Cody Rhodes Calls Himself The Biggest Draw In Wrestling

Leaving the WWE and working the indies could be one of the best things a star can do. Just ask this former WWE wrestler who's making waves doing that.

Cody Rhodes says he's the biggest draw in wrestling. Rhodes has been all over the news when it comes to discussions about the wrestling industry. One of the few people to leave the WWE and a guaranteed payday, he took a gamble on himself, entered the independent wrestling scene and has gone on to see more individual success than he's arguably had in his entire career. He's become a beacon of light for wrestlers who really wanted to know if the WWE was the only real option in town.

Credit needs to go to Rhodes for defying the odds. He's made a name for himself in the short amount of time he's been out from under Vince McMahon's thumb. Recently, he successfully defended with Ring of Honor Heavyweight Championship Title against KUSHIDA on ROH's Global Wars tour. Not shockingly, he was brimming with confidence coming out of that match.


In his after-match promo, Cody explains how he's overcome any doubters and made believers out of everyone by doing exactly what he said he would do. From bringing in the biggest live attendance audiences to drawing ROH's largest pay-per-view numbers, Rhodes has done more for ROH than anyone could have imagined. He believes it's "no longer the company that defines the man, but the man that defines the company."

Clearly, Rhodes is speaking in character, but one has to wonder if there's belief in his mind that what he says is true. He is getting mainstream attention, he is drawing better numbers and he does have current wrestlers praising what he's doing and wondering if they can repeat his success. He was also given the largest contract in ROH history.


But, to claim he's the biggest draw in the entire industry? That's a pretty hefty claim and one we'll have to assume he says tongue-in-cheek and only as it pertains to his ROH character. ROH is gaining ground and WWE live audiences are hurting, but by almost every measure, his statement isn't accurate.

The question is, if WWE had let Cody be himself, would he be drawing for WWE like he's drawing for ROH?

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Cody Rhodes Calls Himself The Biggest Draw In Wrestling