10 Forgotten WWE, 10 WCW, And 10 TNA Employees: Where Are They Now?

Professional wrestling is notorious for creating "flash-in-the-pan" superstars that will easily be forgotten once they are removed from the scene. In every era that passes, there are wrestlers who come out of the wood work, specifically to fit that era, and once that time frame comes to an end, those superstars drift off into oblivion, never to be seen from again. During the days of  the nWo in WCW, there were many wrestlers who were added as members, but that was their only claim to fame and they were overshadowed by the bigger names in the faction, such as Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Hulk Hogan.

Some of the superstars that are seemingly forgotten, left the company that gave them their 15 minutes of fame before their wrestling career was over and had ventured out and worked in international promotions, while some have left the wrestling world behind with a bitter taste in their mouth following their release.

Across the WWE, WCW and TNA, there are many wrestlers we have forgotten as the years have passed. Some of them have held championships and been involved in storylines with some of the biggest names in the company they worked for. This list will display 10 wrestlers whose existence in have been forgotten in each of the three companies previously mentioned and what they have been up to recently. There will be many surprises throughout these 30 entries, some for what they did in wrestling, and other for what they have been up to since leaving.

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30 WWE: Carlito

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Those who remember Carlito while he was in the WWE would remember him for "spitting in the face of people who don't want to be cool." He is the only wrestler in the history of the WWE to win championships in his debut matches on both Raw and Smackdown. He won the United States Championship by defeating John Cena in his Smackdown debut on June 7, 2004. Suffering an injury, he had lost the title back to Cena 42 days later. On June 20, 2005, Carlito made his debut on Raw, defeating Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Championship, putting him in the history books.

After a strong solo run on Raw, he was drafted back to Smackdown in 2008. Carlito teamed up with his brother, Primo to form the tag team, The Colons. They had a great start, quickly becoming the first tag team to unify the WWE and World Tag Team Championships. He was also selected as a pro for the first season of NXT, with his rookie being Michael Tarver. He would be released in May of 2010 after violating the WWE's wellness policy and not agreeing to attend rehab for his reported addiction.

The eldest son of the legendary Carlos Colon, Carlito is currently wrestling on the independent circuit in addition to working for his father's promotion where he started his career, World Wrestling Council.

Carlito, born Carlos Colon Jr., has held several world championships throughout the independent circuit across the globe.

29 WCW: Buff Bagwell

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Buff Bagwell was a five-time tag team champion during his decade with WCW. The first half of that decade, Bagwell wrestled under his real name, Marcus Bagwell as a tag team wrestler. Over those five years, he formed four tag teams. He teamed with Tom Zenk before winning his first tag team titles with 2 Cold Scorpio. He would then have two title reigns as Stars and Stripes with The Patriot, and then another with Scotty Riggs as the American Males before he joined the nWo in 1996. Bagwell had notable feuds with Lex Luger and Diamond Dallas Page in his later years in WCW. Being the first member to join then-president of WCW Eric Bischoff's New Blood alliance, he formed a team with Shane Douglas, leading to his fifth and final tag team championship in the company.

In 2001, he would join the WWE following the purchase of WCW, but was released shortly after in a controversial manner. While he claims he is unsure why he was let go, there are rumors that him faking an injury that was caused by a powerbomb from Bradshaw and Faarooq, his attitude and a backstage altercation with fellow former WCW alum Shane Helms were the reasons.

After being released from WWE, Bagwell has been wrestling on the independent scene. There are implication that he is no longer "the stuff," as he has claimed throughout his time in WCW. He suffered a horrible car crash in April 2012, and had four plates surgically inserted in his face and his jaw wired shut. He was back in a wrestling ring 11 months later. He will retire later this month, after 28 years in the ring.

28 TNA: Rob Terry

Rob Terry spent five years working for TNA, with various gimmicks and partners during that time. Debuting as the British Invasion with Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus, who would later be known as simply Magnus. While under contract with TNA, Terry had only one title reign as TNA Global Champion. He had great matches against AJ Styles, who he would later lose the title to. Aside from his time with British Invasion, fans may remember him teaming and feuding with Robbie E. Changing his name to Robbie T, the Robbies had a roller-coaster partnership where fans would never know if they would be on the same page or not.

After spending two years in OVW, where he would become a Triple Crown Champion, he returned to TNA in 2013. His last gimmick in TNA was wrestling as in a mask under the name The Freak. Eight months later, his profile was moved to the TNA Alumni section of their website.

Since leaving TNA, Terry has been enjoying wrestling on the independent scene.

For someone who was once praised as the new Hulk Hogan due to his size and skill, his time in TNA is quickly forgotten. Currently working in Japan for Diamond Stars Wrestling, he has one reign as tag team champion there already.

27 WWE: Val Venis

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Fans of the WWE may remember Val Venis, real name Sean Morley, for his persona of a porn star. He would come to the ring wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist, over his trunks. Morley would use a seductive voice during promos, and kiss a different woman every night. Morley spent the majority of his tenure in the WWE running with his gimmick, with some of the biggest moments in the Attitude Era stemming from it. While feuding with Kaientai, there was a moment that people still quote, where it seemed that Morley was castrated. He was also a member of Right to Censor in 2000, which shocked many fans due to what his gimmick had previously been. He reverted back to a slight cleaner version of his first gimmick as the "Big Valbowski" before being released from the company in 2009 after 11 years with the company.

Morley moved on to the independent scene after being released from the WWE. More than that, he has become an advocate for the legalization of marijuana.

He has his own medicinal marijuana business in Arizona. Originally called the Purple Haze Lounge, the facility is on the "Health for Life" marijuana dispensary. Morley has not completely left the wrestling world behind, but he has put his best foot forward in building a great career for whenever he decides to finally hang up his boots.

26 WCW: Lash LeRoux

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Lash LeRoux was in WCW in the last years of the promotion before it was purchased by the WWE. He was best known for his time with Misfits In Action with Lieutenant Loco, better known as Chavo Guerrero Jr. and General Rection, real name Bill DeMott. LeRoux, known as "Colonel Cajun," had won the WCW tag team championship with Lieutenant Loco, but lost them minutes later when an instant rematch was announced against Mark Jindrak and Sean O'Haire. After only eights months together, the Misfits in Action disbanded, and LeRoux began performing under Lash LeRoux again, with his last match being on February 19, 2001, when he unsuccessfully challenged Rick Steiner for the United States Championship.

When the WWE purchased WCW, LeRoux signed a deal with the larger company, but was sent down to Heartland Wrestling Association for further training. He requested his release from his contract, not wanting to be stuck in limbo. He was released from the WWE in June of 2002. He went to the independent scene for three years before retiring due to neck issues following surgery. He currently works as a full-time cartoonist, a love he shared during his time in WCW with single-panel comics in WCW Magazine, which he called "Lashing Out."

25 TNA: Cody Deaner

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Cody Deaner spent the majority of 2009 working for TNA, where he began a relationship with ODB. It began as Deaner being the "lucky guy" who got to "spend one night" with ODB on the February 12, 2009 episode of Impact, and began working as her manager. After a short feud with Abyss and Daffney, Deaner and ODB set their sights on the Knockouts championship. At Hard Justice, the "couple" faced Velvet Sky and Angelina Love of The Beautiful People with Love's Knockouts title on the line. Deaner had pinned Sky, and while it was assumed that ODB would be the new champion, the two argued after the match over who was the true champion.

The two had a match to decide who was the real Knockouts champ at No Surrender 2009, which ODB won and the two parted ways. Deaner would have his last match with the company on December 20, 2009 in a "Feast of Fired" match, where he failed to capture any of the four briefcases. He was released nine days later.

Deaner, real name Chris Gray, went back to the independent circuit. He continues wrestling under the name Cody Deaner, and wrestles all across Canada.

He has held multiple championships, currently holding four championships in four different promotions. All but one are solo titles, holding the TWA Tag Team Championships with Derek Wylde in addition to the RSW Canadian Championship, PWX Pro Division Championship and the GCW Ontario Independent Championship. An 18-year veteran, Gray continues to be a top draw on the Canadian independent wrestling scene.

24 WWE: Spike Dudley

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Spike Dudley was the quirky, tiniest member of the Dudley clan. He was known for his size and the amazing things he could pull off in the ring despite of it. During his time with the WWE, he would begin an on-screen relationship with Molly Holly, which ended with Holly turning on him and joining the Alliance that Dudley refused to, though he was an ECW Original. He had held the tag team titles once with Tazz, the European Championship and the Cruiserweight Championship once, and the Hardcore title eight times. He left the WWE after the company's first ECW One Night Stand pay-per-view in 2005.

Though he sporadically makes appearances on the independent circuit, specifically Squared Circle Wrestling (2CW) since 2012, his most recent match was for 2CW in December 2015.

Spike also has a career as a financial transition specialist for Merrill Edge to support him, his wife and their two children.

He began this career in 2010 after training wrestlers for Top Rope Promotions in Fall River, Mass. His last wrestling appearance was in the 2016 DVD "Straight Outta Dudleyville," where he spoke about his on-screen half brothers and their career. He was also mentioned during the Dudley Boyz' Hall of Fame speech, where they thanked him for letting them toss him around.

23 WCW: Crowbar

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Crowbar was best known for his time in WCW, where he was in a stable with David Flair and Daffney. The three of them were famed for all being deemed mentally insane. Crowbar, real name Chris Ford, held the tag team titles in WCW with Flair, as well as being co-champions of the Cruiserweight Championship with Daffney. He would end up feuding with his former stable mates, beginning with Daffney, when the two battled over who was the undisputed cruiserweight champion. Daffney had ultimately won the match the two had to declare it, becoming the second woman in history to hold that title. The last title he held was the hardcore title, which he won from Reno in November 2000, and lost to Terry Funk at WCW's final Starrcade pay-per-view. Ford would be released from the company right before the WWE bought out the promotion.

After his departure from WCW, Ford would continue his work in the field of physical therapy, which he gained a degree in from Kean University before he began working for the company.

Along with still performing on the independent circuit, Ford works alongside his wife, Dina at their own health care facility. She is a registered dietitian while Ford is the on-site physical therapist. When he does get a booking on the independent circuit, he uses either Crowbar or Devon Storm as his ring name.

22 TNA: Tomko

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Just as he was when he was first in the WWE, Tomko debuted in TNA to be Christian's enforcer. As a member of the Christian Coalition, Tomko was involved in matches and attacks that gave his team the upper hand in every situation possible. He gained gold for the first time in TNA at Bound For Glory 2007.  He teamed with fellow Coalition member AJ Styles to gain the TNA Tag Team Championships. Throughout his tenure in TNA, Tomko was always answering to someone else, starting with Christian and then he became Kurt Angle's henchman. He would fight for the chance to gain a solo title, but never managed to capture the gold himself. He parted ways from TNA in July 2008.

Following his departure from TNA, Tomko tried to return to both WWE and TNA, but by 2010, he found himself with out a job. Tomko got arrested for robbing a CVS Pharmacy. After he posted bail, he entered a WWE-sponsored rehab on October 20, 2011. Tomko returned to wrestling in the fall of 2013, remaining on the independent circuit until retiring in February 2016. He owns a gym in Delray Beach, Florida called Purlife Fitness Center, where he is an active personal trainer.

21 WWE: Taka Michinoku

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Taka Michinoku spent almost four years in the WWE, and holds the record for the first-ever and longest reigning Light Heavyweight champion. He won the title after participating in a tournament to crown the inaugural champion, where he faced fellow forgotten faces such as Devon Storm, who would become Crowbar in WCW, Aguila, who would later become Essa Rios and Brian Christopher, who would later become Grand Master Sexay of Too Cool. After defeating Christopher in the finals, Michinoku would hold the title for just over 10 months. He would then join Kai En Tai and gain many opportunities to gain championships, but never captured gold again before leaving the WWE in 2001 after a string of tag team matches along Funaki.

Following his departure from the WWE, Michinoku would work for Kanentai Dojo, which he both owns and promotes.

He still wrestles there today, along with being a regular in New Japan and since the summer of 2017, All Japan Pro Wrestling as well. He is still a great draw in Japan and continues to train future stars at his dojo. As a 26 year-veteran in wrestling, he still uses his size to the best of his abilities to draw large crowds all around his home country.

20 WCW: Lodi

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Lodi, real name Bradley Cain, debuted in WCW at November 1997's World War 3 pay-per-view as a member of Raven's Flock. He was a replacement for the injured Stevie Richards. Carrying signs to the ring that were meant to antagonize the crowd, promote the Flock and help push various story lines. After the Flock disbanded at Fall Brawl 1998, Cain returned in June 1999, teaming with Lenny Lane. Their team, a gay California duo who wore flamboyant haircuts and pink trunks knowns as the West Hollywood Blondes, gained criticism from GLAAD for how the portray the acceptance of violence against homosexuals. The team was taken off television following a complaint made to Turner Network Television, and would re-emerge wearing suits as Standards and Practices with Miss Hancock as their manager. The duo would quickly strip off their suits and become two party-goers and Cain's ring name would change to Idol and then Rave, before the two were released from WCW in 2000 after the gimmick failed to get over with the fans.

Following his departure from WCW, which Cain believes was due to his addictions, he would attend rehab before returning to wrestling on the independent scene. Cain would continue to wrestle until September 2017, where he had announced that after his third neck surgery, the doctors said he would never wrestle again. He occasionally wrestles for the Christian Wrestling Federation, which runs out of a suburb Dallas, Texas. He is also a personal trainer who operates and training studio called Your FLEX Appeal in Charlotte, North Carolina. As an author, his first novel, Perfect, was published in November 2005 by Dog Ear Publishing.

19 TNA: Amazing Red

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Amazing Red was signed by TNA at the time of the company's inception in 2002. He was one of the front-runners of the company's original X-Division. While working for TNA, Red, real name Jonathan Figueroa, held the X-Division championship three times. One of those times, he also held the NWA Tag Team Championship with Jerry Lynn simultaneously. Working alongside names such as AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, Figueroa was welcomed back to TNA both times he had made returns from the independent circuit. The last time he had appeared in TNA was in 2011 at the Destination X pay-per-view, where he appeared as both Amazing Red and the masked luchador gimmick he had debuted just three months prior, Sangriento.

Since his last departure from TNA, Figueroa returned to the independent circuit, but in 2012, he also founded his own training facility called House of Glory.

In addition to it serving as a wrestling school, Figueroa also started a promotion under the same name, where he holds the world heavyweight championship. He won the championship on August 18, 2017 and is in his first reign since adding himself to the roster in 2014. Currently, he wrestles for both House of Glory and other independent promotions. Side note, his House of Glory wrestling school had helped train former Raw Women's Champion Sasha Banks.

18 WWE: Sin Cara (Mistico)

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Sin Cara may still be a name that is currently on the Smackdown Live roster, but the wrestler we see today on WWE television is not the original Sin Cara who debuted in in the WWE in 2011. Luis Urive signed a contract with the WWE in January 2011, and made his debut on the April 4, 2011 episode of Raw, when he saved Daniel Bryan from an attack by Sheamus. Urive had ups and downs throughout his time with WWE. The most notable high point came when he confronted the impostor version on Sin Cara, who was portrayed by Jorge Arias, who would be later known as Hunico before re-masking himself and is the current Sin Cara. The two versions of the masked luchador had a series of matches with Urive wearing blue tights and Arias wearing black. Once Arias had unmaksed himself, Urive moved on to team with Rey Mysterio. Plagued with injuries, he wrestled his last match in the WWE at a live event against Alberto Del Rio on October 19, 2013.

A well-known name in the Mexican wrestling scene before he joined the WWE, Urive had continued to use the Sin Cara name after he left, claiming he owned the ring name. He had eventually changed it 2015 is Caristico, which is a blend of Sin Cara and his original ring name when he began his wrestling career, Mistico. He currently wrestles for Lucha Libre Elite, as well as throughout the Mexican independent circuit. Urive currently holds Lucha Libre Elite's Elite Middleweight Championship as well as Pro Wrestling Revolution's Openweight World Championship.

17 WCW: Silver King

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Cesar Gonzalez, the son of well-known luchador Dr. Wagner, debuted in WCW in 1997, along with a slew of luchadors who joined the company at that time. As Silver King, he mostly teamed with La Parka and Psicosis in six-man tag matches. He never rose above lower mid-card status, even after Eddie Guerrero had initiated the Latino World Order and had Gonzalez join him. It appeared that he might be rising up the ranks when Stacy Keibler announced in early 2000 that she would be managing the team of Gonzalez and El Dandy. They were known as Los Fabulosos, but ultimately, the team didn't gain any higher rankings and Gonzalez was released from WCW in late 2000.

Gonzalez would continue to rise the ranks in the Mexican wrestling community, working for the CMLL following his release from WCW. In 2005, he was cast in the major motion picture Nacho Libre, alongside Jack Black as the villain luchador Ramses, giving him a larger American fan base than he had previously had. He stints in All Japan Pro Wrestling after working for New Japan as part of the affiliation with CMLL under the name Black Tiger III, as the third reincarnation of the luchador. Gonzalez returned to Mexico in 2008, debuting for Lucha Libre AAA World Wide, where he currently wrestles today, once again using the name Silver King.

16 TNA: Elix Skipper

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Elix Skipper joined TNA at the time of its formation in 2002, debuting on the third weekly pay-per-view. He had competed in the X Division throughout 2002 until forming Triple X with Low Ki and Christopher Daniels. The team won the tag team titles on three occasions during their first feud with America's Most Wanted. They defended the titles in way of the Freebird rule. Skipper won the tag titles for the fourth and final time in his career in 2004, when he teamed with Chris Harris after their respective partners, Christopher Daniels and James Storm were unavailable. He continued to wrestle for TNA until 2008, mostly as a tag team wrestler, but didn't receive many high profile matches.

Since being released from his contract with TNA, Skipper had tried to come back to wrestling, but decided to retire in 2009, after working backstage at TNA for a few weeks. It was too hard to be around the wrestling world following the death of his 22-year-old son,  Lemarcus, who was shot in his own home on April 29, 2009. He practically vanished into solitude after that, moving to a small town in Georgia, where he currently resides today. Not stepping back into the wrestling world, Skipper went back to the life he had before he began wrestling. He works as a manager of an Applebees restaurant.

15 WWE: Snitsky

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Snitsky joined the WWE in 2004 after spending time training at OVW. He was most known for his feud with Kane, which escalated when he had fallen into Lita, who, as part of the story line, was pregnant with Kane's child. Snitsky was to blame for Lita "losing" the baby, which spawned his catchphrase, "it wasn't my fault." Following his feud with Kane, he would become a mainstay on WWE's Sunday night show, Heat. Snitsky would also be remembered for his foot fetish, and licking the barefoot of the legendary Mae Young. He had a gimmick overhaul, where he shaved his head in 2007. He was moved across the brands, and he was released at his request on December 11, 2008.

Snitsky moved on to the independent circuit following his release.

He mainly wrestled for World Xtreme Wrestling, where he won the WXW C4 Ultimate Heavyweight Championship on April 20,2012. He held it until he vacated it six months later. Still making occasional appearances on the British independent wrestling scene, Snitsky currently works as a landlord. In addition to being a landlord and occasional wrestler, he is also a pitchman for Tristar Products' Power Pressure Cooker XL, filming various videos for YouTube demonstrating how to prepare an array of foods in the pressure cooker.

14 WCW: Scott Norton

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Scott Norton had signed a deal with WCW after he had spent the first three years of his professional wrestling career in Japan. He spent two and a half years trying to gain success in WCW, but none of the gimmicks the promoters gave him were going over with the fans. After a short stint teaming with Ice Train, in a team dubbed Fire and Ice, Norton split his time between WCW and New Japan. In 1996, Norton joined the nWo and began teaming with Buff Bagwell. The team was known as Vicious and Delicious, but they were never able to capture the tag team titles after feuding with the Steiner brothers. During his time in the nWo, Norton was gaining more success in New Japan, and his role in WCW became smaller as time went on. He parted ways with WCW in September 1999.

Norton would return to New Japan full time after leaving WCW. He held the IWGP Heavyweight title for four months while he was still in WCW, making him one of only seven non-Japanese wrestlers to win that championship. He continued to wrestle in New Japan until 2006, before coming back stateside and wrestling in the American independent circuit as a freelance wrestler. He is semi-retired, and is currently working on writing his first book Scott Norton: Strong Style.

13 TNA: Chris Harris

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Chris Harris is someone that many think shouldn't be on this list, but in the light of the graces that Beer Money Inc. rose to after Harris left TNA, it seems as though Harris has been all but forgotten in the wrestling world, aside from having matches on compilation DVD sets. He was one-half of the tag team America's Most Wanted. The other half was James Storm. The duo would have six tag team championship reigns during the four years they were partners. Harris would have a short stint as a singles career in 2007, mostly revolving around his kayfabe eye injury given to him after Storm smashed a beer bottle on his face and Harris wanting revenge. Within a year, he was released from his contract with TNA.

Harris would continue to wrestle after leaving TNA in 2008, until he was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. He had gotten the treatment and after being declared cancer-free, returned to TNA for a handful of matches teaming with Matt Hardy, attempting to take the tag team titles away from Beer Money Inc. After three matches, TNA decided they would no longer use Harris and he would return to the indies where he still wrestles today.

12 WWE: Savio Vega

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Savio Vega was a forgotten part of WWE's Attitude Era. His WWE tenure was filled with many ups and downs. From his alliance with Razor Ramon and then the Nation of Domination, to his stable, Los Boricuas, feuding with Crush's stable, Disciples of Apocalypse, the Puetro Rican Vega, born Juan Rivera, is only remembered in pictures of the stables he was in. The only high point in his WWE tenure was when he entered the 1995 King of the Ring tournament, replacing the injured Razor Ramon. He had made it to the finals, before losing to Mabel. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter named the feud between Los Boricuas and the Disciples of Apocalypse as the worst of 1997. Rivera was quietly released from his WWE contract in the summer of 1998.

Rivera would return to Puerto Rico to wrestle with the International Wrestling Alliance (IWA) until 2011. He became enraged when he felt he was being booked in a way he didn't feel he deserved, and was absent from the wrestling community as a consequence. In the summer of 2012, he returned to the independent circuits in both Puerto Rico and the United States. Rivera, now 53, has not been wildly promoted for a wrestling match since 2015, still makes regular appearances throughout the Caribbean wrestling scene today.

11 WCW: Scotty Riggs

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Scott Antol, better known as Scotty Riggs, debuted in WCW in 1995. His in-ring last name was taken from Mel Gibson's charater from Lethal Weapon. Antol was placed in a tag team with Marcus Bagwell, and together they formed the American Males. They held the WCW tag team titles for eight days before losing them back to Harlem Heat, the team that had defeated for the titles. After Bagwell turned on him, Antol began feuding with his former partner. He spent the majority of 1997 on the lower-mid card, when Raven developed an interest in him joining the Flock. After Raven injured his eye and kidnapped him, Antol had joined the Flock, with Raven claiming that Antol had been seeking acceptance from the group. Once the Flock had disbanded, Antol had attempted a heel, narcissistic gimmick that didn't get over well, and he was released in 1999.

Antol had attempted to try his luck in ECW after parting ways with WCW before ultimately finding himself on the independent circuit in late 2001. He stayed there until he retired in 2009 to rehab his injuries. Shortly before retiring, Antol had made an appearance in TNA in 2009 to compete in the Feast or Fired match. He was unable to retrieve a briefcase, but was fired from his contract with the company after it was found out that he had stolen Rob Terry's briefcase, a stunt he claims was done in dedication to his former partner, Bagwell. Antol works as a manager and bouncer at a lounge in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

10 TNA: A-1

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A-1, born Alastair Ralphs, joined TNA in the summer of 2004. He was quickly added to Team Canada, led by Scott D'Amore, who trained him. Ralphs had wrestled with other members of Team Canada or accompanied them to the ring until 2006. During that time, Team Canada was hired by Larry Zbyszko to rid TNA of Raven, who had been a thorn in Zbyszko's side for months. In May 2006, D'Amore nominated Ralphs to face Raven at the Sacrifice pay per-view. Jim Cornette, who was the TNA management director at the time, disbanded the team the following month. Ralphs continued to wrestle sporadically, before being released in February 2007.

Ralphs had returned to the independent circuit after leaving TNA, circling the Canadian and American promotions.

He has made two appearances in TNA since being released. Ralphs returned to TNA, now called Impact Wrestling, for the February 2018 One Night Only: Canadian Clash pay-per-view, where he challenged Eli Drake for the Impact Global Championship in a losing effort. He would make another appearance at the next month's One Night Only: March Breakdown pay-per-view, where he competed in a mixed-tag team match with Allie to defeat Braxton Sutter and KC Spinelli. Ralphs is currently a mainstay on Border City Wrestling's roster.

9 WWE: Essa Rios

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Jose Delgado debuted in the WWE in the fall of 1997 under the ring name Aguila. The high point of this gimmick was his match against Taka Michinoku at WrestleMania XIV for the Light Heavyweight title. That gimmick would slowly fade away before Delgado would re-debut with a new gimmick under the name Essa Rios. In his debut match on February 13, 2000, he would defeat Gillberg for the Light Heavyweight title, being the only championship he would win while working for the WWE. While working as Essa Rios, Delgado was managed on screen by Amy Dumas, better known as Lita. Dumas would mimic Delgado's moves at the end of his matches, until he blamed her for a loss and attacked her. This led the Hardy Boyz to come to her rescue, spawning a feud between them and Essa Rios in the spring of 2000.

Delgado would fade into obscurity before finally being released in November 2001.

Delgado would return to his native Mexico after being released, joining AAA in Decemeber 2001 until he took a small leave in 2008. He would return just under two years later to wrestle for CMLL, where he would gain a number of tag and trio championship reigns. He remains on the roster to this day, though he has not reached international success since his days in the WWE.

8 WCW: Alex Wright

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Alex Wright, a British-German wrestler, debuted in WCW in 1994. He went through many different gimmick changes throughout his seven years working for the company. Wright held an undefeated streak for the first five months of his tenure with WCW, his first loss coming from Arn Anderson at Slamboree in May of 1995. He is remembered, if at all, as for his Boogie Nights gimmick, which brought out the tag team of Wright and Disco Inferno. The duo had one reign as WCW tag team champions. On his own, Wright held the WCW Television Championship once, as well as one reign as the company's cruiserweight champion. When WCW was bought out by the WWE, Wright did not sign a contract with the larger company, as his contract was with AOL Time Warner at the time.

Once WCW had folded, Wright was never seen wrestling in North America again. He took time off from wrestling, as he was not a fan of the backstage politics that surrounded WCW. He would begin wrestling again, but only on rare occasions in Germany. Wrigh had worked as a banker and fitness instructor is his homeland before opening his own wrestling school, The Wright Stuff, in 2009. That same year, he had founded and began operating his own wrestling promotion called New European Championship Wrestling. Both the school and the promotion are still running today, even though Wright has retired from in-ring competition.

7 TNA: Slash

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After spending just over a year in OVW trying to make it to the WWE's main roster, Kelly Wolfe signed a contract with TNA in late 2002. He joined the stable known as The New Church, led by James Mitchell. Wolfe went by the ring name Slash. The New Church had a long-standing feud with Raven's "Gathering," that lasted for the remainder of 2002, and the majority of 2003. The two teams would frequently meet in bloody hardcore matches. Wolfe had a long run at, and finally captured his first championship in TNA. He won TNA's tag team championship with fellow New Church member Brian Lee before beginning a string of matches teaming with either Shane Douglas or Sinn. Wolfe continued to team with Sinn after the feud had ended, with his last match under his TNA contract in March of 2004.

Following his release, Wolfe returned to the indies, using the ring name Wolfie D. He had opened his own wrestling school in Nashville, Tennessee called "Wolfie D's House of Champions" in 2012. Currently living in Alcoa, TN, Wolfe works as a West Chevrolet new-car salesman. There is no word on whether his wrestling school is still open or not, but as of August 2017, he was intrigued with the idea wrestling in Japan last fall, but nothing came from the talks he had with Japanese promotions.

6 WWE: Ahmed Johnson

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In his prime, Anthony Norris was a heavyweight fit to be a superstar. In 1995, he debuted in the WWE as Ahmed Johnson. He remained a face for the majority of his time in the WWE, regardless of his demeanor striking fear in his opponents due to his size and build. As Johnson, Norris would have feuds with Jeff Jarrett and Goldust. He would become the first African-American Intercontinental Champion after defeating Goldust at King of Ring 1996. Beginning to team to Shawn Michaels, it was believed that he was on his way to main-event status. Norris was diagnosed with kidney problems and had to miss four months in the fall of 1996, forcing him to give up his shot at the WWE championship title the night after 1996's SummerSlam pay-per-view. It also forced him to relinquish his Intercontinental title. After returning, he began feuding with Farooq and the Nation of Domination. Injuries and constant gimmick-status changes would plague Norris from achieving the same fire he had in the spring of 1996, and he would make his last WWE appearance in February 1998.

Norris would only spend five more years as an in-ring competitor. He would spend some time in WCW as a member of Harlem Heat before finishing his career on the indies in 2003. After he announced his retirement, Norris attended Houston-Tilloston University and obtained a degree in criminology. There's no word on whether he has gained employment in the field, but he did start working at Booker T and Stevie Ray's wrestling school in Houston. Norris looks a lot different now than his wrestling days, but his knowledge and experience is something the younger talent can learn from.

5 WCW: Yuji Nagata

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Yuji Nagata joined WCW in February 1997 after spending five years in New Japan. He portrayed an arrogant villain, managed by Sonny Onoo. Onoo acted as Nagata's translator, but quickly became so much more, interfering in matches. Nagata began his tenure with WCW feuding with Ultimo Dragon. Their feud stemmed from Nagata repeatedly injuring Dragon's arm. Their feud ended in November and Nagata began his trial as a tag team wrestler in WCW in 1998. Teaming with Kensuke Sasaki, he entered a tournament for a shot at the tag team championships. They won the tournament, but failed in capturing the titles in their next match. Nagata left WCW in August of 1998.

Returning to New Japan after he left WCW, Nagata had regained the momentum he had in the company as he did when he left 18 months earlier.

His best years in wrestling were given to the Japanese crowds, as he made history on many occasions. Nagata is the only wrestler to have competed in and won New Japan's G-1 Climax, All Japan's Champion Carnival and NOAH's Global League. Still wrestling across the Japanese promotions today, fan-favorite Nagata is currently one-half of All Japan's All Asia Tag Team Champions with Jun Akiyama.

4 TNA: Alissa Flash

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Melissa Anderson was scouted by TNA from the indies in 2008. She spent her first year in the company as Raisha Saeed, the manager of Awesome Kong. Standing is Kong's corner, Anderson helped Kong win the Knockout's championship, which quickly led to her competing in the ring alongside Kong. Anderson would compete in a string of matches, either solo or teaming with Kong or Rhaka Khan, who aligned herself with them in late 2008. Anderson remained Kong's manager until she "accidentally" cost Kong her championship, leading to a match between the two. The match ended the character of Saeed, allowing Anderson to re-debut as Alissa Flash in July 2009. Anderson had only a handful of matches as Flash before she was no longer being used and requested her release. which TNA granted her on January 21, 2010.

Returning to the independent circuit, Anderson would find herself booked in matches all around the globe. She achieved great success in Japan, as well as in the Chicago-based women's wrestling promotion, Shimmer.

Currently, she is signed to Lucha Underground.

She debuted on the March 9, 2016 episode under the name Mariposa, wearing a mask and portraying Marty Martinez' sister.

3 WWE: Bull Buchanan

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Barry Buchanan signed a WWE developmental deal in 1995. After spending two years in the United States Wrestling Association, he was called up to the WWE with the other members of his stable, the Truth Commission. Buchanan's career would take a roller coaster of the next few years, teaming with Big Boss Man for a short time before joining the Right to Censor in 2000. After the group disbanded in spring of 2001, Buchanan was sent back to OVW to overhaul his gimmick, returning in August 2002. Upon his return, he quickly aligned himself with John Cena, going by the B-2, pronounced "B-squared." Buchanan was an enforcer character who would sometimes finish Cena's freestyles with his signature "Boo-yah!" After Cena had turned on him, Buchanan had attempted to continue a solo career in the WWE, but was quietly released on January 23, 2003.

After leaving the WWE, Buchanan had turned to the Japanese independent circuit until 2007, before returning to the States for seven more years. Buchanan had become a two-time GCW heavyweight champion, and held the tag titles on one occasion before he retired from in-ring competition in 2014.

The year before he retired, Buchanan had begun working for the Carroll County Jail in Carroll County, Georgia.

He announced his retirement from wrestling when he became deputy and still holds that position today.

2 WCW: Sick Boy

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Scott Vick had debuted in WCW in 1997 after training at the WCW Power Plant. He had his debut match with the ring name Lance Ringo. The gimmick only lasted one match before he re-debuted several months later as Sick Boy, as a member of Raven's "Flock." He had feuds with the likes of Diamond Dallas Page, Chris Benoit, and Goldberg before falling down to jobber status. Remaining with the Flock, Vick stayed a jobber until the Flock disbanded. As 1999 began, Vick dropped the grungy attire and died his hair blonde. He wouldn't go above jobber status before being released in July 1999.

He would get a shot in the WWE, using his real name in late 1999, but never wrestled outside of the weekend shows, Heat and Metal. The WWE had planned on using Vick in the original plan for the "Katie Vick" story line, with him being the brother of Katie. However, Vick failed to impress Vince McMahon in a dark match he competed in, with him believing Vick wasn't skilled enough to be involved in a story line with Kane and Triple H. This left the Katie Vick story line to become what we all would love to forget and Vick would be released just months after he got signed.

Wrestling on the independents, still using the Sick Boy moniker, Vick would frequently team with fellow former Flock members Lodi and Scotty Riggs. He would continue to sporadically wrestle  until retiring from in-ring competition in 2015. Fans can still meet Vick at fan conventions, but for the most part, he has completely walked away from the wrestling business.  Now residing in South Carolina, Vick has heard several jobs since 2015, including working for a travel agency and at a golf club.

1 TNA: Johnny Devine

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Johnny Devine, real name John Parsonage, debuted in TNA in 2004 as a member of Team Canada. He would mostly participate in tag matches with fellow team members. Parsonage would be sidelined for six weeks as a result of being stabbed in the stomach, needing his galbladder and a foot of his lower intestine removed. After returning on December 5th at the Turning Point pay-per-view to help Team Canada reclaim the tag titles, he would part ways with TNA in mid-February 2005. He would re-emerge in TNA in 2006 as the camera-man for Alex Shelley and Paparazzi Productions. He would change his gimmick twice more, forging teams with Frankie Kazarian and Matt Bentley, and then being the "X-Division Traitor." Devine would capture the X-Division championship once before leaving TNA once and for all in October 2008.

Parsonage would attend Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in Windsor, Ontario and after completing a program there, he would move to Toronto. Once moved to Toronto, he was hired to be an analyst for The Fight Network. In January of 2013, Parsonage returned to wrestling, accepting bookings for independent promotions across Canada. Though he claims to be semi-retired, he is the current holder of Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling's Light Heavyweight Championship.

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