Finn Balor Reveals If Fans Will See Bullet Club Reunion In WWE

Finn Balor was a guest on After the Bell with Corey Graves and when asked if Balor would be up for or part of a Bullet Club reunion, he had an interesting response.

On an episode of NXT, one that teased the importance of Survivor Series, AJ Styles and The O.C. showed up to wrestle in the main event. During that match, Balor made his way to the ring and interfered, eventually sharing a moment with Styles that got fans excited. While Styles held up the Too Sweet sign, Balor pointed his two fingers like guns, representing his days in New Japan as part of the Bullet Club.

While a guest on After the Bell, Graves asked if Balor would reform the Bullet Club and Balor response was that he knows there's an appetite for it, but he'd rather start a new faction than one that already existed.

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Balor explained, "Everyone talks about the 'Bullet Club reunion' but off-camera, we're still boys. So whether it happens on screen or not? I don't know." He went on to say he'd be ok if it never happens because he wonders what would be cooler, an actual reunion or just always wishing one happened?

Balor asked Graves, what if fans response to them eventually reforming the group was like, 'Uh, that was it? I was hoping it was going to be cooler than that.' Balor isn't all that interested in taking that risk or going back in time and having it be a letdown. He'd rather look forward and create the new "cool" thing.

Can Balor Create a New Legacy?

Balor is well known for his very popular past gimmicks. More often a heel than a babyface outside WWE, he's formed the Bullet Club and been the Demon King. Can he actually create something new that's just as awesome?

He says he'd rather "create something fresh that people can talk about that can leave another legacy and another chapter of my career. Hopefully that's what we can do at NXT."

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