Former WWE Superstar Challenges 'Woman-Beater' Steve Austin To A 'UFC Fight'

It appears that WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin has a target on his back.

Former NWA and WWE star Billy Jack Haynes has released a mysterious video challenging the "Texas Rattlesnake" to a "UFC fight," urging UFC President Dana White to book a battle between the two former pro wrestlers.

Haynes accused Austin of being a "woman-beater," while holding up a photo of Austin's ex-wife, Jeannie Clarke, better known as Lady Blossom. He also thinks Austin could be a woman, because he's "never seen him naked."

Austin had actually been accused of domestic assault on his two subsequent partners, including Debra Williams (Debra in WCW and WWE), which was widely publicized in 2002. Haynes also blamed Austin for Roddy Piper's death, which explains Haynes' beef with the six-time WWE champion.

Haynes sued WWE in late 2014 for concussions and contracting Hepatitis C. WWE has since filed motion to dismiss the case. It appears Haynes isn't doing so well himself, and instead of ridiculing the former wrestler who rose to prominence in the territory days, maybe those close to him can seek out help.

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