Five Reasons Why John Cena And Roman Reigns Is Taking Place At No Mercy

Roman Reigns vs. John Cena is set for No Mercy, even though it could be saved for something bigger, and we look at why.

Last week on Raw, free agent John Cena made his presence known on Monday nights for the first time since before the draft. The Franchise Player didn't hang around when it came to getting stuff done either. For his first order of business, he called out The Big Dog, Roman Reigns. It appeared that WWE was starting to sew the seeds for a super fight between the man who has helped carry the business for the past fifteen years, and the Superstar Vince McMahon would like to carry it for the next ten. Well, fast forward a week and it would appear that WWE is doing a lot more than simply sew seeds for the bout. You won't have to wait until WrestleMania 34, or even this year's Survivor Series. No, Cena versus Reigns is set to go down at No Mercy in a month's time, and here's why.

5. Cena's Big Time Bumble Bee Role

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The direction  John Cena's career has been taking as of late is pretty ironic. Only a few years ago, the crux of his feud with The Rock was that The People's Champion had abandoned the WWE Universe for greener pastures while he himself was always there, always working, always wrestling. Now, in 2017, and Cena is not only dipping his toe in the world of Hollywood, but he's all the way down that rabbit hole. Big Match John recently landed himself his biggest role yet as the lead actor in a Transformers movie. It was likely something that neither he nor WWE envisioned happening so soon, meaning that his full-time WWE career is coming to an abrupt end. Some things need to happen sooner than WWE may have liked, and one of those things is a generation defining match between him and Reigns.


4. WWE Wants Every PPV To Feel Big


There was a time, not so long ago, when the WWE Network hadn't been around for so long and WWE was attempting to make every single one of their pay-per-views a big deal. Battleground had Seth Rollins versus Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship, then that same title was defended against Sting at Night Of Champions, and we even saw Lesnar and The Undertaker clash at Hell In A Cell. That aim to make every pay-per-view special by WWE has fallen by the way side a little with shows such as this year's Battleground coming under a lot of criticism. Next month's No Mercy show may be a sign that things are about to change once again. The show already boasts Braun Strowman versus Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship, now it will also feature a showdown between Roman Reigns and John Cena.


3. Roman Reigns Hasn't Won A Big Pay-Per-View Match Since WrestleMania


Roman Reigns may be Vince McMahon's chosen one, but since defeating, and seemingly retiring, The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 The Big Dog has hardly been the focus of their plans. Reigns lost three straight pay-per-view matches since burying The Deadman back in April, so he needs a win, and it needs to be big. It doesn't get much bigger than sixteen time World Champion John Cena. A great match with Reigns coming out on top over Cena in the main event of No Mercy will be just what Roman needs. Not only will it mark the end of a pay-per-view losing streak, but it will spark the beginnings of Roman's likely run to WrestleMania 34 where he'll slay The Beast, Brock Lesnar, for the Universal Championship.


2. Or Maybe WWE Wants To Give Cena A Win


On the contrary, however, maybe John Cena is the man who will be leaving with a win at next month's No Mercy. Rather than sparking the end of Roman Reigns' pay-per-view losing streak, it could make it even worse and light a fire under The Big Dog. After No Mercy, we will still have six months until WWE arrives in New Orleans for WrestleMania 34. That six months could feature a Roman Reigns focused on bettering himself so that when The Showcase of the Immortals rolls around, he will be ready for his rematch. In New Orleans, he can get his win back and send Cena packing to the Hollywood hills. Plus let's be honest, WWE loves 50/50 booking.


1. The Real Focus For Roman Is Brock


The biggest surprise when it came to John Cena calling out Roman Reigns last week was that it changed the big match we thought Reigns was headed for against Brock Lesnar. Cena's arrival on Raw made it seem like he was the man Reigns was destined to face at WrestleMania 34. Initially, it felt like it was nailed on that it would be The Beast in a rematch three years in the making at the end of Roman Reigns' current path. If that's not happening then why didn't WWE just get it out of the way at SummerSlam? Well, with the announcement that Cena versus Reigns will go down at No Mercy, it appears that still is the current end goal when it comes to WrestleMania 34. A win for Reigns over Cena at No Mercy will start up his momentum and that momentum will come to a head in New Orleans with a win over Brock as The Big Dog sends The Beast packing.

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Five Reasons Why John Cena And Roman Reigns Is Taking Place At No Mercy