Finn Balor Doesn't Think Wyatt Match Is Special Enough For Demon

SummerSlam is under a week away and with some highly anticipated matches slated for the card, one of the less prominent bouts has the potential to steal the show. The Finn Balor versus Bray Wyatt battle could be an epic clash between two enigmatic personalities. The contest was also potentially going to be highlighted by a return of The Demon King character Balor has made famous in NXT and in limited appearances in the WWE, but that may no longer be the case.

Those hoping or even expecting a return of the face-painted demon might be disappointed. Matt Fowler, a writer for IGN, sat down with Balor and was updated on the status of the "Demon" when he sat down with Balor for a one-on-one interview.

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Balor described his use of the demon character as one that only makes sense when the situation calls for it. He compared the need for it to the dynamic between an employee and his/her boss. Sometimes you can work it out as your regular self, sending a message and hash it out without having to go all demonic and step outside yourself to send a message.

"You know the Demon only comes out in certain special situations," Balor said, "and I don't think my match at SummerSlam against Bray Wyatt calls for it necessarily. I think I'm perfectly capable of handling that on on my own, as Finn Balor. The Demon is something I have to personally tap into and believe in and draw from and the opportunity hasn't arose and the situation hasn't presented itself yet. The story hasn't required it."

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In a way, as much as the WWE Universe would like to see The Demon King return, Balor is right. There is something about his feud thus far with Wyatt that feels lacking. Whether it's a void of back story as to why the Wyatt has specifically targeted Balor or the fact that the match is placed well in the depths of the undercard, this might not be the right time to really send a message to Wyatt. Perhaps a rematch would be a better occasion.

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That said, this could perhaps all be an attempt at elaborate misdirection. If it is, his pulling out the big-match character will be a welcome surprise. The Demon King's arrival would be spell almost certain victory for Balor who is coming off a feud with Elias Sampson and looking for a marquee matchup.

Balor versus Wyatt might be that marquee contest that is just starting. SummerSlam may be only the beginning of this feud and if it is, at some point, the WWE Universe is sure to see Balor's alternate personality make an appearance.

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