this week, which was to make a beeline straight to the NXT Champion, Adam Cole, which surely means they are both interested in the same goal.

Unfortunately, they can't both be NXT Champion, and even though a triple threat match sounds like a lot of fun, have Adam Cole playoff both his challengers to end up feuding against each other wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Waiting for both men to get into the title scene wouldn't exactly be a bad thing. This feud could also be a possible way of turning Ciampa back to being a heel, which is where he is at his best, with fans likely to side with Balor on this one, making an extra positive.

5 Main Roster: The Fiend

You might be saying that WWE has already done this, and while that is true, it was only one match at SummerSlam, which was designed to showcase The Fiend and give Finn Balor a beating that would allow him to take some time off from the company to get married.

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While that was done to great effect for both men, there is no doubt that there was more WWE could have achieved between the two men, possibly feuding over the Universal Championship with Balor being able to return right to the top of the card again.

Even though Balor the man couldn't get the job done against The Fiend, there is a chance that the Demon could, which is a storyline that WWE could easily have explored to great effect.

4 NXT: Dominik Dijakovic

Since he has been given opportunities to showcase his talent on NXT, Dominik Dijakovic has seriously impressed, especially through his series of matches with Keith Lee, with both the big men being taken even more seriously now.

However, what Dijakovic needs now is a major feud to help establish him, and who better than Finn Balor? These two men could put on an insanely good match, especially considering how athletic Dijakovic is.

Portraying him as a monster that Balor would have to overcome is something that could really work from a storytelling aspect, and would only do great things for Dijakovic's star power.

3 Main Roster: AJ Styles

AJ Styles and Finn Balor have a storied history, but in WWE that has only been referenced, rather than fully explored, with the two men only locking up properly once at TLC back in 2017.

The match wasn't even meant to happen, with Balor originally being set to face Bray Wyatt, but due to illness fans were treated to this dream match instead, but all it actually did was leave people wanting more.

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Had WWE kept Balor on the main roster, there is no reason why the two men couldn't have engaged in a long term feud, possibly over the United States Championship, helping to raise the profile of the title.


Despite saying he had no intention of moving to America, WALTER has been part of the NXT brand since it moved to the USA Network, engaging in a feud against Kushida, which could be a sign that the UK Champion is planning on sticking around.

WALTER is one of the best wrestlers on the planet, so seeing Finn Balor mix it up with him is never going to be a bad thing with the David vs Goliath storyline being able to work to perfection here.

Not only that, but the fact Balor is Irish and has appeared in NXT UK at Takeover: Blackpool means he is someone who could potentially challenge for the title, and would certainly add plenty of eyes to the product if he worked both shows.

1 Main Roster: Joining The O.C.

While the idea of Finn Balor feuding against AJ Styles would have been fun, another option that fans really wanted to see was the popular babyface make his heel turn to actually join the O.C.

Everybody knows the history between Balor and these men from their time in the Bullet Club, yet WWE has never fully explored it, which is one of the biggest wasted opportunities in quite some time.

Having Balor work as a heel is something that we haven't seen yet in WWE, which is something that the company could explore, and the best way of doing so would have been with the O.C.

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