8 Former WWE Stars Who Are Still Fit (And 7 Not)

Sports Entertainment has always been a looks based industry, and though the times have changed to some extent in the WWE's 'New Era', most wrestlers you see today in the WWE are still in great shape and look like stars. Of course we have exceptions like Kevin Owens and Bray Wyatt, but for the most part, the current roster is still stacked with shredded individuals - perhaps smaller wrestlers, but shredded none the less. The wrestling business is incredibly tough on one's body as we've discussed before. That's why it's become the norm for former wrestling stars to fall off in terms of maintaining their bodies once their careers in the squared circle end.

Perhaps it was the gruelling schedule that has made some former WWE stars lose their interest in keeping up their physique (they're sick and tired of working out relentlessly and want to enjoy retirement), where as others may suffer from addiction and substance abuse, or they have simply picked up the hobby of eating a little too much and not quite exercising enough. However, there are always exceptions to every rule, and some former WWE Superstars still look fantastic despite retiring from full-time competition (some even look better than they did in their prime). Today we'll be looking at 8 former WWE stars who are still fit, and 7 whose pants don't fit - I'm sure you get the idea there.

15 Still Fit: Billy Gunn

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If there's one thing for certain when it comes to the former DX stablemate Billy Gunn, it's the fact that he's never looked better. Showcased above is a current photograph of Gunn, and he's still jacked despite being 54 years old. Who knows for sure if Billy's back 'on the juice', but even if he was, you simply cannot attain such a physique at 54 without a heck of a lot of hard work.

Since being fired from WWE for failing a substance test back in 2015, he's since returned to the Indies as well as New Japan Pro Wrestling. However, despite failing WWE's Wellness Policy, it's clear he still has a pretty good relationship with those in charge of the company, as he recently made an appearance on television during the D-Generation X segment on the 25th Anniversary episode of Monday Night Raw.

14 Pants Don't Fit: Cowboy Bob Orton

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Since retiring from full-time competition a number of years back, Randy Orton's father Bob Orton Jr. has let his physique slide, and his pants definitely don't fit anymore. The recent picture above showcases Bob Orton's growing gut, and this is definitely a result from exercising too little, eating and drinking a little too much, and of course, getting older always seals the deal.

For those of you who have since forgotten, Bob Orton is a semi-retired wrestler who spent time in many of the big promotions throughout the 80s and 90s - WWE, NWA and WCW. For having a pretty mediocre career (not a huge star), Bob Orton still was inducted into the WWE's Hall Of Fame back in 2005. Perhaps his son Randy Orton had some say in the matter. Though many wrestler sons fail to break out of their dads shadow in pro-wrestling, Randy definitely did rather quickly. Despite being 67 years old and totally out of shape, Cowboy Bob Orton still occasionally wrestles on the Indies.

13 Still Fit: Bruno Sammartino

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Probably one of the more incredible entries on this list, the legendary WWE Hall Of Famer Bruno Sammartino is still in fantastic shape as seen above. He is showing off his incredible physique at the whopping age of 82 years old. Considering Sammartino possesses a better physique than quite a few of the WWE's current Superstars, Bruno looks as though he could be vying for the WWE Championship right now as we speak.

Sammartino's one of the biggest stars in the company's history, and his career in Sports Entertainment stretches all the way back to 1959. Bruno's an example of a former WWE star whose life hasn't fallen apart, as he's undoubtedly stayed away from harmful substances. I'd say Sammartino's a rarity, as you simply don't see former wrestling stars looking this shredded at 65, let alone 82.

12 Pants Don't Fit: Ted Dibiase Sr.

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Although Ted Dibiase Sr. was never renowned for possessing a chiseled physique even at the peak of his career, Ted's definitely let himself slide the past decade or so, and his pants certainly wouldn't be fitting. Ted Dibiase Sr. was a major part of WWE television during the 80s and 90s. Though he never won the WWE Championship, he was still a regular pay-per-view headliner - instead, the Million Dollar Man made up his own championship as he was unable to win the WWE's top prize.

Unlike some of the other former WWE stars on this list who're still actively wrestling outside the company, Ted Dibiase's left the active wrestling grind behind, and he currently only makes appearances for WWE part-time, while also being a regular at various wrestling conventions across the country. Ted Dibiase had a fantastic career, and he doesn't have anything left to prove.

11 Still Fit: Sycho Sid

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Taking a quick peek at the recent photo of the former WWE Champion Sycho Sid above, it's clear that he's still in fantastic shape despite hanging up the boots for good last year. He's arguably in better shape now than he was during his prime. At 57 years old, it shows just how hard Sid's working out in the gym to maintain (and improve) his physique, plus he's definitely on a solid diet without very much room for drinking.

Throughout Sid's career in WWE and WCW, he managed to capture the World Championship twice in each promotion, and I'd say he had an extremely successful career for a guy whose promo ability was pretty well non existent. Many fans have since forgotten about Sycho Sid, but he was still a focal point of Sports Entertainment during the 90s.

10 Pants Don't Fit: The Iron Sheik

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Similar to Ted Dibiase Sr, though The Iron Sheik never possessed a shredded physique, he's let himself slide in recent memory due to his poor choices (drug and alcohol abuse) and an obvious lack of exercising. As you can clearly see in this recent photograph of Sheik, his gut is expanding, and most of The Sheik's pants definitely wouldn't be fitting very well.

During the peak of his wrestling career, The Iron Sheik may have just been what we fans like to call a 'transition champion', but he was the reason for Hulk Hogan becoming such a breakout babyface star for WWE - Sheik was a terrific (and despised) heel who fans wanted to see fall on his face. The Iron Sheik's career in Sports Entertainment is long over, but he hasn't let fans forget his name with his shoot interviews and of course, his disdain for many wrestlers.

9 Still Fit: Al Snow

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Despite being well past his peak at 54 years old, Al Snow's looking better now than he has at any point of his wrestling career, and he's still going strong on the Indies after being released from Impact Wrestling last year. Considering former WWE stars Al Snow and Billy Gunn are 54 years old, perhaps they're both on the same 'juice' which is why they've gotten so shredded.

Regardless, as I've mentioned before, it's impossible to achieve such an impressive physique without putting in the hard work, and that's something Al Snow's definitely done. Without question, Al Snow's one of the greatest minds in professional wrestling today as he has an understanding of the business that many wrestlers don't. What I'd recommend is to replace Road Dogg with Al Snow, and you'd certainly see some drastic changes in WWE for the better.

8 Pants Don't Fit: Barry Windham

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Barry Windham's definitely been looking pretty unrecognizable recently, as he was in fantastic shape during the peak years of his career in Sports Entertainment. Showcased above is a current photograph of the former NWA/WCW World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Hall Of Famer Barry Windham, and he's not looking too good these days for only being 57 years old - his pants definitely aren't fitting like they used to.

Though Windham is a former World Champion, he's mainly remembered by fans for being a member of The Four Horsemen stable. If there's one thing for certain about Barry Windham, it's the fact that he should be trying to get healthier, as Barry had a very serious health scare back in 2011 where he apparently came 'close to the end' after suffering from a heart attack. Being in shape is more than just looking good, it's also about being healthy.

7 Still Fit: Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Stone Cold Steve Austin doesn't seem to be affected by the simple human process of aging, as he looks the same as he's always looked. Above is a recent photograph of Steve Austin and he's still in great shape. I suppose the reason so many fans are fascinated with how young Austin looks is because they think he's older than he is. Austin's not actually that old - he's only 53 years old.

Despite his love for cold ones, Stone Cold hasn't suffered from an expanding gut like some of the other former WWE stars on this list, as he's kept himself extremely fit. Despite retiring from in-ring wrestling an eternity ago, Steve looks like he could return to the ring at any given moment, and he's in better shape than many of the WWE's current performers - something Vince McMahon would be embarrassed about.

6 Pants Don't Fit: The Undertaker

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The Undertaker is one of the all-time greats, but that hasn't kept him from losing his once impressive (and intimidating) physique. He may not have officially retired, but we think one appearance per year constitutes a "former" WWE star. Perhaps it's due to injuries that 'Taker hasn't been able to work out as much as he used too, or it could simply be because The Undertaker's sick and tired of training relentlessly for his annual WrestleMania appearance, and would rather enjoy his retirement.

I'm not exactly sure why Vince McMahon keeps on bringing 'Taker back the past few WM's, as he has declined (thus tainting his unparalleled legacy). Though it's all speculation at this point, rumours point to another Undertaker match this year at WrestleMania 34, and while I respect The Deadman, he should've stuck to his retirement.

5 Still Fit: Hulk Hogan

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Quite surprisingly, 'The Immortal' Hulk Hogan's arguably in better shape now at 64 years old than he was during the peak of his career in the 80s and 90s. Hogan has since picked himself up again following the past couple years of darker times amid the controversies, and he's once again saying his prayers, eating his vitamins and working out like a man half his age.

Showcased above is a recent photograph of Hulk Hogan showing off his impressive 'guns', and he looks like he's ready for the WWE return that's been rumoured for quite some time now. If there was ever a time for Hulk to return, it would undoubtedly be now as the WWE needs some extra star power around the WrestleMania season. With The Rock busy with his Hollywood schedule, Hogan would be a suitable replacement for a star studded 'Mania.

4 Pants Don't Fit: Sunny

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Sunny used to be one of the most attractive women of Sports Entertainment, and she was undoubtedly the crush of many male fans growing up. So what's caused such a drastic change in Sunny's appearance over the past decade? Well, Sunny's had a constant battle with addiction, and she's definitely showing signs of her past struggles. Sunny's unfortunately gained quite a significant amount of weight in recent memory, and she looks nothing like she used to during the 90s.

I'd say Sunny's downfall has mainly been during the past few years, as she still looked good during her Hall Of Fame induction in 2011. She's looking far older than her actual age of 45 years old - just compare her to a similar aged former women's WWE star like Trish Stratus whose chosen to lead a much healthier lifestyle than Sunny.

3 Still Fit: Shawn Michaels

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Shawn Michaels is still looking very much like the 'Heartbreak Kid' of old. Showcased above is a current photograph of Michaels, and he's definitely kept himself extremely fit (he still has his six pack). Both Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker are the same age (52 years old), and it's clear which former WWE star has kept in better shape. Shawn looks like he's in-ring shape right now, which is why so many fans have been begging for Michaels to return to the ring for a match with 'The Phenomenal' AJ Styles.

This match never happened unfortunately despite Vince McMahon's best efforts. However, I have to agree with Shawn on the decision of staying retired, as it really wouldn't have done anything for his career at this point, besides making AJ Styles look great of course.

2 Pants Don't Fit: Ahmed Johnson

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By far the former WWE star whose pants would definitely not fit anymore is none other than Ahmed Johnson. During his stint in the WWE between 1995-1998, Johnson was an absolute gargantuan of a human being - the most physically intimidating wrestler you could possibly imagine. Ahmed was in line for a monster push in 1996, but multiple injuries at the worst possible time completely killed his career.

However, he still managed to win the Intercontinental Championship once, though a small accomplishment compared to what his career could've looked like. If you can believe, the man showcased above is Ahmed Johnson, and he's completely lost his impressive physique. If you were to have seen this guy walking down the street, you probably wouldn't have been able to put two and two together that it was Ahmed Johnson - an alarming transformation to say the least.

1 Still Fit: Scott Hall

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Had this list been made just a few years ago, Scott Hall would've undoubtedly been put under the 'whose pants don't fit' category as he was in terrible shape. However, the times have since changed, and with the help of Diamond Dallas Page and his life-changing yoga program, Scott Hall has been able to get his life back on track and regain the physique he had lost for so many years.

Showcased above is what 'The Bad Guy' looks like now, and we've got to give Hall credit, a phenomenal transformation to say the least. For being 59 years old and having the past health problems Scott's had to deal with, Hall's looking fantastic these days which is quite shocking. Scott's a perfect example that it's never too late to change your ways, as Scott was nearing the end on multiple occasions a few years back due to his excessive alcohol consumption and drug abuse.

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