Football Player Channels Stone Cold Steve Austin With Epic Celebration [Video]

Mac Loudermilk celebrated UCF's win in the Peach Bowl this New Year in a way that most pro wrestling fans likely would have found very familiar.

Categorizing how popular professional wrestling is in the present day is a tricky business. There is no doubt that it is a niche interest, but then how can a niche interest attract over 100,000 to one event? Plus you could also argue that even though the crowds have gotten bigger over the past 30 years, pro wrestling has become less and less present in mainstream entertainment.

Rewind back to the days of Hulk Hogan for example. You ask anyone over the age of 30, wrestling fan or not, and it's almost a guarantee that not only will they know who The Hulkster is, but they likely watched him and WWE during his peak. The same thing can be said of Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the Texas Rattlesnake is still influencing mainstream sports to this day.


This past Monday UCF won The Peach Bowl by defeating Auburn 34-27. That's all well and good and newsworthy in itself, but it's the way their punter, Mac Loudermilk, celebrated the win that has been making the headlines. Loudermilk grabbed two bottles of water, slammed them together and poured the water into his mouth Stone Cold Steve Austin-style. It was pretty entertaining and even the Bionic Redneck himself shared the moment on Twitter.

College football isn't the only sport where Austin's signature celebration has been paid homage to recently. English soccer side Bristol City have been making UK headlines recently for their amusing goal celebration GIFs that get posted via the team's Twitter account whenever a particular player scores. Top scorer Bobby Reid's latest contribution is him slamming a couple of cans (hopefully of soda) together and drinking them like ol' Stone Cold.


Over 14 years on from Steve Austin's last match in WWE and still those who likely grew up watching him have not forgotten the former WWE Champion. Stone Cold is one of the most iconic characters in all of pro wrestling history and even those who don't watch the product today likely did during the height of Austin's popularity in the Attitude Era. What better way is there to celebrate a win than by drinking a couple of cold ones? Whether those cold ones be water, soda, or otherwise.

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