Former AEW Wrestler Returning After Speculated Retirement

Former female star for AEW, Kylie Rae is returning to a wrestling ring after exiting AEW and heading towards what many thought was her leaving the industry altogether.

When Rae asked for her release from AEW in August, it was believed she was leaving the wrestling industry, not just AEW. No reason was given for her desire to leave the upstart and extremely popular wrestling company, she simply wanted her release and was granted it. She then removed her social media accounts and anything related to the industry.

Rae is back, only not with AEW. Freelance Wrestling posted a tweet saying she'd be stepping in as a replacement at tonight's Game of the Genders event in Frankfort, Illinois. She'll be wrestling Isaias Velazquez.

Great to Hear Rae Is Well and Back in Business

It's not clear if this is a one-time thing, if Rae is coming back to the business and AEW or she never really left at all. All we can say is that it's good to see she's well enough to still be a part of a wrestling show, no matter where it is.

At the time of her release, AEW President Tony Khan simply said, "She's no longer with the company. She asked for her release and we granted it." But, there was some immediate concern that something might be wrong.

There will be fans who want to know the inside story as to what happened with Rae, why she's really the first person to leave AEW and what might have gone wrong. But, this might be one of those situations where it's simply no one business and she did what was right for herself, her happiness and her future in the business.

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