Former Superstar Complains About WWE Scripting EVERYTHING

Former WWE star Ken Anderson, who was known as Mr. Kennedy during his time with the company, was a guest on Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast and he was asked what annoyed him the most during his time with WWE.

Anderson admitted that he didn't like how WWE scripts everything and doesn't allow their wrestlers to try different things and allow them to fail at times, according to eWrestlingNews.com.

“The thing that’s frustrating to me is that it seems to me that guys are told, and girls are told, exactly what to do paint-by-numbers,” Anderson said. “It’s not ‘just go out there and try some stuff and see what works and what doesn’t work’ and it’s just people are handed a script and told, ‘say this exactly verbatim.’ That’s what’s frustrating to me. I wish more people were given the opportunity to fail on their own or succeed on their own. That’s the only thing that really frustrates me.”

Anderson has a point and it would be nice to know that wrestlers in WWE don't have a strict script to follow.  But you also have to remember that a company as big as WWE, and that's been around as long as they have, is confident in the fact that they know what their viewers want to see and what they've been doing for years has worked. So why stray from that?

Anderson was also asked what difference is between WWE and TNA (which is now known as Impact Wrestling).

“When I was at the WWE, it felt like, at least towards the end, that everybody was walking around on eggshells. Everybody was worried that ‘tomorrow might be my last day if I say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing, I’m going to get fired.’ When I got to TNA… And I think that’s the sort of management style of WWE. It’s the way they always wanted everybody to be sort of on edge. When I got to TNA, it felt like, ‘go out there and do your job and do it to the best of your ability.’ Cool. There weren’t any politics or anything like that in TNA and the biggest thing, the biggest difference, for me was Eric Bischoff was a big part of me coming to TNA. Like, and when I got there, he said, ‘I know that they’re sort of hamstringing you, to a degree, in WWE and telling you, ‘this is what you have to say – this is when you say it,’ he said, ‘I’m just going to give you bullet points. I don’t care how you get there, just here’s this main point we want to get to. You just figure out how Ken Anderson is going to get us there.’”


While Impact Wrestling has been around for some time, they don't have the same kind of exposure that WWE has had for the past 30 years and clearly feel that their way of doing things is better.


Most people would prefer to work in the kind of environment that Impact gives their wrestlers, but others are looking for the exposure that working with WWE gives them. It's ultimately a trade off that wrestlers have to be OK with either way.

Anderson started his career with TNA in 2002 and then left to work for WWE from 2005-2009 and ended up winning the United States Championship at one point. He also won the Money in the Bank event.


After leaving WWE, Anderson spent some time on the independent circuit and then went back to TNA from 2010-2016 and is once again now working on the independent circuit.

Anderson held the TNA World Heavyweight Championship twice during his time with the company.

Feel free to comment below and give us your thoughts on Anderson's comments about how he doesn't like how WWE scripts everything. Do you agree with him? Would you rather WWE let their wrestlers be more free.

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