Footage of "Controversial" Divas Promo On SmackDown

This is why you #GiveDivasAChance. In this fan footage shot from the taping of this week's Smackdown, The Bellas, AJ Lee and Paige all brought it as they actually got a fair amount of time for a promo. You could see from watching both versions that the WWE left the promo as it was.

First AJ said to Paige that they have to put their differences aside because they can't "let the Kardashians win."

When the Bellas came out, they got in a few good jabs too, particularly from Nikki who said to AJ that she "worked fewer dates than Brock Lesnar last year."

There's ongoing speculation as to whether this was all scripted or if Nikki went off script. If the line makes it to the Thursday night broadcast, we'll know that it was in fact scripted.

Either way, this proves that the Divas can do some great work when given a chance, even the Bellas who have improved a lot the past couple of years, even if the IWC refuses to acknowledge that.

Update: As seen last night on SmackDown, the promo wasn't edited, which is either a sign that the line was scripted, or WWE did something they should be doing, and that is letting the talent come up with stuff on the fly! Either way, a well executed promo from all four ladies.

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