8 Former Men Of WWE Who Would Do Anything For Money (And 7 Women)

Like Vince McMahon once declared: It's all about the money! There are plenty of WWE Superstars who love the industry and want to entertain the fans every night, and they get rewarded with hefty paycheques more often than not. But you also have wrestlers who value the booking as well as their image over anything else. And then you have stars who are money hungry at all times, and prioritize their pockets over anything else. There is nothing wrong with that per se, but it does make fans look at them in a different light.

We all want to believe that our favourite Superstars love their profession and value fan interaction more than anything else, but that's not the reality we live in. Think of WCW for instance. They handed out outrageous contracts that ultimately played a hand in folding the company. During the Monday Night Wars, many wrestlers were switching sides depending on the numbers on the contract.

And more recently, we have witnessed several older stars ruin their legacy by chasing a paycheque while doing things that not many wanted to see. We also can't forget those who hold a company hostage until they get their desired contract. It still happens more than most would believe. As wrestling fans have come to learn throughout the years, everybody has got a price - especially when it comes to this industry.

Today, we look at 8 former WWE men and 7 women who would do just about anything for money.


15 X-Pac

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What are the highlights of X-Pac's career? Very few come to mind with the obvious being his victory against Razor Ramon. Since then, he has benefited from being best friends with some of wrestling's biggest stars, which somehow extended his career and earned him an incredible amount of money. At the peak of the Monday Night Wars, The Kliq was split as Shawn Michaels and Triple H remained with the WWE while Scott Hall and Kevin Nash joined WCW - leaving X-Pac as the odd man out.

He would go on to switch numerous times between the companies, depending on who had more money to offer him. He had already stopped caring at that point and was simply looking out for his pockets more than anything else. Following a short stint with the WWE in the early 2000s, X-Pac went on to wrestle for every company there is, and co-starred in a "tape" for which he got paid.

14 One Man Gang

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One Man Gang was aptly named in the WWE, as his heft made for a very good inspiration for his gimmick. He may also be known to some fans as Akeem. Either way, many fans may be surprised to find out that the One Man Gang has actually recently fallen on some pretty hard times.

Recent floods in Louisiana severely affected One Man Gang's home. The damage was so bad that his house was uninhabitable. He was insured, but not for floods. Because of this, he was on the hook for the entire repair bill. Through the help of friends and fans he was able to stay afloat (no pun intended), but it left him severely strained financially.

13 Alundra Blayze

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Alundra Blayze, also known as Madusa, is one of the many wrestlers who fuelled the Monday Night Wars. She had been wrestling for the WWE for several years and held the Women's title at the time when she transitioned to WCW and made her debut by throwing the belt in the trash can. That event set back women's wrestling for many years, as it was not only disrespectful towards the WWE but everyone else who had competed in that division.

It took the WWE quite some time to rebuild the reputation for the title, and if you are wondering why Alundra Blayze was more than willing to throw it all away; well, let's just say that she preferred the contract given to her by WCW. She was viewed as a sell out by plenty of fans, and many staff members of the WWE never truly forgave her for her actions.

12 Sunny

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Sunny was the ultimate Diva and her legacy would have been much greater if she hadn't done everything in her power to throw it all away. Aside from the well-known affairs that she engaged in during her time with the company, as well as the backstage antics that landed her in hot water, Sunny's reputation has taken a major hit thanks to her infinite love towards money.

After leaving the WWE, she appeared on nearly every company you can think of and barely lasted there as one would expect. In recent years, Sunny has gone out of her way to chase money by selling her WWE Hall of Fame ring on e-Bay. Not only is it a disrespectful gesture, but it proves how greedy she can be. Additionally, she became a webcam girl on Skype and charged fans to watch as well as make requests.

11 Sabu

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It's no secret that Sabu loves money. He has done some wild things during his career and it wasn't for the love of taking a bump. He has never been shy to admit that he would be willing to wrestle for any company as long as the pay is right. He wasn't very fond of WWE when he joined, but the money was simply too good for him to turn down - indicating that he would only return if Vince McMahon offered him another hefty contract.

And when it comes to his journey on the independent circuit, Sabu has a list of demands that would make fans shake their hands, which further proves that Sabu will dive on any table if he leaves with full pockets at the end of the day. To top it all off, he is known for selling overpriced merchandise and worn-out items.

10 Brooke Adams

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If you don't remember Brooke Adams' WWE run, we can't blame you as it was a forgettable one. She was a part of Kelly Kelly's entourage, who bared it all for the fans. She was released shortly afterwards, probably since the WWE had exceeded their budget for exotic dancer characters. To her credit, she did slightly improve in the ring once she joined TNA, but not enough to write home about.

Adams has done plenty of explicit things during the course of her career that most female wrestlers would have probably refused, but money always talks regardless of the industry. Adams has also participated in some truly raunchy photo shoots, as well as twerk contests that earned her some nice paycheques. That's not to criticize her life decisions as she is free to do anything, but short of "films", it appears that she will do anything for money.

9 Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan didn't become wrestling's biggest star by being humble. As much of a draw as he was, Hogan was always the highest paid star but one look at his WCW contract will convince you that regardless of his status, he was seriously overpaid. He has taken some terrible movie roles for an easy pay day, not to mention the reality show Hogan Knows Best.

He has always been a headache to deal with, and his contracts contained some ridiculous clauses. Even during late stages of his career, Hogan refused to bow out respectfully, and accepted a huge offer from TNA before he led the company to its near demise. As influential as he was, Hogan's legacy will always be questioned by fans because not only did he bury so many stars, but he also valued money above all.


8 Virgil

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Virgil may not be one of wrestling's biggest stars but he sure loves to portray himself as one. Throughout his career, Virgil always chased the money until he was too old but that didn't stop from resorting to some sneaky tactics. He has become a meme in recent years due to his appearances at meet and greet events, where he attempts to over charge fans for an autograph or a photo.

He has even forged Ted DiBiaise's signature on some photos to make the price go higher. That is true dedication to earning money by any means necessary, which earned him a reputation as one of wrestling's greediest names. He also had other antics that would surely make you question everything you previously knew, as Virgil has reportedly demanded money for a photo from a fan who just happened to run into him at a random place.

7 Candice Michelle

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Out of all Divas who posed for Playboy, Candice Michelle is the one who put the most effort into improving as a wrestler. But she brought in so much money during her time with the company, and had one of the most explicit characters of all-time that involved her in some raunchy segments. Not many would have accepted to be in her position, but Candice didn't seem to mind.

And prior to her WWE journey, she had countless of naked photo shoots and even participated in softcore adult films. It goes to show that she was more than willing to do anything thrown her way, as long as she was receiving an appropriate paycheck to sweeten the deal. Candice Michelle was also the face of Go Daddy for several years, appearing in some steamy ads that reportedly were very costly for the company at the time.

6 Jeff Jarrett

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Jeff Jarrett has been blacklisted from the WWE for many years now. Most would think that it may be due to his association with TNA but in fact, there has been heat with the company from years prior. Jarrett was one of the many names who switched to WCW in 1996 at a time when WWE couldn't match their outrageous salaries, although he was welcomed back just a year later.

Jarrett would compete for the WWE for two more years before his contract once again became an issue, and he reportedly held the company hostage during negotiations before jumping to the highest bidder in WCW once again. Since then, WWE has wanted nothing to do with Jarrett and the cherry on top would come years later with TNA. Not only did Jarrett love the money, but he was quite a fan of stroking his own ego.

5 Ashley Massaro

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If you have forgotten Ashley Massaro by now, we don't blame you. The highlight of her career was posing for magazines, which WWE dragged out for much longer than they should have. Despite their best attempts to make her the top female icon of the company, Massaro fell flat as she never got over with the fans. But she did try to make the most out of her fame by appearing in so many magazines, and participating in Survivor.

Prior to the WWE, it has been said that Massaro was an escort who charged $25,000 per night, so all things considered make it safe to claim that she loves money. Not exactly the worst thing in the world, but some fans will always feel bitter towards Divas who never put in effort to improve as wrestlers.

4 Scott Hall

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Much like his fellow buddies on this list, Scott Hall has always had one thing in his mind and that is money. It was the sole factor of jumping to WCW, as WWE couldn't match their contract offer at the time. To be fair to Hall, he did have more talent than his best friends and put on some great matches during his early years, but the way WCW was ran guaranteed him hefty paychecks without having to do much.

Hall would show up drunk to events, but he had enough friends with backstage power to keep his job safe as he banked in millions of dollars. Upon his return to WWE, he barely lasted there and had a forgettable run before he moved on to the independent scene. Hall was infamous for failing to show up to events despite getting paid and at times he would appear to be completely out of it - but that never stopped him from attempting to make a quick buck.

3 Kelly Kelly

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If you followed Kelly Kelly's stint with the WWE, then you realize why she found her way on this list. She rose to fame through her appearances on the ECW brand, in which she stripped for the fans on weekly basis and left very little for imagination. She never bothered to improve her wrestling skills and became one of the top Divas in perhaps the weakest era for women wrestling.

One could say that she is a professional who was simply following the script, but let's be honest: She was hired to portray that specific role. Kelly was never meant to put on remotely decent matches and she knew that. During her WWE career, she was one of the highest paid Divas despite offering very little to the overall product and once the company realized she wasn't worth the paycheck, Kelly moved on to pursue other ventures.

2 Eva Marie


Based on what we have seen of Eva Marie in interviews and reality shows, she doesn't seem like a bad person at all but one thing is for sure: she loves money. Fans consider her to be the last Diva before WWE took the women's division into a different direction. Eva Marie was more than happy to collect paycheques while being off television for so long and not contributing a single thing to the product.

Despite being given many chances, she failed to improve in the ring and eventually WWE decided to move on by releasing her. Eva Marie was getting paid more than many of the female talents who actually played an important role in the company, but since leaving the WWE, she continues chasing money by taking part in any interview, photo shoot or event that is possible.

1 Ric Flair

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Ric Flair has a strong case for being the greatest professional wrestler to ever live. With decades of longevity and one of the most influential characters, Flair played a vital role to assist in pushing the wrestling industry to the level it has reached. But as talented he was in the ring as well as on the mic, Flair wasn't playing a gimmick when he always talked about his love for the money. During the 80s and 90s, he wrestled for several companies depending on the heftier paycheck and engaged in some unworthy storylines, especially during his final years with WCW.

He would go on to wrestle for the WWE a couple more years when he clearly had very little left in the tank, but financial troubles forced him to stay active. And when he got the perfect retirement from WWE, it only took Flair a few months to return to the ring once TNA offered him a big, fat contract.


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