Former WWE Champion Still In Talks With TNA

Despite talks having broken down in the past, PWInsider is reporting that TNA officials have continued to pursue Alberto Del Rio. The talks between Del Rio and TNA date back to September, shortly after Del Rio was released by the WWE, following a wellness policy violation.

via wwe.com

TNA had previously pursued Del Rio when he was a free agent in late 2015, but Del Rio chose WWE because TNA couldn't offer him the compensation he was seeking:

“We were in talks pretty much the whole time, they just didn’t have the money to pay me. Once they finally got the money to pay me, I was in conversations with WWE already. So I was like ‘I really want to go back to WWE. Sorry guys, thank you for the opportunity, thank you for making all of those efforts to get me but I’m going to go back there for whatever years. Maybe in the future we will be able to do business.’”

TNA is not expected to make any roster changes this week. With the company in a state of uncertainty, you wonder if they'd be able to afford Del Rio this time around.

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