Finn Balor: 10 Potential Rivalries Worthy Of The Demon

Finn Balor's Demon persona has always been a big part of his character and the reason that he has been so popular. Not just in WWE, but throughout his career all around the world. The Demon is the dark side of Balor's personality that he tends to only bring out for major matches, such as when a title is on the line or he is facing someone bigger or stronger than himself.

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However, there have been times where WWE has been guilty of simply using the Demon for the sake of its gimmick, which has rendered it pointless and taken away from the mystique behind it. The company must be careful when choosing to use the Demon, only picking it for the right moments and matches. Let's take a look at some potential rivalries that would be worthy of the Demon.

10 Aleister Black

The former NXT Champion is currently awaiting a fight on SmackDown Live. It would be interesting to see the current Intercontinental Champion, Finn Balor, be the man to answer that, engaging in a fun feud to bring some interest to the title.

Black has plenty of mystery surrounding him, just as Balor does. A storyline together could be explored on the main roster, outside of just rising from the smoke for his ring entrance. If Black's power and striking ability proves too much for Balor, then bringing out the Demon to ensure that business is handled wouldn't be a terrible decision.

9 Lars Sullivan

WWE has been slowly building up Lars Sullivan as the ultimate monster that cannot be stopped at the moment. It seems clear that he is the current pet project for Vince McMahon, which means he will likely keep getting pushed.

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Whilst he has been feuding with lower-tier talent such as The Lucha House Party, at some point Lars will have to compete against somebody in the main event scene. Balor would be a brilliant choice for that. Sullivan destroying Balor as just a man would be the ideal reason to bring out the Demon in an attempt to match Lars, making the Demon character mean something other than just being a gimmick.

8 Shane McMahon

Wrestling fans have become incredibly frustrated with WWE's booking of Shane McMahon as of late, but he has been positioned as the top heel in the entire company in recent months. Building himself a faction with Drew McIntyre, Elias, and The Revival, Shane has really been kept strong on both Raw and SmackDown.

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This means that a top babyface is eventually going to have to destroy him. Shane might feel like someone that the Demon would be wasted on, but when you add all the potential outside factors and interferences, painting up and bringing the Demon out could be necessary.

7 Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is quickly climbing the ladder towards being a main event heel in WWE. Drew and Finn having a rivalry would be something refreshing in WWE, and that is always a welcome idea. With Drew having a big height and strength advantage in comparison to Balor, there could certainly be a reason to bring out the Demon here.

Having McIntyre dominate Balor until the Demon appears would be an easy storyline to tell and would certainly make sense. McIntyre often has a very physical approach in the ring, which would match up well with Balor's Demon.

6 Bray Wyatt

WWE has teased fans with the idea of the Demon vs Bray Wyatt before, but thankfully it didn't happen. Wyatt was set to be dressed as Sister Abigail whilst the Demon looked like a pumpkin in a match that was set to really damage both men. Balor ended up facing A.J. Styles, but that doesn't mean WWE should throw away the idea of the two men feuding, especially now Wyatt has a brand new character.

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The current Bray Wyatt that is being shown on TV appears to be a little darker and edgier, with the creepy mask and strange personality. Having two of WWE's darker characters go one-on-one is something fans would certainly enjoy, and Wyatt's new scary gimmick looks like it would work well against the Demon.

5 Kofi Kingston

This might seem like a strange one on paper, as Finn Balor normally only uses the Demon against heels in order to get the advantage, but there is no evidence to suggest that the Demon against a fellow babyface wouldn't work. If WWE keeps Kofi Kingston dominant as WWE Champion, then something special is going to be needed to take the title away from him, which is where the Demon could come out in an attempt to overpower Kingston.

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Rather than being used as a scare tactic for his opponent, it would be more like a sign of respect from Balor to Kofi, demonstrating that Balor knows something special is needed to get the victory in what could be a great WWE rivalry.

4 Samoa Joe

When Finn Balor and Samoa Joe had their epic feud in NXT, the Demon was needed to match Joe's sheer strength and power. Therefore, if WWE didn't bring it out if they feuded again, it simply would not make sense.

NXT fans have been conditioned to expect that Finn needs the Demon to defeat Samoa Joe, so if the rivalry ever continued, he would need to paint up and bring it back. Their rivalry in NXT is one of the greatest in the history of the black and yellow brand, and hopefully the main roster gets to see it too someday.

3 The Undertaker

Even though his recent match against Goldberg was a complete disaster, The Undertaker has yet to come out and say he has retired, meaning the chances are he will be back in the ring for at least one more match at some point this year.

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Fans have wanted to see the Deadman take on the Demon for years, in a match that would purely be about the gimmicks. The Phenom is the ultimate wrestling gimmick, and having him put over the Demon would be the ultimate sign of respect to Balor and the future of WWE.

2 Braun Strowman

The best reason for Finn Balor to use the Demon is when he is facing an uphill battle that seems like a task he simply cannot win. A rivalry with the Monster Amongst Men, Braun Strowman, would provide that exact challenge.

Strowman could really use a push right now and turning him heel would be a great way to do that, having him run through and bully some of the smaller talents in the company... such as Finn Balor. The Demon would be a whole new ballgame, though.

1 Brock Lesnar

When WWE randomly gave fans the Finn Balor/Brock Lesnar match they had always wanted at the Royal Rumble, the two men put on a fantastic match with Lesnar proving (as always) that he works much better with smaller opponents.

Balor took the fight to the Beast in what was a great match, but in the end, the former Universal Champion was too much for Balor, but the two men left the WWE Universe wanting more in the future. Whilst Balor proved he can match Lesnar, adding the Demon character could possibly give him the edge over the Beast. With the more aggressive move set and Paul Heyman selling the fear factor, a Lesnar match could really help get the Demon character over.

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