Former Diva's Champion Michelle McCool Teases WWE Return

If Michelle McCool's recent exchange with Charlotte is anything to go by, we may be about to see the former Divas' Champion back in WWE.

The Women's Revolution that continues to make waves in WWE has done a lot of things to advance women's wrestling as a whole over the past few years. There have never been so many females in WWE, and they've never been featured so prominently. Plus, when they are featured, it's because of their in-ring ability instead of being shoved into bra and panties matches or being given two minutes on Raw if they're lucky.

The change in the tide has naturally got a lot of WWE's former female Superstars wanting to return. The likes of Mickie James, who is now once again a staple of Raw each week, couldn't resist coming back and trying her hand against some of the women blazing a trail in WWE right now. Other women that are rumored to possibly make a return are Kelly Kelly and seven-time Women's Champion, Trish Stratus.


Now, another former Superstar is angling for another run with WWE—Michelle McCool. The former Divas' Champion has been away from the ring since 2011, but a recent Twitter exchange with Charlotte Flair revealed that McCool wants to make a comeback. It began with McCool praising Charlotte and Ric Flair's book, Second Nature, and has quickly become McCool revealing that she is now waiting for her phone to ring.

Charlotte jokingly asked McCool for one more match, following the question with a winking emoji, and likely didn't expect the response that she got. McCool fired back with "I've been dying for someone to ask," following up a couple of tweets later that she's "waiting impatiently by the phone" and leaving it up to the power of the WWE Universe.

There are so many women that contributed to the foundations of the Women's Revolution currently going on in WWE, and Michelle McCool is most definitely one of those. It almost seems unfair that a star as influential as McCool didn't get to enjoy the end product of what she put so much in to. If former females are fully fit and still able to wrestle, it only seems right that they are given a chance to return and add to their legacies. Here's hoping Michelle McCool is afforded that opportunity sometime in the near future.


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