Former WWE Star With Controversial Heat Returns On NXT USA Debut

They say, if you're going to have issues that drive people nuts, you better also have something someone can't live without so they are willing to put up with those issues.

Such seems to be the case for Lio Rush who made his return to WWE on NXT's debut on the USA Network Wednesday night. The last time fans had seen Lio Rush, he was working as a hand for Bobby Lashley, but speculation that he was complaining about unfair working conditions, unfair pay and going broke as a WWE Superstar, most believed his time in WWE was pretty much over.

Out of nowhere, Rush made his return to the company, was placed in a match versus Oney Lorcan for the Cruiserweight No. 1 Contendership and won.

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First off, we're glad to see that whatever was going on with Rush seems to be better and that he's back. There was speculation he was dealing with some mental health issues and if those are improved, that's great news. Mauro Ranallo even made reference to Rush's issues when welcoming him back.

Second, he was incredible in the ring on Wednesday!

Rush showed in the second hour of the NXT premiere episode on USA (the second hour aired on the WWE Network) that he has the potential to be a huge star. He quickly reminded everyone of just how good he is in the ring. In one segment, he bounced off the bottom rope and delivered a stunner in a move that few, if anyone have ever done before.

Lio Rush Is Back Where He Should Be

Rush's return proved he's best served as an in-ring performer where he can shine. That's exactly where WWE and NXT used him during the debut episode. He helped bring awareness of the Cruiserweight Division and, at the same time, made a lot of people forget he ever had issues behind the scenes in WWE.

This is great for everyone.

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