Finn Balor Has The Perfect Response To Roman Reigns' Open Challenge

WWE chairman Vince McMahon doesn't believe Finn Balor is "over enough," right now, which is why the Demon King hasn't received his main event push since returning from injury.

Balor hasn't taken these reports kindly. He's capitalized the word "over" in a number of tweets and Instagram posts, as a direct shot at McMahon. But his latest one - in response to Roman Reigns' open challenge for the Intercontinental Championship - may be the best one yet:

This comes after Balor posted other "over" gems like this:

The very first Universal Champion had to relinquish his title in August of last year after suffering a torn labrum in his shoulder which kept him out eight months. Since returning, Balor has been stuck in the mid-card level, and hasn't gotten the chance to re-enter the main event picture.

It's also worth bringing up another savage tweet by Balor here, where the fans have spoken and seem to believe he truly is "over" with the crowd:

Balor draws some of the noisiest crowd reactions, and is among the top all-around performers in the WWE. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to fit the style of wrestler that Vince McMahon likes. Take a look at guys getting big pushes like Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and Jinder Mahal, and you'll see he's more about the big guys with the big muscles, even if they're not "over" with the crowd.

Considering how irrelevant he was in the Survivor Series 5-on-5 match, it's quite obvious the creative team isn't bent on getting Balor over at this time. The Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman Show continues.

With Balor having no choice but to try to get "over" until Vince approves, we're sure to see more salty tweets and other social media posts like this. But can you really blame the guy?

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