Finn Balor Talks Possibly Reforming The Club And Why The Demon Hasn't Appeared Lately

Finn Balor's move to the WWE was one of the most anticipated of the year and Balor immediately lived up to his hype by winning the WWE Universal Championship in his first ever WWE PPV at SummerSlam 2016.

However, things took a turn for the worse soon after when a shoulder injury he received during that match against Seth Rollins lead to surgery, vacating of his title, and a six month recovery and rehab stint that only saw him return to the ring this past April.

The WWE universe is definitely glad to have him back but many of you have also probably noticed that while Finn Balor is back, his Demon character hasn't really been around much.

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Balor addressed that question in a recent interview with news.com.au:

"The Demon character is something I draw on occasion. It’s something that requires a lot of focus to tap into and really requires the right situation for me to sort of draw on that darker side of my personality. Since I’ve been back on Raw, the opportunity hasn’t really presented itself to tap into that side and I’ve had such a good time being back I haven’t wanted to change. I quite like walking out in my sweet new Balor club jacket. popping my collar and being Mr Cool."

Also, with Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and AJ Styles all with the WWE now, the arrival of Balor did, or course, get people excited about the possibility of a reforming of The Club. And this is what Finn had to say on that subject:

"It’s something that comes up every now and again, whether we should reform The Club. To me it was a moment in time. That moment for me was four years ago. A lot has changed in those four years. Myself, Luke, Karl have a lot of history together and AJ (Styles) is on Smackdown, the possibility of perhaps reuniting in the future, sure it’s tasty to a lot of people. I think individually right now we’re all stronger on our own paths. Maybe that will change in the future. We may need to reassemble the troops, but for now I think we’re all doing fine."

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