Former Universal Champion Returns To WWE, Challenges Kofi Kingston

A former two-time Universal Champion returned to WWE on Tuesday, only he wasn't challenging anyone Raw, he went straight for Kofi Kingston.

After a six-man tag match came to an end with New Day successfully winning over New Day and Randy Orton, The Beast, Brock Lesnar made a surprise return to WWE. It wasn't Raw on Monday where the WWE Universe is used to seeing him. No, Lesnar came out on Tuesday, walked into the ring and challenged Kofi Kingston to a match two weeks from now on the debut episode of SmackDown Live on Fox.

There have been rumors Lesnar might be headed to Fox on Fridays to help draw viewers to the new network and timeslot for SmackDown. The fact that WWE is already pushing a huge match for the WWE Championship on that show is telling. WWE is planning on hitting that first episode with everything they've got, including one of the most polarizing but popular WWE Superstars in history.

What's the Plan for Lesnar?

One has to assume WWE might be thinking about putting the title around the waist of Brock Lesnar to make that debut episode of SmackDown memorable for Fox. Popular rumors social media account @WrestleVotes wrote, "I’d be surprised if it didn’t go like this: Kofi drops to Brock on FOX, Brock drops to Reigns at Mania. As long as he’s willing to appear regularly, a title run for Lesnar throughout the winter as SD debuts on FOX is a smart idea."

Fans won't love the idea but it makes some sense. WWE wants guys that can draw on Fridays and there aren't too many Superstars who can take the title from Kofi and handle the heat. This will be an interesting story to keep an eye on.

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