Former WWE Star Hurls Insults At Stephanie McMahon On Social Media

Marty Jannetty is best known for being tag team partners with the great Shawn Michaels. If you feel bad for not knowing who he was, don't! because that is kind of the point.

You see, unfortunately for Jannetty, he was partnered up with one of the greatest in-ring performers of all time and his WWE legacy has been that his name is now synonymous with being the weak link in a partnership. And apparently he isn't very happy about it.

If you watched RAW last Monday you might have picked up on Stephanie McMahon referencing Jennetty as she insulted Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose - basically calling them the Jannetty of The Shield (you can see it in the above video - the reference happens around the 1:45 mark).

Well, Marty Jannetty didn't take to kindly to having his name used that way and posted this really harsh and ugly insult towards Stephanie McMahon on Facebook:

"Did that bitch just say what I think I just hurrd on RAW??? Steph…should I remind the world.all them kids might not be Hunter’s. ??"

The quote has since been deleted but... Wow! Does that seem a little crossing-the-line to anyone else?


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