Former WWE Star Says He's Coming Back To The WWE!

After months of rumors about the possible WWE return of Kurt Angle, who has not been on WWE TV since leaving for TNA in 2006, Angle has given the rumors the most promise the rumors have yet received.

According to Angle as he spoke on the "Mark Madden Show," his return is a matter of when and not if. However, Angle also noted that he has not been contacted since the brand split was announcement. Angle added that the talks that he had with Triple H were more in favor of him working with the young NXT talents, in which he noted he'd love to work with American Alpha. Angle said that as of this moment, he only has 3 matches left for the year of 2016 and doesn't know if he is part of the brand split plans.

It is possible that Angle knows a lot more then he wanted to spill, of course not wanting to ruin any surprises. With that being said, have you missed seeing the “Olympic Hero” on WWE TV?

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Former WWE Star Says He's Coming Back To The WWE!