Fire Or Hire? 15 Roster Changes WWE NEEDS To Make

WWE went through with the brand extension a few months back and even though it has been a blessing in disguise for some wrestlers, there are still quite a bit of superstars who have nothing to offer to the product and are just wasting space on the roster. WWE has gone on to make some weird tag teams and jobber slots with this brand extension, as there are many wrestlers who are being wasted at this platform and need to be shown the door by the WWE, which needs to look for better talent to offer something more to their product.

The brand extension has had its ups and downs till now. For example, Smackdown Live! is thriving with its array of superstars and great booking, as the 2-hour show is miles ahead of the 3-hour Monday Night Raw in terms of product quality. There are quite a bit of superstars who are holding down Monday Night Raw, as they need to be replaced with some better superstars who can add something for the benefit of the product.

WWE should promote some of their excellent NXT talent and look in to signing new superstars. To help guide them in the right direction, we thought we'd put together a list of the roster changes WWE should make.

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26 Titus O'Neil - FIRE

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Titus O'Neil got some attention when he was the victim of a controversial suspension earlier this year after he "shoved" Vince McMahon that was blown out of proportions. Titus returned in May and would be given a push afterwards, as he started to feud with Rusev for the United States Championship but failed to win the title or even provide a good match. He's been going downhill so far in terms of his wrestling performances as well as bad booking, as his current gimmick of "Titus Brand" is absolutely awful as O'Neil doesn't really bring something new to the table which someone like Braun Strowman does and needs to be shown the door by the WWE and be replaced by a better wrestler. He has nothing to offer to WWE's product right now and deserves to be fired at the moment because of his inability to do anything which excites the audience.

25 Kenny Omega - HIRE

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Kenny Omega is one of the real entertainers in the wrestling world right now, as he's been relishing his opportunity to lead the Bullet Club ever since AJ Styles left and has been amazing for some years now. Omega is also extremely experienced and has also developed his entertaining side in the past few years which has only made him into a much better wrestler, as he's been thriving his chance at leading the Bullet Club. Omega has also carried off some big title belts in the past few years and has shown his ability to fight it out with anyone in the ring, as the eccentric wrestler should be signed up by the WWE where he'll fit right in with his wacky persona and unique wrestling style. Also, the prospect of Omega feuding with some of the great wrestlers in the roster right now could make for some amazing matches for the WWE as Omega brings a lot of eyes with him and has the ability to become a top star if he makes his jump to the WWE because of his ability on the mic as well as in the ring.

24 Jinder Mahal - FIRE

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So when the Brand Extension was announced by the WWE, it was speculated by many that the company would be wanting to bring back some of its released wrestlers to make the shows even better and add something new to their shows. As people were expecting the big stars, wrestlers like Jinder Mahal made their way back as Mahal defeated Heath Slater for his spot at Monday Night Raw and has since portraying a character " who wants inner peace". Mahal's character might be funny at times, but he adds absolutely nothing to their product as he is rarely even seen in WWE TV and is mostly jobbing whenever he is, as Mahal is wasting up a precious spot in the Raw roster as somebody better should be brought in for him and he should really be shown the door by the WWE because of his inability to produce anything good for them and he doesn't really bring anything new into the product as well as he's just a big waste of space at this time.

23 Austin Aries - PROMOTE

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Austin Aries brought a lot of star power to NXT when he appeared in it earlier this year, as "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" had earned his name because of his past accomplishments. Aries had been champion in Ring of Honor as well as the top star for TNA before he came to the WWE, as he hasn't even completed a year in NXT and has already shown his amazing ability to portray a face as well as a conniving heel. Aries' talent is being wasted at NXT where he can't really gather a main event place, as he needs to be drafted to the main roster where he'll start to gain relevance in the mid-card and has the potential to be in the top card in a few months time, as he adapts to the environment amazingly and because of his incredible wrestling ability and sound portrayal of his character, a gem of a wrestler like him deserves to be on the main roster. With Royal Rumble looming, Aries could appear in the Rumble and then get promoted to the main roster where he can initially be pushed as a mid-carder and gain popularity, as "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" needs to be on WWE's main roster.

22 Jack Swagger - FIRE

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Jack Swagger is actually pretty talented wrestling wise, but the way he has declined over the years has left him into a wrestler that honestly nobody cares about. Swagger got quite the push early into his career, as he won the ECW Championship some-time after debuting in the brand and went onto win the Money in the Bank Briefcase later on as well. He won the World Heavyweight Championship, but that's where his uprise stopped. He has been going downhill ever since as the All American-American spent his last few years trying to "fight for America" and was even recently transferred to Smackdown from Raw but hasn't been able to do anything praise-worthy since. Swagger needs to be let go by the WWE who have kept him for a long time in spite of him failing to do anything note-worthy as someone better should have his place in the Smackdown roster as he's only failed at everything in the past few years and is a massive waste of space at this time in the WWE

21 Ricochet - HIRE

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Ricochet has become a legend in the Independent circuit, as he has attained much fame in many well-known Indy promotions and is a fan-favorite of many who follow the Independent scene. Known for his amazing high-flying ability and able technical skill, Ricochet is definitely one of the hottest free-agents in the market right now as he recently got more fame through his amazing work at Lucha Underground, where he was the inaugural Lucha Underground Champion. The best friend of WWE Superstar Apollo Crews needs to be signed up by the WWE, as he's at the best stage of his wrestling career at 28 and can offer a lot to their product, especially towards their Cruiserweight Division. He also has the potential to become a top star one day because of his skill and ability to adapt, as WWE should really sign him up and draft him into their Cruiserweight Division to give it a real top star.

20 Breezango - FIRE

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Tyler Breeze and Fandango both have rather sorrowful careers on the main roster, as Breeze never really got a chance at making it big while Fandango's music mellowed out after a few years in the company. They are currently paired together as "Breezango" and are portraying some horrible gimmicks ever since being paired together, as they can neither make for some entertaining stuff for the audience and their matches are rather boring and one-dimensional as well. Smackdown Live is lacking in a really top tag team at the moment as they need to bring in a tag team which can elevate its tag team division in place of Breezango, who are absolutely horrible at the moment paired together and need to be shown the door as they are only taking up someone else's place and wasting the spot which another potential tag team could be drafted into, as they're lack of compelling skills doesn't make them deserve a singles spot on the roster either.

19 The Revival - PROMOTE

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Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder were jobbers to the stars a few years back, but when they united as a team and became "The Revival", they went onto show just how good they are. They started to portray these smug, dirty heels who mostly cheated to win and went onto become the top heel tag team of NXT, as they won the NXT Tag Team championship in November last year and have been dominating the tag team division ever since. They are thriving with their personas as they cheat their way into most of the wins and are undoubtedly the best heel team in all of WWE right now because of their wrestling skill and heel antics. A promotion to the main roster has been a long time coming for the two, as they need to drafted into a main show as soon as possible and drafted straight into the tag team title picture, as they'll thrive at the prospect of continuing their antics in the main roster and ideally should be the ones to take the titles off the New Day and make for a brilliant feud.

18 Curtis Axel - FIRE

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Curtis Axel is another wrestler who has been wasted to the point of him becoming irrelevant in the WWE, as he had his opportunities after his Nexus career as he even went onto win the Intercontinental Title and become a Paul Heyman Guy, but failed to impress anyone during his push at the time. He has since been used as a comic-relief as his "AxelMania" got over at one point and his time as part of Social Outcasts was hilarious as well, but Axel has nothing new to bring to the "New Era" in the WWE as he has been doing nothing which deserves a place in this New Era after the brand extension. His feud with Bo Dallas is something nobody cares about, as the son of Mr. Perfect isn't that perfect afterall and needs to be fired by the WWE at this point as he's holding up someone else's spot at Monday Night Raw as WWE needs to deplete the over-populated bunch of jobbers in their roster and replace them with stronger superstars who actually bring something to the table, which Axel certainly doesn't at this point.


16 Jay Briscoe - HIRE

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Jay Briscoe has been a revelation for Ring of Honor for some years now, as he has remained as one of their top guys for the past few years and in the process has shown how well he can carry himself as a main-eventer. The WWE needs a strong, sadistic looking wrestler like Briscoe in their midst right now as he's something who can be intimidating to look at and can be a very strong worker for them as well. The 2-time ROH World champion and 8-time ROH Tag Team Champion definitely knows how to hang with the best in the ring, so the WWE shouldn't hesitate in bringing a guy like Briscoe as he has the experience to fit right into the main roster and can work wonders for the company with his look and hard-hitting wrestling style. Briscoe can make for some intimidating feuds with his personality and raise the bar of the show he's in with his presence.

15 Darren Young - FIRE

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Another wrestler to gain relevance during his Nexus days, Darren Young has been on the decline ever since as he's had his share of success in the WWE by winning the Tag Team Titles with Titus O'Neil as part of the Prime Time Players but always seems to be unconvincing in his work. He's kept the same move-set for years now and brings nothing unique to the WWE with his character, as his latest gimmick of "Make Darren Young Great Again" is particularly annoying. First of all, nobody can decipher when exactly Darren Young was ever "great" as this gimmick with Bob Backlund as his mentor might be hilarious at times, but is just a waste of WWE programming. Young was pushed at first but has been sidelined in the past few weeks now, as WWE should replace him in the roster with a more entertaining wrestler who can actually wrestle and has the possibility of being a top star in the future. Young has no attributes to make it big in the WWE and has its share of chances to impress and has failed at that as the WWE should finally fire him now as that's something which has been long time coming.




11 Kurt Angle - HIRE

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So when news broke out that Kurt Angle would be leaving TNA in 2016 after almost a decade long journey in the promotion, many hoped that this could pave a return for him to the WWE. Angle left the WWE in 2006 to recover from some injuries but wasn't approached by them afterwards, as he is now a valuable free agent for somebody like the WWE who is looking at bringing back previous talent. Smackdown is in the dire need of an experienced wrestler who can be recognized as a Smackdown guy, and there's honestly no one better than Angle at this point as WWE should stop stalling and just bring back the Olympic gold medalist as he'll bring a lot of eyes to the product if he returns. Angle's return could be done in the next Royal Rumble as he will obviously work part-time because of his age, but WWE should go with it and sign him up for such a contract as the prospect of him working with some of the wrestlers right now can make for a ratings increase for WWE as Angle can still make a lot of money for them because of his reputation.

10 Samoa Joe - PROMOTE

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Samoa Joe was the signing which really elevated the level of WWE NXT, as his surprise appearance at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable to save Sami Zayn from Kevin Owen's attack brought so many more eyes to NXT as Joe has since been ruling NXT on his own. Although it took some time for him to get to the center stage, he started to show his utmost ability when he started to portray a heel side against Finn Balor and actually won the title off him at a house show. Joe had since been dominating everyone as this Samoan Bad-ass until he lost his title to Shinsuke Nakamura, but him dropping the title could be a blessing in disguise as it could make for a promotion to the main roster. Joe is well and truly ready for the main stage as his hard-hitting style and intimidating looks could take him a long way in the main roster as WWE need to unleash the monster to the main roster when he's still at his prime and give him the opportunity to become a top star and going by his ability, he can be a wrecking ball in the main roster when he's promoted, which looks to be looming around the corner.

9 Sin Cara - FIRE

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The character of Sin Cara has been played by Hunico ever since the original Sin Cara (Mistico) was released by the WWE, as this Sin Cara is popular for his time as part of "The Lucha Dragons" with Kalisto. Although he's quite the entertaining wrestler, Sin Cara has become quite irrelevant after the brand extension parted him from Kalisto, as he's been mostly used as a filler. But the thing which makes him deserved to get fired is his bad reputation backstage, as Sin Cara had a backstage fight with The Vaudevillain's Simon Gotch earlier this year where he apparently beat him up. Also very recently, it was reported that he also had an alteration with Chris Jericho in WWE's European Tour as all these fights are giving him a bad name as he deserves to be fired for this reason as he's not really needed in the Raw roster right now. WWE can easily replace him with a more entertaining, formidable superstar who can actually gain relevance in the WWE and bring something new to it as well, as Sin Cara has been doing the same thing for years now and because of his horrible backstage attitude, he deserves to be fired and be replaced with a more exciting superstar who can fit the New Era.


7 Broken Matt Hardy - HIRE

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When Matt Hardy was released by the WWE in 2010, it was mostly because of his degradation of his performance-level as well as some drug habits he couldn't get rid of, as Hardy went onto wrestle for TNA after a while. Although not paid heed to by many through his years in TNA, he started to gain relevance when he came up with a gimmick of "Broken" Matt Hardy as he came up with a British accent and dyed a part of his hair blonde. He started to feud with Jeff to make him "Obsolete" and make him "His Mule" as they had "The Final Deletion" in their home compound which gained much popularity. His antics as Broken Matt Hardy has created quite the buzz in the wrestling world as he's one of the most over wrestlers right now, as WWE should take this chance and snap him up as he can work wonders with this gimmick in the WWE. With TNA slumbering into ruin, this is the perfect opportunity for WWE to make amends with Hardy and sign him back, as Jeff could also be brought alongside him as the "Broken" brilliance of Matt needs to be showcased to the world through the WWE as his hilarious portrayal can make for much "entertainment" in WWE programming as well as some great potential feuds as well as Hardy's eccentric character can up the ratings and revenue for WWE and entertain many fans as well.







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