Former WWE Star Return Officially Announced For SmackDown Live!

via wwe.com


Rumors have swirled around as of late about multiple former WWE stars returning to the WWE. Last night on the very first SmackDown Live of the “New Era,” a vignette ran for former WWE star Shelton Benjamin.

Many will remember Benjamin for his unbelievable athleticism and for some of his iconic moments in ladder matches. Benjamin has been viewed by many wrestling fans as one of the best wrestlers to never hold a world title.

It should be noted that Benjamin is 41 years old and his time has probably come and gone for a WWE Championship run. At his age, he will likely be used in a role similar to Chris Jericho's, putting over the younger stars. However, with the endless possibilities for great match ups, Benjamin has promise to have another very exciting WWE run.

Are you excited to see the “Gold Standard” back in the WWE?

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