Former WWE Champion Hijacks Indie Show By Showing Up Drunk [VIDEO]

Former WWE and ECW star Justin Credible showed up to an indie show drunk this weekend and it was not a good look for the veteran.

WWE have something of a checkered past when it comes to the company's Superstars suffering from addiction to alcohol, painkillers or substances more sinister. To their credit though, Vince McMahon and co have done everything they can to eclipse that past and take a zero tolerance approach to addiction in the present day, aiming to help wrestlers suffering from it whether they be currently employed or former Superstars of WWE.

One former star who has benefited from WWE's current wellness program is Justin Credible, real name PJ Polaco. The former ECW World Heavyweight Champion posted a video to YouTube back in July claiming that he had been arrested, faced jail time, and was heading to Florida for help with his alcoholism. WWE helped Polaco and a month ago he posted on social media that he was clean and sober thanks to WWE.

Well it would appear that the previous social media post was either a lie or PJ has fallen back off the wagon. On Friday night Polaco showed up to a Blitzkrieg Pro Wrestling show extremely intoxicated and hijacked the event. As you can see from the footage below the drunk former Superstar is holding a kendo stick and demanding a microphone. Be warned if you do choose to watch the footage it features language some people may find offensive.


Various people from the promotion, including the gentleman who booked PJ for the evening, attempt to remove him from the ring so that the show can continue and eventually they manage to do so. You can also hear people behind the person filming the events unfold asking those at ring side whether it's a work, thinking that it may all be a part of the show.

Unfortunately it was not a part of the show and it would appear that the alcohol problems the former Justin Credible was suffering from earlier this year have returned. Here's hoping that PJ woke up today, saw this footage and realized that he is in fact not well and needs further help from WWE and those close to him and that he goes on to seek it out.



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