Finn Balor Posts Cryptic Tweet About Future Of Demon King

Finn Balor is a busy man when it comes to using social media to talk to his fans. So, when he says something noteworthy, it's worth paying attention.

One of Balor's more recent posts suggests the return of a very popular character, one that many believed was going away.

Balor took to Twitter and reposted a fan photo that merged the likeness of his Balor persona and the Demon King persona. In the post he simply wrote, "Future=Past" suggesting that what's coming next might be something that he made famous before. And, The Demon King character was arguably the most over character in WWE over the past few years.

Balor recently made his return to WWE, but not Raw or SmackDown. He showed up after some time away by appearing on the debut live episode of NXT on USA Network as the brand when head-to-head with AEW. While NXT didn't win the ratings war that night — and haven't since — it's logical to assume WWE and NXT are looking for ways to try and steal a ratings victory from their new competition. A return of the Demon King would help.

It's in an interesting tease considering Balor has said in the past that he's looking to try a new direction that doesn't include the Demon King. That said, few expected he'd be back in NXT and perhaps, since he's back where he feels most comfortable, he's changed his attitude towards the Demon King making a return.

Is This WWE Or Balor Steering The Demon King Ship?

The other thought here is that WWE is behind this move and that they are asking Balor to don the face paint again. They know how popular the character is and they know how much fans, especially NXT fans, would look forward to seeing that character in the ring again.

When he returns is not clear and WWE has not made any official announcement regarding the rumors.

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