Finn Balor Confesses He Didn't Feel Like He Belonged In The WWE

Finn Balor didn't feel like he belonged in WWE until he had to take time off through injury and reflected on his entire career.

WWE has made some incredible signings over the last few years: AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Asuka... but perhaps the biggest coup they've managed to pull off was that of Finn Balor, a pro wrestler who has made a name for himself all over the world and wrestling fans were dying to see him ply his trade in WWE.

The Irishman didn't let WWE down once he arrived, either. While in NXT, his wrestling ability and his demon gimmick made him a fan favorite, almost from day one. WWE showed their faith in him when Balor arrived on Raw: his first night on the main roster saw him defeat Roman Reigns. Just a few weeks later, he was crowned the company's first ever Universal Champion.


Then came a very poorly timed injury. During the Universal Championship match, Finn dislocated his shoulder on the guard rail. Although he managed to pop it back in and carry on with the match the damage was done. Balor would have to relinquish the title and take an extended period of time off to recover from shoulder surgery. Strangely though it wasn't until this point in his career that Finn felt like he truly belonged at the top table in WWE.


Finn told the In This Corner podcast "I always felt like I didn't belong; for the longest time I felt like somebody is going to catch me as I snuck in through the back door." He realized during his time on the sidelines that it was really the first time he'd had any time off for 16 years. It was the first opportunity Balor really had time to reflect on his career and everything he had done and achieved. It was in that moment that he realized why exactly he was in WWE and why the company had shot him straight to the top, and that he finally felt like he belonged there.



Shortly after WrestleMania 33 Finn triumphantly returned from his SummerSlam injury. He has not yet returned to the dizzy heights that he enjoyed before he was forced to take time off. The Demon is long overdue a Universal Championship match, though, since he never technically lost the belt, and hopefully that shot will come sooner rather than later.

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