Former WWE Star Jokes About Ditching Wrestling For Soccer Career

Former WWE Superstar Virgil may have gotten a little mixed up when it comes to Liverpool's latest $100 million signing, Virgil van Dijk.

The money involved in all sport is pretty astronomical. When it comes to European soccer though transfer fees have gone insane and continue to grow. Just this past summer, Paris Saint Germain signed Brazilian star Neymar from Spanish giants Barcelona for a record $265 million dollars, an almost unfathomable amount of money.


Even though the transfer market doesn't open in the Premier League until January the crazy spending has already begun. Earlier this week, Liverpool agreed to a deal with Southampton for their defender, Virgil van Dijk. The Dutch center back has set Liverpool back an astounding $100 million making him the most expensive defender of all time. Before that Manchester City set the record at a little over $70 million when they signed Kyle Walker from Tottenham Hotspur last summer.

Naturally, since the news broke social media has blown up, mainly with fans questioning the fee and mocking Liverpool for their inability to close the deal during the last transfer window. There has also been a pro wrestler jumping in on the fun. Former in-ring performer and valet, Virgil, tweeted thanks to Liverpool for signing him and added: "I am excited to show the world how I am the greatest soccer player in the world."

Virgil shares the same name as van Dijk, of course, and he hasn't stopped the joke at just the one tweet. The former WWE guy has even gone so far as to change his profile picture and Twitter bio. At the time of typing, this both are still in place leading some fans to believe that he is the real van Dijk. Many have commented beneath the initial tweet claiming that he must be delusional and has made a mistake with the tweet before even pulling on a Liverpool shirt.


It's a pretty funny prank on behalf of Virgil, but if the soccer player he is imitating gets wind of what's going on he may not be too pleased. Some fans actually believe van Dijk would post something like that on social media on day one as a Liverpool player and he probably doesn't want the world thinking he's that arrogant.

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