Finn Balor Posts His Saltiest Tweet Yet

There's been a running storyline over the past couple weeks that involved Finn Balor, Vince McMahon and a supposed match between Balor and Brock Lesnar at the 2018 Royal Rumble. The idea was that Balor was going to be the main event opponent for Lesnar and challenge for the Universal Title — a title Balor once held after being its first ever winner.

That match was rumored, set and ready until Vince McMahon decided that Balor wasn't ready to be a main-event player and that he wasn't a worthy opponent on such a big show. It was a surprise to many fans who are firmly behind Balor and his merchandise sales and constant cheers at WWE shows prove he's one of the WWE's most popular talents.

Despite being a fan favorite and "over" with the WWE Universe, speculation was that Vince actually labeled Balor as boring and too vanilla to be "the guy" in that situation. Balor didn't see it that way and has since run with the rumors posting social media memes and pics using the word "over" in a variety of ways to show that, perhaps, these rumors are just rumors.

In his latest attempt to give the gears back to both the fans who are buying his status as "on the outs" with the WWE, Balor posted a tweet and meme that directly focused on the rumored match he appears to have lost. It was a joke involving he and Lesnar and it reads, "Hey Finn, wanna hear a joke?" Finn responds, "Sure' to which Lesnar says "Universal Title" and Balor responds "I don't get it."



Lesnar is then seen laughing at Balor who quickly realizes the 'I don't get it portion of the joke' is not in reference to him not understanding the joke, but that the match was pulled from him.

It's difficult to assess what the WWE thinks of all this Balor insanity. Are they behind him talking about backstage issues openly? Is he still set to be the opponent for Lesnar at the Royal Rumble and this is a good way to promote the match? Or, if Balor digging a hole for himself that the WWE won't appreciate?

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