Former Superstar Says WWE Used Plants In The Crowd For CM Punk Chants

Even though it's nearly been three years since he departed the company, WWE arenas, especially Chicago, still witness CM Punk chants. Former WWE superstar Rene Dupree recently claimed in an interview however, that WWE would put plants in the crowd to start these chants.

“Yeah. They would do chants, and then it’s like a ripple effect. They hear chants, chants, chants and then try and get the people up. CM Punk or ECW shirts, I’d see like three or four guys scattered around the arena. And I was like ‘wow’, but I guess if you really want to get somebody over.”

It's not clear whether he's talking about Punk before his rise to stardom or during but it still seems a bit extreme to suggest plants were needed to get him over as Punk had no problem doing that by himself.

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