Fired WWE Writer Appears In ROH, Poses With Bullet Club Again

Jimmy Jacobs was sitting front row at ROH Global Wars on Sunday night and took part in the pay-per-view's closing moments.

The ongoing rivalry between the Bullet Club—mainly the Young Bucks—and WWE doesn't seem like it's going to be letting up anytime soon. Matt and Nick Jackson have made it abundantly clear on numerous occasions that they do not like WWE and have no wish to ever perform there.

The highlight of the goings on between the two entities came a couple of weeks ago when some members of the Bullet Club decided to show up on WWE's doorstep. The Bucks plus a few others rolled up to Raw in a limousine and met with some fans outside the building. A friend of The Club, and an employee of WWE at the time, Jimmy Jacobs went out to chat with his friends and took a photo with them. Unfortunately for Jacobs, it was an act that has since lost him his job with WWE.


Well, it turns out Jacobs isn't one to dwell on the past. Ring Of Honor held a pay-per-view, Global Wars, this past weekend and Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, and some other Bullet Club members came to the ring at the end of the show to say a few words. The faction saw it as an opportunity for them all to have a photo together, and Jacobs was the man in the front row who they decided to single out to take the pic. Nick Jackson also grabbed a mic so that he could apologize to Jimmy for his hand in getting him fired.

Jacobs made a name for himself at ROH before he landed a job as a producer at WWE and it's really no surprise that he showed up at Global Wars considering the current climate. On his daily show last week, former ECW and WWE Superstar Taz even speculated that Jacobs may very well have wanted out of WWE otherwise he wouldn't have met the Bullet Club outside of Raw, took a photo with them, then post it to his social media.



Many fans of the Bullet Club, and the Bullet Club themselves, likely see this as sticking one to Vince McMahon and WWE. Sadly though, the reality of it is that McMahon will probably never know this even happened, and if he were to find out, there's very little chance that he would care. Hopefully, this is a sign that Jacobs will land on his feet despite losing his job with WWE.

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