Watch: Chyna's First Video Game Appearance For 19 Years In WWE 2K20

Chyna will be included in a WWE video game for the first time since 2000 this year, and WWE 2K has given us our first look at her entrance.

Like many other annual sport videos games, WWE 2K pretty much uses a template that it fills in and tweaks with each passing year. That doesn't make us look forward to the annual offerings any less, and we are now less than a month away from the release of WWE 2K20. The anticipation is ramping up and the announcements are coming thick and fast.

WWE 2K's normal course of action is gradually revealing the game's roster, which tends to get bigger every year. This time around, it has taken a slightly different approach. It has been releasing footage of various entrances. Footage released on Tuesday has been our favorite by far. The entrance of the Ninth Wonder of the World, Chyna.

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The release of the video on Twitter is also confirmation that Chyna will be a playable character in WWE 2K20. It was sort of revealed earlier this year that she and Hulk Hogan would be returning to WWE video games and that both will be a part of the Deluxe and Collector's Edition of the game. Now that news has been confirmed, we are even more excited to get our hands on WWE 2K20.

As you can see, Chyna's iconic entrance has been recreated just how we remembered it, complete with the massive firework cannon she used to wield. We also think Chyna's Twitter handle being included is a nice touch. Although the Hall of Famer passed away in 2016, her mom has continued to post memories of her daughter's career on Twitter so the handle is still relatively active.

It has taken a while for WWE to embrace the career of Chyna. Due to the career she went on to have after her time with the company, some within it today were reluctant to shine too big a spotlight on her accomplishments. That all changed once she was inducted into the HOF this year as a part of D-Generation X. Her inclusion on WWE 2K20's roster marks the first time she has been a playable character in a WWE game for 19 years.

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