15 Former WWE Divas We're Glad We Still Follow On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media totals around. Former WWE Divas are taking full advantage of what the photo sharing social media service has to offer for a variety of reasons. But while they may not be on your screen weekly on RAW or SmackDown, that isn’t any reason to forget about them and not give them a follow on Instagram. It allows us to see what we have been missing since they stepped away from the squared circle of the world’s largest professional wrestling promotion.

It’s interesting to see how many Divas are now living their lives, as many are new mothers and are raising a family, and use Instagram like the rest of us do, to show off family photos on vacation or while at home. Others are just as attractive as their days in the WWE, and still get in front of a camera for a photo shoot to further their modelling career.

This list has a mix of former Divas who have been at the top of the WWE women’s division, and who have been at the bottom. Some were simply brought in because of their looks as opposed to their wrestling ability, while others had the full package of beauty and brawn. Many of them went on to become Divas or Women’s champion, and in some cases, both. So don’t forget them just because they are done in the WWE. Take a small trip down memory lane with these 15 Divas you should still be following on Instagram.

15 Eva Marie

Eva Marie never really belonged in the WWE, as she couldn’t wrestle and should have never been allowed near the mic. In fact, she was pretty much brought in to be a reality star on Total Divas, and was never in the picture for a run for the title. Most notably, she died her red against the wishes of WWE creative, and became known as All Red Everything. Everything but wrestling talent, that is.

After her release from the WWE in 2017, she has spent most of her time modelling and starting her own fashion line.

Her 3.8 million followers makes her one of the most followed former Divas on Instagram, so at least she can say she has that over anyone in the wrestling business.

14 Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly had no wrestling experience when she joined in the WWE in 2006 when she was just 19-years-old. She was a model in those days, but eventually worked her way up to the ECW roster where she was an exhibitionist and performed for the live crowd. Of course, the WWE didn’t go all the way with it. If you still want to see what Kelly Kelly looks like without much on, you can just go check out her Instagram account that has over 908,000 followers. The now 31-year-old model is still showing off her cover girl looks under her real name Barbie Blank. She did return to the WWE for the Royal Rumble this year. Despite her young start and lack of wrestling ability, she is still a former WWE Divas champion, holding the title for three months.

13 Kaitlyn

The season three NXT winner Kaitlyn is still breaking hearts, and some faces on Instagram, where over 598,000 people follow the former WWE Divas champion.

She has turned to a life of fitness and became an entrepreneur with plenty of business ventures in the works.

On Instagram, Kaitlyn shows off her fitness wear collection, as the former bodybuilder has started her own fitness clothing line, while also posting plenty of pictures of her new body and new ink. Not bad for a woman who once was coached by Vickie Guerrero in NXT. Though she probably would have preferred her idol Goldberg instead to show her a thing or two in the ring as opposed to the former SmackDown General Manager.

12 Summer Rae

Another Diva who was given the dancing gimmick to start. Summer Rae was best known as the dance partner for Fandango, performing with him during their entrance to the ring. The team would split up in 2014, and Summer’s career basically bounced around until she was released in 2017 along with Emma.

Summer hasn’t let the release her hurt, as she has been determined to get back and keep her passion going.

Her 1.6 million Instagram followers can attest to how well she has kept in shape, as Summer kept grinding it out, looking for her next break that may put her back in the WWE. With Fandango seemingly at his end with the Fashion Files, perhaps the group could pair up again for one more run?

11 Emma

Emma’s release from the WWE at the end of 2017 was a surprise to many, considering how strong she was booked against Asuka in the undefeated wrestler's first appearance on the main roster. Emma was never given much of a chance to succeed, despite being one of the more talented wrestlers in the ring, as WWE constantly changed her gimmick and repackaged her. Today, Emma’s 1.6 million followers will get a mix of model shots, as she shows off how hot she is outside the ring, as well as wrestling photos, as the Australian is now on the independent scene after clearly the WWE’s no competition clause in her contract. WWE clearly missed the boat with Emma, as she has the ability in the ring and the incredible good looks outside it to be a killer threat in the women’s division.

10 Trish Stratus

Did you really unfollow Trish Status after she left the WWE back in 2006? We sure hope not, because the former Canadian fitness model, turned WWE Hall of Famer, who many regard as the best female wrestler the promotion has ever had, is still a knockout today, as proven by her Instagram feed and recent appearance at the Royal Rumble. Her one million followers are getting a lot more baby photos than steamy WWE photo shoot pictures that Trish did in the past. The now full-time yoga teacher is still showing off plenty of Stratusfaction in recent pictures she has posted to the social media channel. She was WWE's hottest Diva for three years straight for a reason. If she walked back into the WWE today, she would take her crown right back.

9 Cameron

Cameron’s run in the WWE wasn’t all that amazing, and considering she started with the dancing gimmick, which is normally a killer in professional wrestling, you knew it was going to be a battle. Her partner Naomi managed to turn the dancing into a respectable run as Women’s champion.

Cameron never found success outside of the Total Divas reality show, and was released from the WWE in 2016.

She has kept up the reality show work after leaving WWE, and her 901,000 followers on Instagram are getting more model photo shoots than wrestling pictures, which is probably fine by everyone. At least she didn’t walk away from the company empty handed, as she won the Best Dance Moves in 2013 at the Slammy Awards.

8 Michelle McCool

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Michelle McCool was the inaugural Divas Champion, winning the title back in 2006. She became the first woman to hold both the Divas and Women’s championship in WWE history, and even unified the titles in 2010.

To cap it off, she was ranked No. 1 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2010, capping off a great career for the former school teacher.

On Instagram, she has over 550,000 followers, but where other former Divas are showing off skin and modelling photos, Michelle gives you a better insight of her personal life and rare glimpses of her husband, better known as The Undertaker. Considering how private The Undertaker is in his personal life, it’s a double bonus to follow Michelle on Instagram and get that rare inside look at a WWE legend.

7 Ashley Massaro

Ashley Massaro won the 2005 Diva Search competition, and appeared for Heff in 2007, continuing the trend during the Diva era in the women’s division where someone would grace the pages of the popular men’s magazine. She never did win a championship during that time, and had a rocker girl persona that set her apart from the rest of the Divas division who were mostly models.

She left the WWE in 2008 for personal reasons, and would end up filing a lawsuit against the promotion along with plenty of other wrestlers.

With 85,900 Instagram followers, she is one of the least followed former Divas, which perfectly sums up her time with the WWE, as she came in with high expectations, yet resulted in very little. Though her Instagram account still shows off plenty of reasons why she won what was basically a modelling contest.

6 Brooke Tessmacher

Brooke Tessmacher first got introduced to professional wrestling as another contestant in the WWE’s Divas Search in 2006. Despite not making the top eight, she got asked to come for a tryout in the WWE, and eventually earned a developmental deal. After a brief stop in Deep South Wrestling, Brooke joined the newly created ECW brand and joined Kelly Kelly and Layla in the group, Extreme Expose, before getting sent to Florida Championship Wrestling for more development. She was later released in 2007 before going to TNA where she would be a three-time Knockouts Champion. On Instagram, her 250,000 followers see plenty of photos that resemble her Extreme Expose days, as she continues to show off one of the best bodies in professional wrestling.

5 Eve Torres

Former WWE Diva Search winner Eve Torres was a three-time WWE Diva’s Champion, and at one point, ranked No. 5 out of the top 50 women’s wrestlers before stepping away from the WWE in 2013. She is only one of two Divas to have won the championship three times, the other being AJ Lee, and she held it for 261 days.

Now, Torres spends her time as a head instructor for Gracie Women Empowered self-defence program, and is followed by 442,000 people on Instagram.

They can all see why she was a considerable threat in the Diva’s Division. Like other Divas, she has a family, and enjoys posting her personal photos, but considering she is still involved in martial arts, she could easily step back into a WWE ring at any moment.

4 Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson left the WWE in 2008, albeit, a quick return in 2018 as an entrant in the Royal Rumble, but has maintained a healthy lifestyle and figure as she has took up being a fitness coach and kept her body in incredible shape. Torrie was known more for her clothing-related matches than any of her traditional wrestling matches. She never won the Women’s or Divas championship in her run with the company, but she did get asked to be part of Playboy twice during her time, once on her own and another with Sable. 627,000 people are still enjoying Torrie on Instagram, as she shows off the work she is still putting in on her body at 42-years-old.

3 Stacy Keibler

With the longest legs in the WWE, Stacy Keibler is an absolute must-follow on Instagram, and her 220,000 followers would agree. Life as a new mom takes over her account, the woman with weapons of mass seduction is still as attractive today as she was when she was stepping through the top and middle ropes in the WWE. Kiebler parted ways with the WWE in 2006, and only held one title while in the company. That was the end of Trish Stratus’ three year run as champion for he most beautiful woman of the year in 2004. But she will always be known for her long legs, which stretched 42 inches, and her sweet, girl-next-door looks and personality, rather than her wrestling ability that left a lot to be desired.

2 AJ Lee

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AJ Lee’s Instagram account has a little bit of everything, from cosplay to photo shoots to just typical daily life. But the one thing the now Mrs. CM Punk hasn’t lost since leaving the WWE in 2015 is that girl-next-door look that made helped make one of the hottest Divas of all time. At 5-foot-2, she wasn’t one of the tallest Divas on the roster, but drove the division for a long time, and held the Divas Championship for 408 days, the longest of any woman in WWE history, over three stints with the title. She was a huge part of the Divas Revolution, and if she were in the ring today, she would be one of the top females in the company, as she had stunning looks, but also the ability to be a top notch performer.

1 Christy Hemme

The original Diva Search winner is one of the few former Divas to totally transition away from modelling on her Instagram, as she is a proud mother who shares mostly family photos of her kids. Considering she posed for Playboy when she was a member of the WWE, there is already plenty to see of Hemme out there, and she is more than likely setting a good example for her children. With only 27,000 followers on Instagram, she isn’t highly followed, but Hemme is still one of the most attractive former Divas to come from the WWE. She never did win any championships while in the WWE, and she had a longer run in TNA than WWE before leaving the company in 2016.

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