8 Former WCW Stars Who Are Still Fit (And 8 Not)

The days of the Monday Night battles between WWE and its rival promotion WCW was probably the most exciting era in Sports Entertainment history. However, as we've all come to accept, World Championship Wrestling ended up losing their battle with WWE, and many of the company's talents were left without a solid job. The WWE was no safe place for most WCW wrestlers to come over to. Once WCW folded, most of its performers were left on the sidelines after a brief angle in WWE, and many have completely fallen off the radar since. I'm sure lots of readers are wondering what some of your favourite WCW stars are looking like today and whether they're still in shape or not, and we set out to answer that very question.

Today, we'll be looking at 8 former WCW stars who are still fit, and 8 whose pants don't fit (I'm sure you get the idea there). Many wrestlers from the 80s and 90s in both WWE and WCW have fallen off the rails when it comes to maintaining their bodies, and the reasoning behind their poor physical condition could be resulting from a lack of exercising combined with overeating, drug or alcohol abuse, or their bodies simply being unable to withstand vigorous exercise like it used to. However, on the flip side, there are still some former WCW stars in fantastic shape despite getting up there in age, and some looks as if they could be wrestling main event matches for WWE as we speak.


16 Still Fit: Bill Goldberg

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Bill Goldberg is unquestionably the former WCW star whose in the best shape currently, and he's still very much the beast of old. We got to see a glimpse of Goldberg last year in WWE, and considering his physique is still incredibly impressive, Goldberg really hasn't 'missed a step' despite retiring years ago from full-time competition.

Of course Goldberg was training extra hard during his short WWE stint to resemble his old self the best he could, but it's clear Goldberg prides himself in maintaining his physique. Goldberg definitely sticks to a strict diet. Goldberg certainly has great genetics, because at his age of 51 years old, it's almost impossible to look the way he does. However, Goldberg was not like most, and that's what made him such a huge star in Sports Entertainment.

15 Not: Bobby Eaton

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Former WCW Television Champion Bobby Eaton's definitely not aged too gracefully, and he's certainly let himself slide in recent years. I'd argue that Bobby's looking quite a lot older and 'washed up' than his actual age of 59 years old, because compared to Sting whose the same age, Eaton's looking rough to say the least. Eaton's gut has been expanding, and his pants won't be fitting like they used to.

Bobby used to be in fantastic shape during his prime years in Sports Entertainment, and his health has unquestionably deteriorated since his career in WCW ended.

Eaton's been diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes (he's been in and out of hospitals fairly frequently in recent memory). Regardless, Bobby made the right decision to retire from wrestling back in 2015, as his body certainly couldn't handle any more wear and tear.


14 Still Fit: Scott Steiner

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Although some fans may refer to Scott Steiner as being 'bloated' and lacking the muscle mass he used to possess during the prime years of his career.

The fact remains that Steiner is in great shape despite being 55 years old and well past his prime.

Shown above is a recent photo of Scott, and while his muscle mass has definitely gone down (perhaps deflating a bit after coming off the juice), but Steiner still looks like an absolute beast. Scott continues to wrestle the Indies as his main source of income, but Steiner's recently gotten himself involved in the restaurant industry with his own place called Shoney's located in Georgia. We've got to give 'Big Poppa Pump' credit for having a good work ethic throughout his career, as he'll definitely be able to retire happily whenever he pleases. Obviously Scott left his ego at the door.

13 Not: Ron Simmons

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Ron Simmons has definitely let his workout slide in recent years. While he still looks pretty tough, his pants certainly won't be fitting like they used to as Ron's gut has been expanding recently as seen above.

Ron looks a bit older than he actually is, because at 59 years old, he's the same age as Sting who still looks fantastic right now.

During the prime of Simmons career in Sports Entertainment, he was undoubtedly one of the most shredded wrestlers in the world, and his career with World Championship Wrestling was very successful. He was the first-ever African American World Champion. There's no doubt that Ron's long come 'off the juice', and he's deflated as a result. Perhaps Simmons has been drinking a few too many beers with his long time APA pal, JBL.


12 Still Fit: Booker T

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I think many of us underestimate how shredded Booker T is considering we always see Booker rocking expensive suits whenever he's on WWE television, so we don't know the shape Booker's in. However, it's clear Booker T's been keeping himself in shape despite retiring from in-ring competition. He still looks incredibly jacked and very intimidating for a man at 52 years old.

If Corey Graves is smart, he'll take a quick peek at this picture and realize the force he's been messing with.

However, Booker T and Corey have since stated that they were working the wrestling community with their 'beef', but still, Book's definitely not the kind of guy you'd want to piss off. Booker T may not be as tough as Haku was, but he still ranks well among the toughest in the business for sure - just ask Dave Bautista.

11 Not: Jim Neidhart

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Jim Neidhart has been looking pretty rough the past few years, and I doubt any of his pants would be fitting very well as his gut has expanded. Jim's long known to have suffered from addictions in the past, and he's definitely showing it recently. It's clear Neidhart hasn't been keeping himself in very good shape, and while he was always a larger wrestler, he's at risk of coming into health problems.

Jim Neidhart was always rumoured to have taken substances during his wrestling career. Like many former WWE and WCW stars, he's looking totally 'washed up' as a result. Professional wrestling's tough enough on ones body (especially for a guy the size of Neidhart), but compound the gruelling job with alcohol and drugs and you have yourself an absolute disaster.


10 Still Fit: Ricky Steamboat

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Without question, Ricky Steamboat's one of the Golden Era's wrestlers whose aged the best. Showcased above is recent photograph of Steamboat and an eager fan at a meet and greet, and he's looking fantastic and in phenomenal shape. Ricky has bigger 'pipes' than many of the WWE's current Superstars which demonstrates the hard work Steamboat's been putting in the gym (plus a good diet).

Unlike many of his co-workers from the same time period, Ricky never mixed his job with substance use, and Steamboat's showing what a wrestler can look like at 64 years old if they maintain their health and physique. Ricky Steamboat's undoubtedly one of the all-time greats, and the biggest accomplishment of his career would probably be the NWA (WCW) World Heavyweight Championship.

9 Not: Meng

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Long regarded by many wrestlers as being the toughest man in Sports Entertainment history, Meng aka Haku isn't looking quite as intimidating as he used to recently. However, don't let that convince you to believe he couldn't cause a heck of a lot of damage in his shape and at his age, because he most certainly could if he desired.

Showcased above is a photograph of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson with his uncle Meng whose definitely proving his pants are much tighter these days.

The Ford pickup truck in the background was Johnson's Christmas gift to Haku that year. Haku's always been a big, thick wrestler, but it's clear he's been enjoying the semi-retirement life, and perhaps Meng's been eating or drinking a little too much and exercising not quite enough.


8 Still Fit: The Giant AKA The Bigshow

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Known as The Giant in WCW and The Bigshow in WWE, 'Show is undoubtedly one of, if not the greatest giant of all time. Bigshow's been back and forth with his physique for years now, as he looked fantastic during the first few years of his career in the business, but then filled out a bit once he jump-shipped to WWE.

However, The Bigshow's definitely gotten himself into the best shape of his career with hard work and a strict diet, and he's done so at the age of 46 years old which is beyond incredible. Showcased above is a recent photo of The Bigshow's impressive abs, and you've got to give 'The Worlds Largest Athlete' credit for being able to transform his body at his age, with the wear and tear his body's suffered throughout his career, and for being nearly 500 pounds!

7 Not: Mike Enos

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Former WCW wrestler Mike Enos looks completely unrecognizable compared to his prime in the wrestling business during the 90s. No longer shredded and rocking blonde hair, Enos has filled out and lost all of his once impressive physique. While Mike was never a big star in WCW, he was still a wrestler most fans knew of during the Monday Night Wars.

Perhaps Enos' poor shape has partly resulted from the fact that he's long retired from the business, as Mike hasn't been wrestling since 2000. It's unknown what Mike's been doing for a living the past 18 years, but he's certainly been living a much quieter life - probably eating and drinking a little too much, as his pants definitely wouldn't be fitting. Aside from his stint in WCW, Mike's also remembered for his brief run in WWE under the ring name Blake Beverly as one-half of the Beverly Brothers tag team.


6 Still Fit: Kevin Nash

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Unlike his good buddy Scott Hall, Kevin Nash has managed to keep himself in great shape throughout his life despite partying a bit too wildly. Shown above is a recent photograph of Nash, and he's still absolutely shredded for being 58 years old. Kevin's definitely been working out hard in the gym and keeping to a strict diet to maintain such an impressive physique for his age, and while some fans may claim that Nash's back 'on the juice', hard work is still needed none the less.

Kevin Nash may not be the greatest of all time, but his career was a successful one none the less, and he captured World Championships wherever he went - 5 times in WCW and once in WWE. I'm sure Nash is partly responsible for helping get Scott Hall back into shape, as Kevin's definitely a good influence in that aspect as he's 'jacked to the gills'.

5 Not: Konnan

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Former WCW Superstar Konnan has definitely been looking pretty rough lately, and his pants wouldn't be fitting at all. Konnan's certainly not been working out like he used to (nor is his diet very good), and he's showing the results of his poor choices. Perhaps Konnan couldn't handle being out of the spotlight when WCW went under, as he did not make the jump over to WWE and rather wrestled smaller Indie shows.

Mainly remembered by fans for being apart of the nWo and nWo Wolfpac stables, Konnan's since fallen off the radar in recent years, but he's been making a bit of a comeback recently by managing The Latin American Xchange stable in Impact Wrestling. Aside from his role in TNA, you'll often hear Konnan shoot hard on all things wrestling, as he's certainly not one to hold back his feelings.


4 Still Fit: Vader

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Had this list been made a few years ago, former 3-time WCW World Champion Vader would've undoubtedly been placed under the 'pants don't fit' category. However, Vader has since gotten himself into the best shape he's been in years, and this is due to the fact that Vader was warned by doctors a while back that he only had two years to live due to congenital heart failure.

Vader stated that the doctors were wrong, and with his vigorous exercise routine, doctors now claim that Vader's heart has been improving which is a great sign. Showcased above is a picture of a proud Vader showing off his gains, and considering Vader's 62 years old and was always an enormous gargantuan of a human being, Vader's looking phenomenal right now. Let's hope Vader continues to make strides towards restoring his health.

3 Not: Ric Steiner

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Unlike his brother Scott, Rick Steiner's pants certainly wouldn't be fitting due to the simple fact that Rick's completely out of shape and has developed an impressive gut since retiring from wrestling. Since leaving the world of Sports Entertainment behind, Rick Steiner's gotten himself involved with the real estate business, and he's currently running his own business called Rick Steiner and Associates based in Atlanta.

During Rick's prime in wrestling, he was absolutely jacked to the gills, and he was just as big as his brother Scott Steiner. However, Rick's clearly slacked off with his physique, and he's definitely 'come off the juice' since retiring. That said, in the grand scheme of things, I think Rick was a smart man to retire when he did, as his overall health may be better than Scott's despite being out of shape - his body's less worn out.


2 Still Fit: Sting

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Sting is arguably the greatest WCW Superstar of all time, and his impact on the wrestling business is everlasting. Sting's been involved in Sports Entertainment for decades now, and if it weren't for his unfortunate injury in 2015, it can almost be guaranteed that 'The Icon' would still be performing in WWE on a part-time basis right now.

Sting may not be exactly like he was during the 80s and early 90s, but he's still in fantastic shape despite being 59 years old.

He looks the same as he did a decade ago. Sting has suffered from alcohol and drug addiction in the past, but he's luckily been able to overcome his battles early on hence why he doesn't show the wear and tear now like some other former wrestlers such as Jake Roberts and Scott Hall.

1 Not: Ric Flair

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It's been a sad couple of years for Ric Flair and his legion of fans, as we've been witnessing the downfall of one of the greatest of all time. I don't think Ric thought his intense alcohol consumption would come back to haunt him, but it unfortunately has, and Flair's looking terrible right now as a result. Ric Flair's not in the best of shape presently, and his gut's definitely gotten significantly larger - his pants wouldn't be fitting as nicely for sure.

It's as if Ric has aged 10 years the past year, as Ric's looking way older than he did just one year ago. Thankfully, Ric managed to overcome his health scare last year which was said to have been very serious, but considering there have been recent photos of Flair enjoying drinks at the bar, it's clear he has no intention of changing his ways.


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