Former WWE Announcer Says He Knows Why WWE Was Really Stuck In Saudi

Former WWE Spanish announcer, Hugo Savinovich is claiming he knows a lot more about the drama that unfolded in Saudi Arabia than is being made public. In fact, he believes he knows why WWE Superstars were stuck overseas and missed Friday Night SmackDown.

Suggesting the “mechanical issues” being reported by WWE are really just a cover-up for a bigger issue, Savinovich claims he’s heard directly from those close to the situation that WWE is owed as much as $500 million in unpaid fees for shows WWE has already performed in Saudi Arabia.

These claims seem to fall in line with other reports the talent were ordered off the plane by the Saudi Prince, all stemming over issues related to unpaid revenues owed to WWE.

Dave Meltzer spoke to the reports during his latest Wrestling Observer Radio and noted many WWE Superstars felt as though Vince McMahon deserted them in Saudi Arabia. While reports are Vince was trying to get certain talent and producers out in time for Friday's show, some are calling what happened here a "di-- waving contest" between Vince and the Saudi Prince.

Apparently, Vince McMahon got in some sort of disagreement while in Saudi Arabia and ordered the live feed to the event be cut off to the Saudi audience. The assumption here is that this is all over the money Savinovich is claiming WWE is owed. The rest of the drama with the plane unfolded as a result of the Saudi Prince showing his frustration after the feed came back but on delay.

You can see Savinovich's comments below. Note: the video is in Spanish but many have translated his comments into English. ** Thanks to wrestlingnews.co for the translated notes

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Things Are Only Getting Worse On This Saudi Story

Several mainstream outlets, including CNN, reported on Thursday that WWE’s stock is plunging due to concerns from stockholders about no new TV deal in the Middle East. Whether all of this plane drama is connected or not in unclear, but many believe there is more going on here than WWE is letting on.

Some have even brought up past issues in Saudi Arabia that WWE is sweeping under the rug, even though there are no firm leads to prove those stories.

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