How Floyd Mayweather Became The Lineal Brawl For All Champion

It turns out the Money Belt that Conor and Floyd had made for their match last weekend wasn't the only thing on the line in the fight of the century.

As you will all undoubtedly already know—because how could you have possibly avoided it—Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor stepped into the ring last Saturday night to do battle in what was billed as the fight of the century. In all honesty, people were probably more entertained by the build up than the fight itself, although the match did wind up being a lot less one-sided than most were expecting.

UFC's McGregor gave a great account of himself. The bout went ten rounds and considering it was his first venture into boxing, and it was against arguably the greatest boxer of all time, McGregor did a lot better than most were expecting. Mayweather won, of course, and not only did he win the Money Belt, pride, and a massive winner's purse, but he is now the lineal WWE Brawl For All Champion.


Yes, you read that right, let us explain. Being a lineal champion doesn't necessarily come with a title belt. It just means a certain accolade has been won by someone, and every time they fight, that "title" is on the line. Older wrestling fans will remember WWE Brawl For All from the '90s. It wasn't quite boxing and it wasn't quite wrestling. It was basically a shoot fight tournament involving some of WWE's legitimately tougher wrestlers. Bart Gunn won Brawl For All, and his prize was to take a hiding from boxer Butterbean at WrestleMania XV.

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That's all well and good, but how on earth has that title ended up in the lap of Floyd Mayweather? Deadspin.com deserves the plaudits for pointing out this one after discovering that McGregor had the title, and this is how it got to him. A few years after his WrestleMania, win Butterbean ventured into the world of MMA. His first loss came to a fighter called Genki Sudo, then making him the lineal Brawl For All Champion. Sudo was outweighed by Butterbean by about 200 lbs, so after his win took the title with him to the lower weight classes in MMA. That is where it's remained until now. Its lineage has meant that Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz traded it between each other, and with his win last weekend it now belongs to Mayweather.

If what Mayweather said after Saturday's fight is true, then that may be it for the lineal Brawl For All title. Mayweather made it an incredible 50-0 for his career and looked to make it clear to everyone that he is now done boxing. This whole lineage is all in good fun of course, but it's something we wish more people had realized before the fight so that fans could have jokingly made a bigger deal out of it.

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